‘Young & the Restless’ Star Michael Muhney Fired for Allegedly Groping Co-Star

'Young & the Restless' Star Michael Muhney Fired for Allegedly Groping Co-Star

According to a new report, the actor grabbed Hunter King's breast

“The Young & the Restless” star Michael Muhney was fired from the CBS soap opera after allegedly groping a female co-star's breast, TMZ reports.

Last December, Muhney, who has played villain Adam Newman since 2009, tweeted that he had been let go from the series. Details were sketchy at the time, but if TMZ's report pans out, it turns out the sudser star was given the boot for more than just creative differences.

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The 38-year-old Muhney allegedly fondled the breasts of 20-year-old co-star Hunter King on two occasions. King reportedly told higher-ups on the series that she had not solicited the physical contact and was upset about being touched in that manner.

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Representatives for Muhney, King and CBS did not respond to requests for comment. Muhney's last show will air on Jan. 30.

After tweeting that he was leaving the program last month, Muhney added “I'm going to take some private time with my wife & kids, as I am most concerned for their well-being.”


  • max

    well judging by that picture he definitely looks like a creeper.

    also… “allegedly fondled the breasts” …. lolololol

  • faith

    Gossip gone viral! People will believe any and everything.


    I am kind of shocked. It was only a few months ago that after Catherine Chancellor had past away,that several of the young men studs told of her grabbing their cocks in a scene of a square dance. Instead of her grabbing their hands in this dance,she reached down and actually grabbed their penis(s)! Later it was revealed that she had done this type of sexual harassment to other young stud men throughout her time on the Young and the Restless. Maybe,Adam figured oh well if she can do it and get away with it, then maybe it is ok for him to do it as well. Shame on the double standard on the Y & R Human Resources Dept. I am sure several young men complained about Catherine and either they were let go, or they accepted it as part of paying their dues.

    • pam

      Wow, you just maligned a woman in her 80s, a woman whose name you apparently don't even know. (A hint: Katherine Chancellor was her character's name.) All to defend some guy who certainly should have known better than to grab a woman's breast and who hypocritically worries about the effects on his wife and kids only after his actions cost him his job.

      • Julia Spainhour

        Did you watch Y&R when she was younger? She was quite a man hunter.

      • poo

        your head and your oppions suck and u should try shoving them right up your ass and the so called gal that said he did this should not be on the show she is no more a actor then obama is the pres so take that to the bank ok

    • Susie Q

      As mentioned, have the respect to at least google an actors name if you don't know when speaking about them. Yes, as you said in the tribute episode for Jeanne Cooper after her passing, the actors recalled her wandering hands. However there is a big difference between that and what allegedly happened in this.

      Jeanne was a beloved member of the cast, and as some ladies of a certain age, at least the fun ones, get away with more in being playful or saying whatever is on their mind. The actors knew it was just harmless fun on her part, they laughed about it.

      Now if the story here is true, here is the key difference, whatever happened it made Hunter King uncomfortable and created a hostile work environment for her. Michael Muhney is an adult, so if this happened, it is on him. So can we please Jeanne Cooper out of this, there is absolutely no need to drag her into this.

      • poo

        hunter King is not a actor and never will she be my dam dogs can act better than her
        i know i wont ever watch the dam show again

  • terry208

    He's not denying it.

    • the jury

      he hasn't had the chance to!

      • terry208

        Yes he has,he choose to talk about his wife and kid's, it's been over 4 weeks what is he waiting for?

    • http://sojustlikethat.wordpress.com/ omg

      His lawyers probably told him to keep his pie hole shut

      • terry208

        Right Lawyers! It's always Lawyers.

        • Julia Spainhour

          right! money money money!

    • Marvin Williams

      By not addressing an incident like this makes it so in your mind? That's interesting because I don`t speak about things that may have been a concern of another doesn't mean I had anything to do with that particular incident, just means I won`t engage in someone else`s fantancy`s, or garbage which ever verbage works for them, or you

    • ozzyinch

      There is a gag order in their contracts. They can't say anything about anything like this.

