‘Young and the Restless’ Star Michael Muhney Fired From Show

'Young and the Restless' Star Michael Muhney Fired From Show

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Muhney's last air date will be Jan. 30, actor tweets

Michael Muhney, who's played villain Adam Newman on the CBS daytime drama “The Young and the Restless” since 2009, is exiting the series.

Muhney broke the news on his Twitter account Tuesday, saying he'd been “let go” from the soap.

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“I'm so sorry. It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on set is this Thursday,” Muhney wrote, adding that his last air date will be Jan. 30.

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“I'm going to take some private time with my wife & kids, as I am most concerned for their well-being,” Muhney said of his future plans.

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It is not yet known why Muhney is departing the show, or if there are plans to replace him in the role. A representative of the show has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

It wouldn't be completely surprising if “Young and the Restless” found another actor to fill the role. Muhney himself replaced Chris Engen as Newman. However, it's also entirely possible that they're writing his character off the series. Newman recently killed a young girl in a hit-and-run accident, perhaps making it difficult to redeem his character.

  • Debbie Hansen

    that's to bad! you have been able to redeem other characters, why not Michael muhney. then billy miller? then there is nothing else interesting in this show. because of those two actors and the way things were playing out was great! they deserved Oscars. you truly have disappointed me after all these years. you were the last soap I was watching. now their is nothing.

    • ScreenScreams

      Billy Miller left of his own free will. He had other interests.

  • Julie

    They could always write in a story that he didn't do it, I am going to be done watching this show, To many good actors leaving makes it not worth watching.

    • Mina

      I totally agree – I always thought the true story was going to be – because they never actually showed him hitting her, that another driver hit her and drove off, and Adam just happened to pull over at the point her scarf was caught on his tire. I guess you would have to be a creative writer to fill in all those details. Adam – you are the perfect Adam!!!

  • Cindy

    I don't want to watch any more!! He made the show! Nothing else is very interesting any longer! Bring him back! I would rather see “Victor Newman” “let go”!!!

    • shefra

      i lone him so mich! i don't think i will watch after he leaves!!!

  • Vikki Yugovich

    Well, this is the end. I have watched Young & Restless (Hung and Chestless?) since it began, but this is more than this fan intends to deal with. No Billy Miller, no Michelle Stafford. SHE (yes, all caps) replaced a wonderful Kyle with a GH ugly who can't act, and now no Adam. It won't be a week until someone from GH is cast as Adam. Done and Done. IDumb & Dumber. Instead of this one by one firing, let the General Hospital lady mass fire everyone and replace them with GH has beens.

    • Unhappy

      I'm glad she left General Hospital; now I can watch it again because it's gotten better with the new writers. A LOT of the old characters who were ‘fired’ have been brought as contract or recurring!

    • Darlene

      I hope GH does recast Adam, He Will Do There Show Justice For Sure, I wish michael and his family a wonderful holiday season, and Michael hope you have a super new year. 2014 Will be great And all your fans will be waiting to see you in the new year for sure, Chin Up Everything will work out, As far as your fans go, It is there loss not yours you will be an asset no matter where you go…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY….

    • moodyB

      I agree that the kyle character could have been a much better choice, but he has been booted also. no real loss there.

    • Kim Bartlet

      I agree I have watched for way over 30 treats but this just did it in for me .. Kyle can't act Paul's boring and they want to fire one of the biggest stars on the show .big mistake

  • Melanie Sims

    I have to say that hearing that Michael Muhney (ADAM) will not be on the show totally sucks. He is the only reason I watch the show. I can't stand anyone else but (Dylan) and they are wasting that talent. I think that they should get rid of (Victor), I have NEVER like him. I never even watched the show until Michael took over the role of Adam, now I won't watch ever again!!

  • kFan

    Oh no!!!!! then Jan 30th will be my last show. You can't replace the chemistry that him and Chelsea bring to the show.

    • Mary

      No way. I will not watch this show anymore. Adam was the show.
      Heartbreaking, unfair, wrong. Stupid writers just lost a fan and I'll bet many more. How could you? I love Adam!

      • Darlene

        Adam was the show for me…So no need to watch anymore. And as for the writers they have no idea what they are doing…BIG MISTAKE

        • Marvin Williams

          I agree this is a really Big Mistake, I enjoyed his character, and now that they have gotten his character together with Chelsea I really like they show but for me seeing Adam was the reason I watched for so long

      • Lola

        Yes I agree that Adam was one of the important figures on The Young And The Restless. I am about to stop watching. Don't like the way the show is going. Very boring these days. The writers is in sane.

    • Mary Bell

      I agree can't believe MM is going best actor on show.

    • jordonvuz355

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      Jaguar only from working off a home computer… Recommended Reading B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Marvin Williams

      I totally agree with your assessment here

  • Joel

    Another huge mistake by JFP.

    • willow

      That lady ruins every show she gets involved with. Firing the old talented actors-then cramming the new-can't act models into their places. I.E., show is ruined then eventually cancelled.

    • Darlene

      I so agree with you Very BIG MISTAKE, and I also read that the writers do not care what we the viewers think well that was a smart move on there part…I do not know what they are thinking Letting Michael Go, there are so many other actors that could be let go and this would not affect the true viewers at all, In fact we would be more than happy to see a few get off the show I am sure..What goes around comes around one day it will be one of the WRITERS being kicked out, and don't cry just remember PAYBACK….

      • Ally

        Why couldn't they get rid of Greg Rikaart??? He adds absolutely NOTHING to the show. Max Ehrich (Fen), Bryton James (Devon), the guy who plays Stitch, Steve Burton, Doug Davidson (HORRIBLE – I've actually laughed at him during some of his scenes). The list of un-watchable people is endless!!!

        • Ash

          The fact that Doug Davidson is even still on the show is what's laughable.

        • kristin0414

          Spot on. Add Courtney, & the new Abbey ,to your list. Oh and Leslie and her brother. Neil is lame. Oh dear. Their all lame dried up and old. I'm with you. No Adam no watch. Y & R sucks!!!

          • chris

            y&r 1/30/14 the was a car crash and adam died

        • naja sudan

          They need to dismiss, Paul who is the most boring character there is, and i agree Fen, Lilly and her husband, the Baldwins and lets not forget this horrible new Abby

      • Deborah Johnson

        Let's write CBS execs!

    • Grace Loin

      Michael Muhney, a big soap star who played Adam Newman on “The Young & the Restless” — was fired last month after one of his co-stars complained to the brass that he grabbed her boobs — on 2 occasions … TMZ has learned.

      Multiple sources connected to the show tell TMZ … 38-year-old Muhney allegedly bullied and harassed 20-year-old Hunter King, who plays Summer on the show. She went to higher-ups and complained recently Muhney had fondled her breasts on 2 occasions — and she said both were unsolicited and unwanted.