  • marymrevis

    As a watcher of the show…I found myself actually liking actor when he first joined the show, and later seeing some redeeming qualities in the character as well. I'm sad to hear of this “groping” news and if this is confirmed and documented..very disturbed that in ANY work place this could happen. Wow..i was leery when i started seeing the character getting grittier plot lines and then this “hit and run” story. I was actually telling myself, that the actor has decided to leave the show, or there is a salary/contract dispute. To learn that this could be the reason..just wow. Fans WILL now wonder the fate of “Chelsea” and the baby Connor…maybe some nice new character will step in and sooth her broken heart. Such are the Soaps folks.

    p.s. is Billy Miller gone from the show or IS going? He still has episodes airing..and they sure as hell REALLY need to bring my girl “Phyllis” back!!

    p.s.s this was mentioned by another person and bears mentioning. Indeed the dear Jeanne Copper WAS fond of her “young studs” and this wa even SAID by Jess Walton on the tribute show. Now with PROFOUND respect to Ms Copper and her memory..how could the show look the other way if if was in fact happening to the actors she “fond” of? hmmm. Y & R now has it's dirty secrets, start to crack it's #1 image. Co-star feedings is bound to happen on ANY show but this type of thing, is a little deep and if Ms Cooper did what is being implied…or even Mr. Muhney then Y & R top brass lack any brains function,not to see all this around them or they simply didn't give a rat's ….

    • Notbuyingit

      Y&R writers could not stand the fact that the viewers favored MM, so they had to tarnish his image in hopes that we would continue watching their show. Was that necessary to reveal all the information about the young lady as well. Poor judgment, and it makes me more determined NOT to watch your soap anymore. There is still the problem of your writers, your storylines are now repetitive and boring. Here is a new line for you, write yourselves out whoever you are and good luck to the rest of you dying soap stars; Victor, Nikki, Sharon, Nick(stupid) Paul, Lauren and please not forget Chloe and that dumb looking Kevin. GOOD BYE

      • YRfan2011

        Not only is he not denying he did it, he also has a history of sexual harassment. He was fired from the Veronica Mars show years for the EXACT same thing. YR should have known better than to hire a serial sexual predator and expect him to change.

        • Harriet

          Do you have proof that MM was fired from Veronica Mars or are you playing a guessing game?

        • ishieface

          Just read an article that said he was fired for leaking info on the show and a co worker, female, said he treated her with respect and never a problem with her or any other female co workers.

        • Texasbred

          Really, you calll someone a sexual predator without knowing for sure he is guilty? i think that there were other women on the show that said he was a gentleman. And, why is the young actress not being protected. This would be awful to have your name exposed. I am not buying any of it. I think that Y&R made a mistake and the poor girl is being used by the executives. I don't buy it. I am not that stupid and i am a WOMEN! They better fix this mess and bring MM back as Adam!!!!!!! Idiot HR and Sony and CBS. I thinks its a lie!!!!!

        • earthmont .

          Excuse me, you talk with your tongue in your cheek.MM was not let go from Veronica Mars for any sexual harassment.
          Don't malign people without having your facts straight. Shame on you

        • pussycat

          Some of you people need to get your heads out of your asses.This guy is a great actor and brought alot to this show.Taking a word from an actress that hasn't been with the show that long.Shame on them……………

  • Adam1771

    I don't understand what he did wrong. The way women dress these days, basically advertising their bodies in order to get attention, men, money, etc. they need to expect that there could be consequences. Humans are animals, and animals are attracted to the opposite sex. This man only did what comes natural. It's time we stop protecting these floozies who constantly flaunt their goods….

    • vlrice1

      What the hell and I guess you believe rape victims are asking for it too.

      • Adam1771

        Yes, correct.

      • Lynne Bures

        Really? You can't see the set up here? Really? It happened twice and she waited until the second time to report it? Really? And then Y&R just happened to give out her name instead of protecting her? Really? And if this is true she didn't go to authorities? Really?

        • PianoPlyr

          No, I don't see the set up. Maybe she said something to him the first time, and then when it happened again, she spoke up to her bosses. Props to her for doing that and shame on people for attacking her for it. Since this is going viral, hopefully, CBS will make a statement. When they do, you may very well be on the wrong side of this.