      Sources tell us … the new allegations were the proverbial “straw that broke the camel's back.” Muhney — who is married with 3 kids — had been a problem on the set for a long time, allegedly bullying and harassing Hunter and others. He even admitted in a recent interview with HuffPo's Canada TV after getting fired, “Sometimes I've walked around with a big backpack of hubris.”
      after reading this you still want them to keep him? I hope not

      • SnickersLA

        I liked his character on the show but truth is he is a bully and grabs on the female co-stars. That is unacceptable behavior. Sure some of the others are not as interesting but he can not get away with that. I will continue to watch because they fired the bully. so a question to all the women that want to keep him on the show…..If there was a man on your job that bullied you and kept grabbing your breast, would you want the company to keep him just because he was the best at the job? I say FIRE HIS ASS IMMEDIATELY!!

        • chris

          even if he did,they should reconsider and hire adam back he is the whole point of watchin y&r.I disagree with snickersLa

          • ScreenScreams

            OMG, that is so sick. You would want to hire someone back who is guilty of sexual assault?

      • Mary

        If they were unwanted, why did she not slap him or just walk away. Something is very wrong here. Two sides to every story, and I do not believe hers.

        • Jacky

          I agree with you Mary!! I am so upset that Adam was fired I am considering not watching it anymore. Have been a Y & R watcher, fan since I was back home. Getting home in time from school to watch and The Y & R has been taped every day for years so I don't miss an episode!!! I am 64 and every time Victor treated Adam absolutely horrible my heart went out to Adam and how hard he tried to win Victors love. Fat chance for that. Now that Adam is actually fired from the show this is real life heartbreak!!!! There is something wrong with Summer's allegations!!!!! Why would Adam jeopardize his marriage. He has a wife and three kids!!! The problem isn't Adam it's Summer!! Adam was the reason I watched it!!

          • pamela

            I will not watch n YR I agree with you jacky Adam part of the reason I watch the YR.I am not soap watcher Adam role hooked me. I can't believe he would he would just grope her . He is a veteran award winning actor, it'more to this allegation.suspend him couple episodes or something. BRING HIM BACK!!!!!

          • maria

            well we no young n restless going down hill w/o Adam gone why dont they take Summer,the new Abby and Courtney, they cant act worth a crap.

          • ScreenScreams

            You think an award winning actor won't do anything sick? Ridiculous. Do some research on Joan Crawford.

          • ScreenScreams

            A lot of married men with kids jeopardize their marriages. You really don't know who's telling the truth–Michael or Hunter. So don't pretend to know.

        • Marie

          maybe she did slap him and walk away. then complain because he didn't respect her when she said “NO” the first time. no matter how great you are at your job, you will get fired from ANYWHERE for sexual harassment. I am sad to see Adam go… he was fun to watch and another actor just won't be as good in the role as he was… but come on if the guy's a perv he's a perv and that's that.

          • ScreenScreams

            Very well said. Good to see someone with some common sense.

        • ScreenScreams

          She reported it. That is all she is required to do.

  • Jack's Mom

    This is just unreal. Michael is an amazing actor. The best on TV. Not daytime TV, all TV. He was powerful and made YR must watch TV. I can't imagine what they are thinking. When they hired the new producer, I kept my mouth shut and thought maybe it will be ok. But we have lost so many amazing stars. They got rid of the people we love to bring in her little pets. Don't get me wrong. I like Steve Burton. I like Dylan and have enjoyed the story. But they are getting rid of beloved people to bring us Courtney? Who cares about her? They killed Delia. They pushed out Michelle. They pushed out Billy. And now Michael. My great-grandmother, grandmother and mom all watched this show. I was told I woke up at 2 minutes to YR the day after I came home from the hospital and have watched ever since. I was raising my son to be the 5th generation viewer. I'm done. Out. Over. They have destroyed this show. It is like they are trying to get canceled. I'm so fed up with this crap. I take this one personally though. I spoke to Michael last year. He is the nicest guy. So kind and humble and genuine. My son was being bullied and he talked to him. I can't tell you the difference it made for my son. My heart breaks for this man. And to do this to him the week before Christmas with a wife and three young children at home. I will never watch another show on CBS. Ever. Not daytime, not prime time, not the news. And I will be starting a boycott of all advertisers to CBS. We need to organize and take action against this because it is obvious no one at CBS cares about the people who made this show.

    • mzzymoe

      I want in to a boycott.


        love the show for many many year.. let me know how i can boycott this an i will be there.. so will all my friends. at least 40 of them.. he has made the show so much better. DONT LET HIM GO. IF HE GOES SO WILL ME. AND MANY MANY FANS….

        • Jmay

          HE GRABBED A YOUNG GIRLS BREASTS AND BULLIED HER, HOW DO HE DESERVE TO STAY AFTER THAT. come on women, that behavior is never ok.

          • Jack's Mom

            Were you in the room when this supposedly happened? Have you seen a police report? Has he been arrested? Did the “victim” call you and fill you in? Did you see a video of it happening? NO? Then don't spread crap about someone that you don't even know is true. If he did that do you think they would have let him stay even to clean out his dressing room? He would have been taken out in handcuffs.

          • it'sme

            Jack's Mom
            I totally agree with you, we need to boycott and I feel Adam inherited Victor's genes to play his role so eloquently.

          • ScreenScreams

            But you weren't there either, so you don't know if Michael didn't.

          • Rick

            Were you there? Do you KNOW that he grabbed anyone's breast? Get the facts about Ms Hunter Kings history before jumping to conclusions- she would throw her own mother under a bus if she thought it would turn the attention to herself. Let's face it, she can't act, so why not come up with a lame accusation to put herself in the sympathy zone for a little while.

          • ScreenScreams

            You have no way of knowing if either Michael or Hunter were telling the truth, Rick.

          • it'sme

            one question Jmay?
            How do you know this for a fact?

          • ScreenScreams

            You don't know for a fact if what Jmay said isn't true, either.

    • leelee38

      I totally agree with all your comments! they have ruined this show for good!

      • Monika

        I have watched this show since the beginning, and have seen many changes,but i think what they have done here firing Michael is so wrong what are they thinking it was such a good storyline,and he is a fine actor,I suppose they will bring another unknown to take his place,I hope someone will read all the above objections and change their mind.Good luck to you Michael you will know how many people love you

      • Tony(hates Y&R)

        I want everyone to stop watching the y&r beginning 04-01-14.When Adam comes back lets start back watching the show.

    • Rosalea Moore

      I want to be part of the boycott. Michael Muhney is my favorite on Y&R.