          • Lynne Bures

            You may very well be correct and you may also be very incorrect. I don't see Sharon putting her career on the line by issuing a video on Soapsindepth about him if it is true. I don't see the station letting this go public if it's true, they would protect Hunter. But hey it's my opinion, which I have a right to as do you. I will be what it will be and we may never know the truth.

          • Texasbred

            I agree that Sharon Case and others would not have come forward to say M. Muhney was a gentlemen with them. Why would they all of a sudden let Hunter go public with this? Why would they not protect a poor girl? I think they threw this poor girl into the Lions Den to take the heat off CBS, Sony and they probably want us to hate him. I am not stupid and i want more proof than CBS said, Sony said, Phelps, she said, and he said. I do not believe this happened the way they are claiming. Something else is going on!!!

    • WpgDar

      This has seriously got to be one of the most ignorant comments I've ever read. Really??

  • Kim

    I don't believe it! The new producer will ruin this show as she has all the others… I will not be watching anymore!

    • Marvin Williams

      I doubt that this even occurred in the manner she claimed it did.

    • JRoc85

      I don't believe the allegations either!!! Michael has been on the show for 5 years, & this is the ONLY time time I've ever heard anything NEGATIVE about Michael being on Y&R!! First Michelle Stafford, then Michael Muhney, now Billy Miller, I wonder who's next??? It seems like Y&R is SINKING now that Jeanne Cooper is gone!!!

  • Kathie Mooney

    This is pure CBS ‘BS’ as a result of viewer response his being ‘let go.’ He was, by far, the most popular actor in this series, along with Billy, who is also leaving. These men both displayed more substance and depth of character than the majority of daytime actors.

    • Julia Spainhour

      I hate that they are gone. So am I! Not watching anymore!

    • nestazhe265

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  • spike

    Hey Mr. Clueless, if you were so concerned about your wife's and kids’ well-being you wouldn't have gone groping and made yourself a target for stand-up routines. Ohmigod, they're probably already having a field day with this one.

    Obviously, you suffer from acute Breast Envy Syndrome caused by a chemical imbalance which is treatable via a new wonder drug, titavil, which will drug you into oblivion so you'll become a serial killer as a side effect, thus ensuring the safety of other women's breasts from your grasping fingers.

    In the interim, the show's producers have announced they're retitling the show, THE YOUNG AND THE BREASTLESS, in honor of breast-challenged males everywhere.

    • Harriet

      This is a stupid reply.

    • Amanda

      You're an idiot.

  • heather mcdaniels

    Do NOT believe everything you hear on TMZ. It seems a plot to me to gain Steve Burton's Dylan fans, which won't happen because Y&R fans happen to love Billy Miller and Michael Muhney very much. Rumors aren't going to kill that, and that's all this is right now…Rumors and speculation. No proof that a loving husband and devoted family man ever came near some 20 yr old child's breasts. I'm sure he teased her and gave her grief. Anyone who's read his tweets and followed him on Twitter knows he can be snarky. But he's never been mean, vicious or lewd! I think this is Phelps’ rumor mill run rampant to try and get Hollywood to get rid of Muhney. What do you want to bet her next campaign will be against Billy Miller?

    • Barb

      Oh well, it seems that the young show it all girls just go on ruining life for everyone they touch. What's wrong girls, need something new to make a name for yourself? Personally, I enjoyed Adam's intriguing comings and goings every week. He sort of grows on you and who wants to watch Y&R now? The people in charge have things so screwed up it is pitiful really. So you want a program that has such a huge following get a new one. Maybe we will watch, maybe we won't. There are other programs.

      • Piano Plyr

        Wow. Your response/attitude toward sexual harrassmsent is really sad. Do you have daughters?

        • Texasbred

          You, first have to believe that sexual harrassment really happened. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. From what i have read, Mr. Muhney has not been proven guilty yet. In fact, other woment who have worked with him have said that he is a gentlemen. You and i do not know him personally so we have to use our common sense. I have daughters, sons, nephews, brothers, a husband, and my father. I would not want someone slandering them unless it was really a fact. That is something that should be sacred. Innocent until proven Guilty!!!!!