    • Del Piero

      I totally agree with you. I watched the Y&R in plenty of languages !! Everywhere I was. The show is seriously going so down !!! With horrible actors with no talent and on the top of that ugly like Jack Abbott s son, the new Summer,the new Abby and Courtney ???!!! WTF Seriously ??Where do you find these new actors on a street? What do you smoke when you write the storylines ???!!! Without Michelle Stafford (the storyline about how she left …Even a 5 years old kid can imagine something better !!!) and now Michael Muhney out!!! He is the show ! This is unbelievable, insane !!! No words to express how I am angry right now. People watch the show just for HIM ! This is BS. You need to realize that. He is the BEST actor in the show. He is amazing and talented and HANDSOME !!! He brought a new life to the show and seriously without Adam the show is NOTHING. As I said previously it's like watching Dallas without JR Ewing !!!! This decision is THE worst they made. it's wrong and unfair!! And I will not watch if Adam is out. The show is losing viewers. The writing is pathetic….Come on writers !!!! The scenes between Adam and Victor are LEGENDARY and POWERFUL no one else can play Adam Newman for the simple reason that Michael Muhney IS Adam Newman. Just irreplaceable. Who is going to be the new Victor? Nothing interesting left in this show….I am done. CBS this mistake will cost you a lot. And I will not watch any other shows on CBS anymore!!!!
      The last thing I have to say is that : Everywhere you go you will always shine Michael I'll never stop watching you !

      • Darlene

        I Hope Micheal Get's To See How Much His Fans Are Behind Him All The Way…And I Hope The Writers Also Get To See What A Mistake They Have Made, And Maybe They Want To Fix This ….If They Have A Heart ….

      • name

        it does seem that CBS is on the downward trend of their soaps. They hired a former actor to produce Guiding Light into the ground then transferred same producer to assist to do the the same with ATWT. looks like CBS is attempting get out of the Soap business.

    • Darlene

      I want in as well so who ever wants to start the petition let's get moving I am in for sure,,,,

      • Deb

        I'm in let's get petition moving how do we get in touch with cbs

        • Joni Pettitt Illi

          I so agree with everyone. I have watched since it started and their has never been such youth driven plots. I know oldies are the minority and demographics are the most important thing today which is not fair cause it's still your older audience that have been loyal that you should try to please. Since Kathrine died, we only have the hated VICTOR and poor NIKI for our age group. IT'S NOT FAIR.
          First Kathrine died, then the ridiculous story line of Phyillis. Then Delia, the most senseless death….ultimately since you were getting rid of Billy and Adam !
          Writers are insane tell me about the petition please !!

    • laurie

      I won't be watching after he is gone he is a wonderful actor and he will do great things

    • teedz

      well said!

    • naja sudan


    • JMay

      So as a woman, you are ok with a 20 year old female getting bullied and having her breast grabbed by this man? Hey guess they should have fired the girl who plays Summer for complaining. Would you be ok with him doing that to your daughter? I would have boycotted if they had kept the molester. No woman deserves to be bullied or have some man think he can grab a handful of her breasts when he wants. he got what he deserved.

      • darlene

        No I am not ok with any one being violated ever. But sometimes the news is not always true, I can't believe what is being said for god sake he is a father and a husband. All I ask is WHY and we are all waiting for the truth to come out. So no I do not agree with the young lady being violated, If that was so Why did they not fire him asap and why were the police not called to deal with this matter, All that was in the news was he was let go but there was no reason why at first, It sounds like there is a little more to the story, and I hope we the fans get to hear the story for real this time…If it were my daughter believe me he would not be finishing out his contract, he would be gone and in jail. so all we can do is wait for the truth and only god knows when that will be…

        • Diane

          I Say Fire Ms Hunter…Aka Summer

      • rick

        Do you KNOW he did anything to Ms King? Accusations are just that. Obviously there was no proof or charges would have been filed. Strangely if you do some research…. This girl has been accusing people of sex wrongdoings since she was 14. She knows she isn't a good actress, and either conjured the story to gain sympathy points, or was coheres into making the story up so management could get rid of him. Out of all the stupid things management has done to this show, experts all agree that this firing will be the one that causes the show to end. Hope Ms King enjoys carrying that on her shoulders…….. How her lies sank a 40 year old show.

    • Marie

      He is a great actor, granted… But what if he really was harassing that young girl?? No one else is allowed to do things like that at work…. If I go around groping my colleagues I'll get fired too… And if he has a wife, poor her for that reason, not because he lost his job. I'm sure they are fine and not destitute, but imagine how it hurts her knowing he was touching or trying to touch other women.

    • ScreenScreams

      Michelle and Billy both left because they wanted to.

  • Kerry

    The Adam and Chelsea story was what keeps me watching. The other scenarios (Devon, Neil, Cain, and Lily) are so boring. I'm sick that Muhney is leaving. Brilliant move, Y&R.

  • Sophie

    I've been watching this show for 30 years! It was heartbreaking to loose Mrs. C this year!! The show has the nerve to get rid of the most talented, eye catching, enticing, juicy characters!!! Obviously the new producer did not know the show or the fans love for the characters. A producer that hasn't acted doesn't realize loyalty to the show is a relationship with the characters. Loosing Michele S. …Y&r lost the Fire, loosing Abbey … Y&r lost the spice… Loosing Mrs C. Heaven gained an angel too soon, loosing Delia … Was Y&r R truly to torturing all of us parents who have stomached this horrible loss, horrifying story line way to close to Christmas and way to close to the sandy hook anniversary where pain is fresh in all if our hearts for children being taken away too soon especially cancer survivors … This story has made me sick I couldn't stand to watch most of it but Chloe is such a talented wonderful actress as well as billy !! Loosing Adam is showing the underdog does not prevail another negative point to show people! Mr. Bell who I highly respect is looking down in utter disappointment ! To fire someone before Christmas is one word COLD! One word can be profound and I hope this producer realizes his mistakes will show in the ratings! You can't take your best players in any game or job and expect a victory! Also treat the people that carry you in your success with the same regard that they have built for your business! Sophie333

    • kristin0414

      I totally agree! And I'm so glad you mentioned that. It was and still is way overdone on this show. It is completely insensitive to parents that really lost children. But they kept dumping salt into fresh wounds. By the truck fulls. Christine is back. No talent lame daddy's daughter. Carmine was interesting. They killed his role. Yes any number of OTHER cast members could have been written off. Bad bad choices. I could go on and on…..

    • Billie Stockstill

      They need to get off their rear ends and try to keep Michael and Billy and try to save the former best soap on TV.

    • Margaret

      Y&R Fan from Down Under,
      I couldn't agree more! I have been watching this show for so long and even if we are 7 months behind in episodes, I just can't believe that how many changes of actors having recently started to come through, I don't even like the changes, it's too many too quickly, and now I'm finding out that so many talented actors who have been on the show for so long have left, I'm really not looking forward to the coming episodes now. This show has been at the top for so long, what are the Execs trying to do? Even the story lines are just becoming boring, why???? I can't believe Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford and now Michael Muhney….why so many talented actors, and also they've replaced these characters – Kyle, Abby, Summer which are useless sorry to say….. I know it's just a soap, but jeez it's been a part of so many peoples lives worldwide for years and it's thanks to all of us for keeping it at the top, but obviously we must be a minority to the Execs at Y&R they won't listen to any of us, we should petition this to bring back the characters that kept this show going, who knows if it will work? I so miss Jeanne Cooper, she would be looking down at all of this with a heavy heart :(

    • Darlene

      I Can Not Believe What I Have Been Reading About Michael And Why He Was Fired. If Anyone Has More Info Please Reply To Me On This Matter Because I Find This Situation Very Serious, This Accusation could Be Very Damaging, And Never Mind the Young Lady That Was Violated. I Know that you can not always believe what you hear and read but if there is any truth to this.I will be forever upset and and sorry for the young lady.I hope to hear that this was not true and it was all just bad gossip…

  • Mo viewer

    Fan no more! Totally stupid move…These were some of the best people playing the characters you have ever had. Maybe you need to get rid of the people who are making these decisions. You need to start doing whatever is necessary to keep the people who are making the show!!! No chance for any daytime soap opera awards for you anymore!!!

    • g. evans

      What was he thinking, groping another actor!! He needs to go and I have watched the show for over 40 years!!

  • Galen Nycroft

    Could this have anything to do with Sony perhaps? Did Michael Muhney sign on for that Veronica Mars movie/project?

    • Billy

      No, the Veronica Mars picture is finished and Muhney isn't in it. His character died during the series. I imagine choice or not, most of these actors are leaving because of Phelps.

    • Teej

      You cannot take Michael Muhney away. There is no one else that can play the role of Adam as he does. And you cannot take his character away. He is too important and makes the show. Please don't do it.

  • Diane

    Michael's last day will be my last day watching – and from what I am reading – there will be many more – way to kill a great show!!

  • leelee38

    They might as well cancel the show all together, first Billy Miller and now Michael Muhney.
    I have no reason to watch the Y&R anymore, I hope the Y&R executive enjoy being unemployed now that they have ruined the show. I know that I will stop watching now for good. Thanks CBS Executives

  • Margie Downs

    I have been a fan of Y & R for many years; although I was not a big fan of “Adam” he has become a bit more tolerable recently. As to “Victor”, I am getting about fed up with his character so between “Adam” and “Victor” I would rather see “Victor” go! And seriously “Billy” is gone??? I may have to reconsider watching now I love “Billy” and “Victoria” together! But back to “Adam” his character has softened and love him in that role and the chemistry between “Chelsea” and him are electrifying! The show has changed many times and just not sure that the choices being made are in the best interest of the fans!

  • Meg

    This is terrible. He is why I watch the show.

  • gmar

    Very disappointed to hear that Michael was fired! I disliked Adam from the beginning, which means that he was doing a great acting job. I have enjoyed seeing the kind Adam, that has appeared after the accident.
    What a huge mistake letting Michael Muhney go!

  • wanda

    Today will be my last day watching Y&R after 25 years. Billy Miller and Michael Muhney made the show. Someone is making some serious casting mistakes that will
    probably cost them their good rating.
    I will be following them to whatever soap that is lucky enough to hire them. I enjoy your craft.

  • Serena

    Everyone stop watching on February 1, despite what's going on in the show. Michaels last day is jan 30th. So I recommend turning your TVs off feb 1. Jill phelps doesn't care about the actors, but should care if no one is watching!

    • Deborah Johnson


  • Jac

    Total crap! He is my favorite character and they just had him get back with Chelsea. Not happy about this!!!

    • M

      I totally agree.

  • Re

    I am so pissed at CBS. First Phyllis, then Delia, now Adam. I love Michael Muhney he is an excellent actor and how could CBS possibly replace him. SMH! What could they possibly be thinking? I totally agree with your comments and I want to join the boycott!

    • d ozegovic

      Not fair Michael Muhney is the best actor on Young and the Restless…O, well I do not have to rush home anymore to watch the show.. Shame on you writers…

      • linda

        I don't mind the younger crowd because they need to grow the show and let's face it Victor is aging and won't last that much longer and they needed a new ruthless character and “Adam” Michael Muhney was that perfect one to follow…….Love Neil but they always give him such a weak storyline…..with Katherine gone there's not much need for Jill, Cane, Esther, Chloe, or Kevin. So many of the characters just need to be written off……..But Adam, Victor's son, Victor's blacksheep and especially with the talent of Muhney — horrible, horrible choice. I believe these type of horrible choices will send Y & R to the chopping block at a very high rate of speed! Very sad! I won't be tuning in after Jan.

  • mom of 4

    The show has no phylis and no adam…and no billy. …..the show will never make it….real smart move there young and restless. …..after many many years as an avid watcher….ive lost all interest now….so sad!!!

  • Michele N. Mason

    They cannot fault the actor for the mess they made of the character! Blame the writers for that mess! Besides, technically Adam hadn't done ANYTHING wrong until they started writing in that mess about him hiding evidence! That was dumb to write that in there, because before that, he was innocent! Why would they get rid of Michael Muhney when he is one of the best actors on the show and actually makes the show worth watching! I would know, I've been watching for decades! I am PISSED!

    • naja sudan

      I am pissed as well to the highest Pisssevity (lol)

      • marymrevis

        @naja sudan My friend..you stole my line LOL. I'm known for saying that very phrase haha.

  • Ashley

    I am so disgusted by this news. I have been watching this show for about 3 years straight and it's become part of my daily routine. This new producer is slowly ruining the show. They kill Delia off. Billy Miller is leaving. And now Adam??? This show is only getting worse. I have no words for how upset I am. As much as I hate to say this, January 30th will be my last day watching the show.

  • Susan Gross

    I am unbelievably FURIOUS at the firing of MM. He is an AMAZING actor….I am honestly thinking that SONY hired this disaster of a producer to kill off Y&R! This is the most assinine move she has made yet-along with letting Billy go! Billy gone, Lilly gone, Phyllis gone. Adam gone. And keep Hillary? her brother? Summers friend whatever her name is? Mason? Stitch new actor got a contract…nu Billy…Kyle off…altho this Kyle annoyed me. Bringing back Tristan Rogers (GH)…ok so as fans what can we do???? Other than not watch which wont do a damn thing…what can we really do???? Write to SONY to fire this sad excuse of a producer? Y&R top ratings for 25yrs has seen the end of its reign! At the hands of JFP which was so easily predicted when she came onboard…HIRED TO FIRE!