          • Debbie

            Innocent until proven Guilty i so do agree !! , and i to am finished with the show !!

        • just to say

          @ piano plyr, shut up!!

          • Melissa Phillips

            I second this motion! Sit down & shut up!

        • Julia Spainhour

          Well, it goes with the territory. She got undressed already on the show. If you are going to be an actor or actress, you do expose yourself to fellow actors/actresses and to the world. I don't condone his allegaly fondlin =g her breast. But if he did, she let him. He might have just touched them. Big difference! Either way, goes with the territory in that profession!!!

          • Julia Spainhour

            Also, if I have daughters, I would not condone their acting until they were all grown up!! Why would you?

        • Melissa Phillips

          We all have children! Did you ever think she might have tried to make advances and was mad when they were not reciprocated? She's not all that. I don't believe everything I read. They always wanna destroy somebody's life & career if things don't go their way. I don't like her, never have. She has no talent other than looking ignorant & playing the pitiful me part. She sucks!

      • texasbred

        I think that Summer (Hunter) in Y&R is pretty but i do not think she is a talented or good actress. She is boring to watch and i fast forward when she is on. I don't think anyone really liked her as Summer. She does not seem like Phyllis (M. Stafford) daughter. Ms. Stafford was so damn talented even if i did hate her character. Thats because she was so good.!! Also, it gives me the creeps to see her with Kyle, Nick (have you seen the way he looks at her boobs) and so do the others. Yuck!!!

        • valadega

          You are correct. She doesn't look like Phyllis or Nock….PERIOD!!! I could believe it MAYBE if she was Jack's daughter.

          • Julia Spainhour

            Get ridfof her too! She is TROUBLE! Don't anybody believe it? Replace her. She is not a good actress! Boring!!

      • Julia Spainhour

        I liked Michel's role also! Very good actor. I did not like Hunter's acting. I will stop watching Y&R. I really liked Billy's character too! I do not like the new guy!

        • nanap

          I like Billy Miller but the “new” guy is really the “old” guy. He was Billy BEFORE Billy Miller. I hate the loss of several of my favorites (Phyliss, Billy, Adam) and some of the story lines are for the birds. By the way, why does Victor pay for that so called security he has? ANYBODY who wants on the ranch GETS ON THE RANCH. I stopped watching The Bold and The Beautiful and I have been tempted to leave The Young and The Restless. I find myself napping through it a lot.

        • Maggie

          I've watched this show forever what a dissapointment with the loss of these 3 characters guess I'll just find something else to do that hour

    • Christy

      Rumor has it that Billy Miller will be the recast for Jason Morgan on GH. Probably something Steve Burton thought would never happen. So, all Billy Miller fans should follow him to GH as it has the best ratings ever! Maybe Steve Burton is seeing the special “fly in” deals and his good friend JFP don't always make the grass greener on the other side! His character is boring at best on Y&R. Dylan vs Jason, I Would have to say Jason hands down. Let's see what Billy Miller can do with this, if this rumor is true.

      • Wendy Parker

        I love Dylans character. I would like to believe there are still good men out there, but letting Miller and Muhney go…big mistake!

      • Julia Spainhour

        Way to go Jason!! Do a good job like you did on Y&R! I will follow you.

    • Julia Spainhour

      They willl survive!

  • RedRiver38

    Looks like CBS is sleeping with TMZ and there was a “leak”. Unbelievable that the connect the dots tie-in between CBS’ Angelica McDaniel and her husband that works for TMZ hasn't been discussed. I hope she's got some good lawyers because she's exposed CBS to a big lawsuit for a breech of confidentiality. Good bye Y&R. You deserve to be cancelled.

  • Stacy

    She complained?

  • Theresa

    I will surely find something else to do during that time slot. I really liked his character. I am sure that they could have come up with some kind of agreement besides firing. Sorry Y & R this chick is over and out!