  • Anna Ric

    First, you don't KNOW that Adam killed Delia – that is still a bit of mystery. What they did to destroy Adam's character just the same is to have him not come forward and all of the residents of Genoa City will hate him yet again. They keep useless characters like Cane, Lily, Devon and Courtney for heaven's sake and Adam goes? And Michael Muhney SPECIFICALLY. He is the only reason I have left to watch the show. Victor makes me sick, they're making Nikki all bumbling and weak, Ester still walks around in a maid uniform, Kyle's a joke, I actually feel RAGE when I see Cane and Lily on screen. Can they do ANYTHING but have sex and act like hormonal teenagers in public? Clearly the show's writers/directors do not have what it takes to work with a strong character and a good story line. The show had already been steadily declining now it's just taken a total NOSE DIVE. I'm not watching this show any more. I'm deleting the auto record on my PVR and I'm DONE. Can't wait until this show gets cancelled.

    • Maribel Lara

      Not that I condone “sexual harassment” but I would hope that he at least would have received some kind of warning before signing him off. I just told my husband today how this actor is the best Adam Newman ever, and he would be the perfect replacement for Victor when his time comes. It's the actor that makes the character because all the other Adam's have been pretty lame. I really hope they will rethink, and resolve the issue and bring him back.

      • darlene

        Or not be able to finish out his contract, I would think that there would be some order around there…Anyway I hope the truth comes out soon so that we will know for sure what happened…

    • Janice

      Why don't they get both sides of the story. This hunter might be lying about whether Adam touched her or not. I am sick to see Adam and Billy go.

      • Darlene

        Adam is one of the best actors on that show when he goes it's so long for me as well,And now they are bringing in a new actor to play the part of Ian Ward, and what you think your long time viewers are going to put up with that crap. Think again because I am going and from what I am reading so are a lot of other viewers, so put that in your pipe….And let us see how much ratings you get with the bunch you have now….

  • Nita

    Bring back Patty Cakes and Sheila They made the show Now its going to be boring!

  • adamfan

    I'm shocked! I guess I can quit fast forwarding through this sorry, boring show looking for something worth watching now.
    Tired of all of the crying! Tired of all of the boring story lines! Really tired of the no- talent replacement actors!
    Good by Y&R

  • CharlesMaglaughlin

    The show has turned into a teenage “who's zoomin’ who” debacle. Who really cares about Fen, Summer, Lily, Cane, Devon, Courtney, Zach, Hillary, Leslie, Tyler, Noah and Kyle, and any more waste of my time on the screen. You suck Sony!

  • Disappointed Mom

    I have watched the Y&R and the BB go down the drain over the last year or more. On Y&R the bright spots have been Billy, Adam,Chelsea and Phyllis are the best characters and those actors are what is keeping this show going. Do you really think that weepy, hand wringing Nikki or vicious, mean Victor or BORING Cain, Lilly, Sharon and the rest of them will keep us watching? i have watched this show since the beginning and will stop the day Michael is gone. NO ONE CAN PLAY ADAM LIKE HE CAN……..HE IS REAL….YOU HATE HIM, FEEL SORRY FOR HIM…YOU SEE HIM AS A HUMAN BEING WITH ALL THE FLAWS AND HOPE we all posses………….BIG MISTAKE taking out all these players and thinking this show will not sink…..

  • Kevin Little

    Best news all week. The guy was an egomaniac with a Jesus Complex bigger than Kanye West and Lady Gaga's combined.

    Besides that, Adam Newman should be rotting away in a prison for all the hideous things he did to Ashley and Sharon in 2008/2009.

    • Maggie

      Then Sharon, Victor, Jack and everyone else on the show who has done hideous things need to be rotting away right along with him!

  • michele

    I can't believe you fired him. He has been THE BEST Adam ever. He is sooooooo good in this role. Have you all lost your minds??? The chemistry he and Chelsea is
    AMAZING and he plays such a good villain and yet so a compassionate man. YOU ARE ALL CRAZY. Lost my vote for best soap.. I've watched you for years, but not now.

    • naja sudan

      yes they did loose what they call a mind. Adam is the show

      • mel

        Please please please KEEP ADAM on the Show :0( Hes a BIG part of the Show and why we all watch.

  • DML3

    Fire Adam ( Michael)?? I'm done with this show then for dessert i find out Billy Miller is leaving!! Screw this B.S.

    • Bonnie Schulte

      First Phillis, made me sad, Billy.. really enjoyed him too, but Michael Muhney (Adam)!!!!!!! Is CBS “NUTS” or what. This is the straw that will break the Camels back. I have watched this show for more than 30 years, and never have I enjoyed it so much as when Michael, played the part of Adam. I planned my day around the show, so I wouldn't miss the suspense and action and interest, great acting, that Michael brought to the show. I have no reason anymore to watch. Unless, of course, Michael is going to come back to Y & R.

  • Faye Taylor Francisco

    I don't know if i can watch Y&R anymore after Michael Muhney departs his role. He and Chelsea, his ex wife on Y&R, was one of the reasons i still watch. After the death of Ms. Chancellor, and her character being so huge on the show, losing Muhney would just not be good. I wish they would reconsider their decision and keep him on the show.

  • Erin

    This is truly devastating . At first, I thought bringing in this new writer wasn't a bad thing. Now, with Phillis gone, Adam and Billy leaving, the show is turning into total shit! Thanks for completely ruining my favorite show.

  • Amy

    I have watched this show since its very first show. Well, now I will boycott. Michael Mulhaney is a great actor and give she show any spark it has left it — and very sad to say – it does not have much left it it. And, the person, Mr.Muhaney, does NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED THIS WAY. I respectfully request that the Sony Executive who is allowing this to happen on his or her watch to get on your cell phone and call Mr. Muhaney's agent and rescind this ill-advised, very bad decsion, and get Mr. Mulhaney back under contract playing Adam. All Young and Resltess fans please stand up and protest Sony for this outrageous decisions. Sometimes people just make mistake. Fortunately you can rectify this decision by calling Mr. Mulhaney's agent and getting him back… I ask you to do that, right now. Thank you

  • Tiffany P

    People are saying Adam can't be redeemed because he hit D.D. Well why don't the writers make this new Kelly person the actual killer. Why even bring her on? She is a non character with no family connection to anyone. JFP is killing this show!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany P

    Also y&r held the #1 rating for years now gh has the title…. Hmmm what changed? JFP went from gh to y&r maybe cbs she let her go…. Just saying

    • teedz

      coincidence? I think not – I agree, she has got to go!

  • Dianna

    First Billy Miller now Michael Muhney? Bye bye Y&R,I have not been this devastated since the Walking Dead killed Hershel

  • Rmenn

    He was one of the best actors on the show. It is not easy pulling off having fans feel sorry for you after killing a young girl, even if it was an accident. I know he will do well in the movies, if he goes there.

  • KAMY

    I've watched this show over 35 yrs. No more after he's gone! Go to CBS feedback online and rebel!!! They need to fire Jill Phelps she's taking this show down the toilet.

  • Amanda

    Jan 30 and I'm done too! I only started watching this show on a daily basis because of him. I have been completely in love with this character since the first day I saw him on the show. Without Michael Muhney playing this part it will never be the same. Goodbye Y&R… You can be #1 without me.

    • Darlene

      Well It Will Never be # 1 Again they have cut to many great actors and that is going to be there loss, so I hope the rest of the cast start looking because soon they will all need to move on because there will be no more Y&R thanks to the writers of the show…WHAT A SHAME

  • Jacqueline

    There is just something about Adam,without him on the show,I will not care to watch the show.

    • Darlene

      There are so many other people that could have been killed off…I mean really Michael, Anyway the show has already lost ratings and that is only going to get worse from now on, and soon there will be no show to write for…SO WRITERS WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT….

  • CJG

    I love Adam he and Chelsea are so good together. They can redeem
    Him it really has not been proven he killed Dilia. They bring on people who don't have a place and take away the good characters. The writers are the ones who should be FIRED!!'!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perry

    OMG how can they do this to You (Adam) you can't be replaced!!! First Billy now you what the hell is going on there. I have watched this show since it started but NO MORE!!!! Thank you for doing such a great job, sometimes it was hard to watch but that is because you are That good. This is such a mistake, how can this happen. I will miss you, you are such a great person I wish you nothing but good things.

  • valerie5

    Ive watched this show for decades & cant understand why they would fire one of the most talented actors on the show. Such a mistake! You can count me out as a viewer from now on. One more show taken off the DVR.

  • fan since the beginning

    Anyone with any character or spunk is being replaced with boring and unasuming people what is going on I don't care if I miss the show or not becoming very boring would rather watch a talk show

  • irene deutsch

    no more Michael no more Y&R for me

  • Fan No More

    Well….I'm like all the others who have written in their displeasure. I'm done with the show!! After many years of watching, I even got my husband addicted to Y&R. He and I will find something else to watch after this ridiculous turn of events. I had already been thinking of giving up the show when I heard Phyllis was gone, but to get rid of Adam and Billy…..well…..none of this makes sense. There are several characters on the show who could be done away with, but these are NOT the ones to go. Since Y&R and Bold and Beautiful are the only two soaps on CBS…..I guess my question is WHY?????????

  • Mike

    Michael was one of the few good reasons to watch Y & R, a soap with preposterous story lines and ridiculous aging of characters, like Kyle and Noah. If his firing is due to a personality conflict with another actor, that is a sad and pathetic reason to fire someone. Maybe we should all just grow up a bit and realize how good we have it. I will not watch the show for a while in protest and then maybe never return. I have done it before…

  • Mike

    It's that “last straw” thing…

  • Mike

    Hey, Jill: If your ratings are going down, it's because of your preposterous story lines and the ridiculous aging of characters to cover for lousy writing and NOT the actors.

  • Mike

    Michael was one of the few good reasons to watch Y & R, a soap with preposterous story lines and ridiculous aging of characters, like Kyle and Noah. If his firing is due to a personality conflict with another actor, that is a sad and pathetic reason to fire someone. Maybe we should all just grow up a bit and realize how good we have it. I will not watch the show for a while in protest and then maybe never return. I have done it before…

  • Mike

    It's that “last straw” thing…

  • Bruce Wells

    The real problem with Y&R lies with whom SONY chooses to be in charge .. How on earth could they even think of hiring JFP as Executive Producer with her track record? Her track record speaks for itself and now her “style” is coming to fruition on Y&R

    No offense at all to everyone who says they are going to boycott or stop watching .. DO IT .. DON”T JUST SAY IT … it is the only real power the viewers have …

    When the revenue tanks from lack of veiwership, then an only then will real change take place

  • Maggie

    That's it! No more Y&R for me, and I've been watching it since it first aired way back when. Michael is so talented, I'm sure he'll succeed in whatever endeavor he pursues. It's CBS's loss, not Michael's! I wish him the best of luck.

  • Jill

    As a viewer since day 1 I am considering doing something more constructive with my time. With the exit of so many key roles I think those in the decision making positions have lost focus. The viewers thoughts and opinions must be considered. I've just reached the end. It's just too much…. Now Adam!! If he's gone then me too. I guess the era of good soaps is OVER!!!

  • tootie

    No Muhney, No Miller? No me. Bye bye #YR after June 30th.

  • Emily

    I'm not watching any more. The show sucks now and with Michael Muhney's departure there's no reason to watch. The writing is bad, and NO ONE is even close to being as talented as MM. I read they will recast the role. What a F-ing joke!!!! I bet they'll bring in someone like DEAD EYED Steve Burton. It's so pathetic what has happened to this show. I hope it's cancelled soon.

  • trimax

    This is bullshit, I love Adam, one that should get the boot is Victor. If you don't want the show to be cancelled hire Adam back.

  • San

    “Adam” has already begun to redeem himself…. someone else could have run over DeDe…stranger things have happened in the soaps. With “Billy” leaving, I am ready to quit watching anyway. Pretty much does it for me now.

  • Shawnee

    I can't believe this! Y&R is just getting worse and worse. Out of the 2 Adams, he is by far, the best. Michael Muhney is a great actor; not to mention, very easy on the eyes :-). I really hate that he is leaving. It's decisions like these, is why I have not really watched the show; as faithfully as I used to. Good luck in all you endeavors, Michael.

  • Don

    My wife and I set aside that one hour a day to watch Yand R and a big part of the reason is the Adam Newman character and the way Michael plays the role. We have said that if he was not on we would stop watching, and now we will-what a shame, afer all these years. To many actor changes. Michael plays this role perfectly!!

  • MissPetty

    This is ridiculous! I can't see why an actor as great as Michael Muhney is would be let go. Adam is a vital character and quite frankly after watching for over 30 years I'm sick and tired of the recent character/actor changes. Get it together Y&R before people, including myself decide it's just not worth watching anymore.

  • Hilda

    Adam was the most interesting one on the show!! What the heck is y&r thinking!! I have been watching since it starrted and I'm done with Y&R. So disappointed!! Get rid of victor!! He’
    s so boring… Same thing over and over with him!!

  • anna

    I will no longer watch the Y&R if Adam goes he is the only actor worth watching on that show and the show is so boring now as it is with Adam who is the only actor who can actually ACT, it's just not worth my time.

  • karma111

    If he is axed so is the show for me!! Billy miller leaving was bad enough but now Michael…I wont watch it after he is gone!

  • very disappointed!