    • poo

      here is whats going to happen here before to long Adam will come back after he had a new face from the wreck which this means a new Adam and he will never be as good as michael and the billy that is on now is the real billy but there was something speical about the one that is gone . ok that is all i will say and i wont ever say any thing else and never will i watch the show again

  • Lynne Bures

    On Soaps in Depth Sharon posted a good-bye to him. I do not think she would have done that if there was any doubt in her mind, it's her career as well. I think it might be a young lady who had a crush and it didn't go her way. Now that her name is out there (how?) her careers is ruined as well because ‘we'll never know'.

    • Christy

      That is exactly what I believe. A crush taken too far. This gave JFP who loves to destroy every soap she touches the opportunity to get rid of MM. I don't believe any of this!

      • Lynne Bures

        Yah, that JFP is a bit perverted based on the love scenes that she started as soon as she came, like Nick and Aver….gross. So this would be up her alley. I had to stop watching it with my granddaughter.

  • Alexa_girl

    I really wish someone from CBS or one of the actors themselves would address these rumors. It's putting everyone concerned into a poor light. Their silence is deafening.

    Muhney has always been very vocal about the biz and his candidness about his firing was interesting to read because he was clearly very upset and concerned about his family. These new rumors are like being slapped in the face. I've always liked Muhney as an actor, since his Veronica Mars days and he was brilliant as Adam on Y&R. If these rumors prove true I will be a very disappointed ex-fan of his.

  • Renee

    YR is starting to suck. All these great soap actors are leaving for a reason and I think its the higher ups fault. Billy Miller leaving was the last straw for me. No one can replace him. I loved Ashley Adam and Phyllis characters and now they are all gone too. How about they get rid of Victor Newman because his character is boring and predictable. I love Dylan Victoria Billy Adam and Chelsea characters…but as of now my time is limited watching this show…can't deal with so much change all the time

  • Rick

    It's time for Y&R to switch to BET anyway, started watching it from day one, now I'm sick of it…hope all the older actors quit.

  • Steven Henry Dailey

    didnt you know that its okay for old ladies to grab guys junk and not ok for a guy to touch a womans breasts….come on…its written all over hollywood….dont you think betty white has had her share…but forbid…sean connery grabbing some tits…or let alone poor MM…..either way..whatever happened…the higher ups made a choice to say goodbye to the fan favs. MM will end up wherever….MS…goodbye…BM…hello GH…poor hunter needs to speak up if this is true and shut up this rumor mill….Y&R sucks now-a-days

    • Tony

      Well, I liked Adam Newman's character; since he has been fired, will not be watching it anymore; ratings will go down!!!

  • Edyie

    I hope this isn't true because he is really a very good actor. I hate the whole hit and run story line. It's awful. I didn't watch for years and came back but I'm done again.

  • Edyie

    BTW, why in the world would they release the name of the girl??? If she isn't pressing charges, shouldn't her name have been left out???

  • debbie

    will not be watching the y & r anymore , Summer should be leaving the show !!

  • Nita

    I will stop watching this program I did't like them writing off Delia! Now Adam it want be about nothing now. Need to go off the air!!!!

  • Jesse Thunder

    Hunter is a slut. Case closed.


    Y&R probably just needed more money to pay their new male ‘star'…I mean they started with killing a kid, all in the GH fashion! I guess they still needed MORE money…so lets get rid of a popular & younger male actor…THERE! Now we have the funds… : O

  • mary512

    I'll tell you one thing I know ,I have watched this show from the beginning,and they can't afford another loss of this magnitude.I am sick and tired of these producers bringing in these no talent actors& actresses,,then dismissing an excellent actor on alleged accusations.What the hell happened to innocent,until proven guilty? I'm just saying,if he goes,she also should go..Hunter King better realize this accusation will follow her as well,no one will want to be around her,for fear she may accuse them too,bottom line, I love almost all the cast, and know them by their real names,but I will quit watching Y&R…. I hate to do this to the people that made this soap what it is today,but with a heavy heart I must say goodbye…

  • kay

    To make sure she got notices. . Nt one way to get attention.If he had done such.a act.towards her he would of been charged for it she is a 20 year brat looking for attention and she made up this lie to get . He probably didn't even give her the ti.e of day so she took it upon herself

  • bonnie remmick

    who cares if he did grope her? And I am not saying he did. but if he did, who cares. They are both adults. She complained after the second time. well she should have said something the first time. and who cares? We just want to watch our damn show and stop changing the characters. ;it sure isn't the first time anyone in Hollywood had a thing going with somebody else or misinterpreted if the sign was a ‘go’ or ‘no go'. Please a grope? oh please. Grow up.

    • valadega

      Nobody has done nothing about all those alleged complaints against Woody Allen.

    • earthmont .

      I agree ,bonnie remmick, she is not even attractive or well endowed for a great actor like MM to do something like that. Why didn't she slap him the first time??. A woman scorned can cry “wolf”, and it won't be the first time!

  • chien_clean

    That show is losing everybody. It started to go south IMO when they replaced Abby.

    • valadega

      Even Eileen Davidson who had been periodically appearing on Y&R went back to Days of Our Life. What's up with that???

      • chien_clean

        Never understood why they let her go.

        The Producers should let me have a shot at running the series, I would fix everything. *wink*

      • dso1

        Sony, who owns both YR and Days decided where she would better served and the decision was Days.

  • Pokeums

    I have been watching Y&R for 30 years. I thoroughly enjoyed Adam Newmans character Michael Munhey. I think Billy should have been wrote off. Also Lilly sooooo annoying get her off the show

  • Terri Pitts Miller

    well I would like to see Jill,and Phyllis character traded for Billy to be back on and gladly trade that jerk, Collin for Adam.

  • Rusty

    I have watched with pleasure the on going series and really enjoyed the tension between Adam and Victor. I'm afraid that the show will suffer because of this action, I remember when the original Adam was let go because he refused to kiss another male, and they brought Michael in to take his place. He has filled the void very well, also hate to hear that Billy is leaving. Hope this does not affect the audience of this show.

  • Rusty

    Kathie, I agree with you!!!!

  • Guest

    If it's not for sale, don't advertise it!

  • Carmela Ewing

    If this is true, why not let both of them go? Where is the proof this occurred? Summer is a boring, spoiled character, she should be gone and so should King.



    • Amanda

      The guy who plays Michael, is married with kids. Although, the guy who plays Kevin did come out. This rumor is even more idiotic, than the sexual misconduct one.



  • Mercedes


    • Mercedes

      I have watches this show since 1979 when I first came to this country , from South America. I am so disappointed ! what about inner sent on till proven guilty:) What about Sharon story coming out , I am so over her not getting justice … I got my husband into the show and he love Nicky and victor . We will miss” Adam and Billy”

  • Grope John Paul II

    Who cares? It's a fucking soap opera.

  • Eleanor Lawson

    Both Michael and Billy will be missed. I hope Michael retaliates. With his handsome self, he was the one we loved to hate and the show will not be as interesting without them. I hope CBS reconsiders.

  • Vicky Swycinsky

    Billy was fighting for more money, he got greedy and was fired. Not sure if Adam was sexually harassing someone or not.

  • Betty

    Well, I am unhappy…just now able to watch a soap or two and this is by far my favorite and the only one I really am into…Bring them back!!! Where is Billy? — bring Adam back – miracle or whatever it takes!!…lol

  • Julia Spainhour

    Stop watching Y&R! It is no good anymore!

  • lil bit

    They need to get rid of King..poor actress..bring Adam and Billy back..I won't be watching Y&R any longer. Have watched since the beginning but story lines drag on and on and get so boring. going to GH now. BY By

  • Lore

    I like a lot of you do not belive that Michael M. did what they are accuseing him of, and the way I look at it if they want to lose all the ones who have been loyal fans for years well this is the way to go, for my self I am leaving the show to….no more watching it for me, and I hope that they show gos the way of the others…..