    I am devastated!! Adam is the most interesting character on the show and he has a killer smile! I fast forward through other story lines to get to Adam and Chelsea. I have been watching faithfully for many years. When Michelle Stafford left I was disappointed. Then when I heard Billy was leaving and now Michael? That is the last straw. I have been angry since the Delia story line involved Adam. either the writers suck or they did it purposely to try to get fans to hate him but it didn't work. He is an awesome complex character and he plays it superbly. Michael will never be successfully replaced. I am done the day Adam goes.

  • kim

    JFP needs to be fired!

  • Sundae

    Not pleased with this at all Michael is the BEST why would you even think of letting him go. No one can replace him NO ONE. I am just one of the many people who have watched Y & R from it's Start, well that will now change!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Wow, I thought the last straw would be if they ever let go of Christian LeBlanc THEN i would be done with this show after 16 years watching it. No Phyllis, No Abby, Tucker, Billy, and now Adam…. The last straw has been plucked..What a shame.

  • Diane

    Good Bye ratings! I thought they learned their lesson when they wrote him off briefly a few years ago and the ratings went down. He and Billy Miller may have not been the original actors for those 2 roles, but they MADE those characters, they are both irreplaceable IMO. I will not watch this show anymore.

  • annemarie

    Thats a bummer!! He played adam really well and i just love the connection that chelsea and adam have. What a loss that this show will have without him playing the adam role. If they bring this role back all i have to say is they better find someone just as good as he was. The guy that played adam before him wasnt as good as he was.. i mean i understand why he is going but the show i believe wont be the same but what is anyway. But like i said they bring back this role well that someone better be damn good at playing adam.

  • dmtwa

    I cannot believe they let Michael Muhney go. I fast forward past some of the Y&R characters but not his on my DVR. I have a feeling that he was possibly too outspoken and that doesn't fly with executives. I would hate to think that there is no freedom of speech when one is not taping or taping at the studio. After his termination he spoke with a news outlet. He definitely has class. Here is the link. It's well worth the read. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/12/18/michael-muhney-adam-newman-fired-interview_n_4467176.html?utm_hp_ref=canada-tv

  • Marcy

    I agree with every comment reference Y and R. I am one of those who have watched from very first show years ago and I cannot believe the mistakes and choices being made now. This is ridiculous letting some of the best actors go and Adam is amazing totally amazing played by Michael. These idiots making these decisions are crazy.

  • Bennie

    No Michael Muhney NO MORE watching Y&R for me as of Jan 30th. I say get rid of whoever is getting rid of all the good actors n writing all the stupid stories

  • Tina

    Y&R has lost so many of its better actors this year starting with Jeanne Cooper then Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, and now Michael Muhney. Without these great actors to watch, they are left with mediocre characters who steal the major storylines. Even the Newmans and their drama are getting old as the writers regurgitate the same storylines year after year (i.e. tension between Nikki and Victor which leads to their umpteenth divorce and later remarriage, Sharon acting crazy, Sharon and Nick reuniting over and over again). While I disagreed with the show killing off a child in the current storyline, the audience was treated to some of the best acting from Elizabeth Hendrickson, Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, and Amelia Heinle as part of that tragedy. To let Billy Miller slip away and purposely terminating Michael Muhney, both of whom should be up for an Emmy this year, is preposterous. I don't know who is calling the shots over at CBS, but they need to stop and seriously think about what they are doing because come February 1st, they are going to see a serious drop in viewership with the departure of both Miller and Muhney. It's not too late Y&R. Make the right decision and just maybe the fans will forgive you.

  • Ash

    I stopped watching this crap a year ago. Their need to place boring, useless Avery in every scene on every episode killed the show. This show makes my eyes hurt.

  • texasgal59

    I'm totally heartsick!!!! MM was my fav on the show – I'm devastated.

  • maria

    How can Y&R let him go? He was a pefect Adam Newman. I think they should re-think this and hire him back. The show will not be the same without him. Time to delete the recording of Y&R on my TV.

  • Donna

    I'm loving the new Adam and I want to see where he and Chelsea are going with their life together…i don't agree with the hit and run story line the writers decided to go with. It's sad that they would write Adam as this totally new man with a huge heart then cut him from the show….I'm not a happy camper and I've been a watcher for 30+ years…

  • Kim Hodges

    Adam was my favorite actor on the series. The Young and Restless is about to hang itself

  • laurie

    I will not watch the show if he is not on it bye bye y&r

  • laurie

    Get victor off Lilly and cane are boring the only part of the show worth watching is Adam Chelsea and baby everyone else is stupid boreig and the same stuff over and o er again I looked forward to see Adam and his baby peanut maybe they should go off and start their own show very stupid move

  • moodyB

    characters adam, billy and kyle all gone. what the hell is left? they are murdering this soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jill's story line is dull as dishwater, caine and that family are boring and the rest are just barely watchable. the Sharon storyline goes round and round, and micheal and family is the same old same old, day after day. too bad about Phyllis leaving, she was always interesting.

  • Me

    That's what Jilly Jill does. She gets rid of longtime fan favorites and puts her friends in. She is a HUGE soap destroyer. If I were a Y&R fan, I'd be campaigning for Jilly Jill to be fired. She almost destroyed GH, but thankfully it was saved by ABC cleaning house. The only way to save your soap is to get her fired!

  • Tatum

    I love him on the show! He does a way better job than the old Adam Newman and definitely makes the show!!!

  • Sofa_Liz

    I'm a huge fan of Y&R but lately the show has been getting extremely BORING! I have skipped a few episodes and the only reason I will tune in is b/c of Adams story line. This is a huge mistake and it will be hard to recast Adam due to the great chemistry Michael already has with Chelsea on the show. The new writers are making the show of 25 years a fail.. They need to rethink and get back th eold writers! Not sure if I will keep watching anymore..

  • Bobby Ray

    First Billy, now Adam!!!! I can assure you that Y & R will lose many, many viewers. How in the hell can you do this!! There is an old saying, “you don't know what you have, until you lose it.” Maybe you can “undo” your idiotic thinking and reconsider!!!!

  • Rhonda

    Adam Newman (Michael Muhney) was Young and the Restless. I don't see another actor taking his place. I don't even see myself being as interested in watching the show any longer. This breaks my heart. Best of luck Michael Muhney.

  • Gina Jeffery

    he played the part great, why do you have to make changes,first it was Phillis, Now Adam, then Billy. We all like who is playing the arts now. NO CHANGES.

  • Amber

    Count me off too..I think scratch that I KNOW Adam is the best guy on the show..No one makes me tune in but him and Chelsea..
    Has me waiting for the next performance..
    day after day..
    I just will have more free time in the morning now..
    Good Bye Y & R..
    I know Michael is going to have no problem finding work..
    He is amazing.can play anything..