  • LesleyB

    I've watched Y&R for years & this past year has been the WORST!! First Phyllis, now Adam AND Billy??? What are they thinking? These are the characters that people tune in to watch. They could've easily gotten rid of Sharon, Lily, or Caine just due to their characters being so boring …. same storylines with them over & over again. Each time they are on, I fast forward through it :( Very unhappy viewer of 30 years!

  • BakerMom

    Does she have ANY idea that she may have ruined someone's life? Career, family, and reputation?
    I, personally, do not believe it.

    • Melissa Phillips

      The thing is the little Twit don't care. She didn't get her way with him so why not trash his life. That'll really make people want to work with you. Look out another Katherine Heigl on our hands. She can't land a role but commercials. She's a pain in the ass too to work with. Makes people not want to fool with you at all.

  • BakerMom

    I love Billy Miller, he's a good actor, but he will never be Jason Morgan. I would rather Michael Muhney be Jason. To be Jason, you have to be serious

  • Dee

    This soap is OVER. ….writing is boring and desperate!!!!! Can't believe this once well written program is over! I miss Adam soo much and Phyllis. ..I'm out CBS….I loathe the show now!

  • bozoo

    my husband calls soaps PORM THEY DO MORE THEN THAT ON THE SHOW

  • Toyamuzzy

    Omg I can't believe this!! I was waiting for his return. This is why I tune in to watch y&r. Michael aka Adam was the next Victor in my opinion. I hope they reconsider. I'm devastated .

    • dso1

      They are gonna recast Adam and the new Adam will show up in a month or too. Just Friday Chelsea got a mysterious phone call.

  • Focus

    are you serious Michael made the show. He was the next generation of the y&r what is wrong with you ppls. Now you have alot of borning ppl that is not going to do anything for the show. Blah Blah that's all I'm going to here now.

  • loni24scout

    Hunter Kings breasts?? Hmmm…

  • sonpan

    Adam is the only reason I watch Y&R. The Sharon & Adam story line was the best! I'm glad I found out he's not coming back. I will stop waiting. I do NOT like the new Billy at all. What's the story with Phyllis? Is she gone? I thought maybe she took off for a while to get a face lift or something. (not that she needs it!)

    • dso1

      She was the first to be let go when Jill Farren Phillips took over the show.


    OK ALREADY……I have been reading all these comments and here is mine. Yes, the first Blly Abbott is back and I didn't like the new guy (Miller) at first….I hated the gal that took over as Victoria also, after the first one left….so what??? You'll get used to it. Also, I bet now that the new Adam will be all bandaged up from burns and will have the ‘new’ face and voice from his accident and will fool everyone when he returns.
    His son will know him then so will Chelsea….and on it goes!!!!! I watched too as 2 other Phyllis’ were done by other actresses….this one is the best tho!!!!!

  • Lisa

    I am sad they are gone, I don't like the show now

  • Trudy

    With those two guys gone plus Jeanne gone, things aren't right. :'( How about bringing Corbin (Jeanne's son) in?!! I don't understand why those guys weren't kept. It's hurt **way too much!

  • sjacksonhall@yahoo.com

    I would like to comment on the fact that the NEW writer is on something that we know nothing about. She is plain CRAZY!!!! She has good talent there but is letting them go. Gimmee a break!!! Let her go!!!

  • David

    I personally think that his evil twin did it

  • kay

    Billy & Adam were the best actors plus Victor. Now, I no longer care to watch. The new Billy is a weenie.

  • Sam McAlister

    Sad to see Michael and Billy Miller go. The new Billy (David Tom) really cannot act and does not fit this role at all. Yes, it is ok for a man to be younger than his wife….however, the lack of maturity this guy demonstrates and gives to the character makes it totally unbelievable that Victoria Abbott, Kelly and Chelsea would have ever taken this guy seriously, let alone hooked up with him. Adam Newman's role really made the show interesting. Terrible that Michael was let go after “allegations” levied by a young actress. Hunter King comes across as “not that bright” nor is she a good actress. Funny that with all the pretty women on the show, she's the only one that has had a problem with him. Innocent until proven guilty- I say bring back Michael and Billy Miller! Pass on Hunter, and Susan Lucci. And can we get a better Dylan please??????????