  • AdamFan

    Yep, this long-time viewer will be switching off Y&R after January 30. Adam and Billy are the only interesting characters and that is ONLY because Michael and Billy breathe life into them. Everyone else is just going through the motions and it shows. Nikki is dull. Nick just whines. Victor just repeats the same line “Because I'm Victor Newman, okay?” Y&R without Michael Muhney? No thanks!

  • Kim

    I will never watch again, No Mrs. Chancellor, Phyliss, Billy and now Adam. This show sucks. They are trying to replace quality actors with Grade D actors and for what? Who knows, but I will no longer watch. One less thing to DVR!

  • teedz

    too many great actors leaving the show – its not what it used to be – have no interest in watching any longer and have switched to GH – Adam, Phyllis, Billy, Kyle – Mrs C (miss her so much) foolish executives don't have a clue anymore

  • Connie

    First Michelle then Billy & now Michael, what are they thinking?? As for Adam “killing the girl in the hit & run”, they could easily write that so that some outsider did it because we never saw him hit her. We love Adam and just when he and Chelsea are getting close again, you fire him!! I can't believe it!! You should have given him a raise for the good job he's been doing!!! All I can say is they're shooting themselves in the foot getting rid of their best actors. They won't remain #1 Soap any longer!!!

  • Mashel68

    I'm also done as of today, Michelle and Michael both gone, the show will decline even more. I have watched it for 30 years, no point anymore. So unfair!! maybe I'll start watching DOOL.

  • Patty Clark

    Bummed. He was probably my favorite character on the show and had the most interesting internal dual dialogue about his morality. Best wishes to him and his family.

  • Charlene

    I have always loved The Young and the Restless and watched from a teeny tot but these new writers are making serious mistakes in who they are letting go. Adam brings a spark to the show and the story line with him and Chelsea right now is about the only interesting thing worth watching. Billy Miller is a great actor also and plays the part well, recasting Kyle will make no big difference but Adam and Billy, just like Phyllis are a great addition to the show. Maybe some rethinking should be done here because It has been the number one show for many years and I personally don't see that continuing now.

  • kathy

    this is absolute bullshit

  • kathy

    everybody that is anybody is leaving or getting fired….Phyllis, billy, adam…look out nick….you might be next

    • Tara Cavanagh

      what I don't understand is ,Ive read so many comments and how about this folks,if he really was groping an actress isn't that the issue,instead of what will happen to his character,dont get me wrong Im a huge Y&R fan and Michael is a great actor but this is a serious offense,if it happens to be true he shouldn't have done it!!!!

  • kathy

    is the writer working for the other station to make sure this soap is boring!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zeman2014

      So what that he copped a feel of Hunters mellons. I don't blame him. Those 20 year old mellons were nice. I would have done a lot more than just felt them up. She should be fired. Ruin a mans job after she was bouncing those big babys all around him. Lets see her get another job. It wouldn't take 6 months and she would be doing porn.

  • kathy

    cricket needs to go back to Washington….talk about a boring person

  • Lynn Van Stone

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I have been following this soap since it's inception. I'm sick!! He has been one of my favs. There are others on that show that clearly have no acting ability or over acting abilities. Wow, I'm shocked!! I don't want to see this show end, but I'm afraid if these kinds of decision continue they are going to lose their followers. Listen to your followers for gosh sakes!

  • Joanne

    Well that does it – Muhney is the best thing on the program. What is going on at Y&R ? Been watching from the beginning but I really don't think I am going to
    be watching much longer as they are getting rid of all the good actors.

  • bella duparee

    FIRED? Would be nice to know why or maybe I missed something in the article?

  • diana

    Stupid move on their part. Michael is the best. I will stop watching after his last episode.

  • SuzeC

    I have watched Y&R for 25 years…but first Michelle Stafford leaves, then Billy Miller… and now Michael Muhney ?? Those were the three that kept me hanging on, after the passing of Jeanne Cooper. I believe I'm done with the show now…..it is growing stale and predictable.

  • BlakeHilton

    This is Bull Shi#### The show will not be the same, he brought so much drama and loved watching him. It's called TV people FAKE FAKE FAKE…I mean if your worried that he killed a little girl( which he didn't) I mean, I've watched this show for over 22 years and I've seen kids die, rapes, drugs ect ect…I mean bring him back….it's Drama and MIchael Muhney(Adam) will be missed, please bring this talent back.

  • Ellen

    The writers are blowing it.
    First a hit and run for
    Delia. Stupid!!! Now Michael is the scape goat for the bundling of bad writing. I have stopped watching as much. I have been a faithful viewer for 40 years.
    Firing of Michael is the last straw. He was great at his character.
    You writers better get a grip. Jan 30th your LOSING ME ..SORRY!

  • Marie

    I have been watching this show for many years and I haven't seen so many changes before. It's not the same when the actors that one is used to have to leave. Michael Muhney did a great job as Adam. I agree the show will go down if they don't stop changing stuff.

  • goggle

    There a another actor gone you all need to being so stupid I love Adam so much he was s Good actor what is youervpromble

  • Billie

    I loved Adam! Big mistake! No Phyllis, no Adam, and Catherine gone! Who is next?? I say rethink your decision!!

  • kristin0414

    At this point HE and his various plots on the show are all I even watch! Everything else is LAME. I DRV this miserable show and ff through the most everything other than Adam.Replacing him will not be the same. Muhney IS the show. Firing him is like firing everyone. He is keeping your show together. Your dumb replacements, ghosts, the actual death of Jeanne Cooper
    And getting rid of Phyliss were bad choices. Your show us dying. REHIRE MUHNEY or I'm done watching.

  • Michele Nichols Henneman

    #savemichaelmuhney I can't watch anymore, it hurts my heart too much. He is or rather was, the last favorite I had left on the show.

  • Billie Stockstill

    I just watched todays show and Billy and Adam are the best male actors on the darn show! Why would they get rid of their best! I will not watch anymore if they don't keep them both. They have so much dumb stuff going on those two are carrying the darn show as it is! Wake up YR

    • john

      I don't believe a word of the groping charges he has way to much class and that's more then I can say for most of the young twits on the show.As a man I wouldn't give any of them a second glance.Maybe he was just tired of the producers and some of the trashy so called ” women” actors on the show.I say she lied.Talk is cheap and its something that can't be proved and who is to say she didn't grope him.My wife got me watching the show and for both of us Adam was the next Victor….This is all BS and yes we will stop watching.

  • barbls

    I cannot believe CBS letting Michael Muhney go! What stupidity. His character is so facinating and multilayered and he is such a great actor. He was the #1 reason I still watch Y&R. This is the last straw. I have been watching Y&R for years, but am finished. All the actors and characters I most love have left or been fired. Just saw Billy Abbot is gone too, why watch. Soon Sharon will be gone too. the storyline is so depressing anyway. Writers wrote Adam and Sharon into a corner and this is the result. Whoever fired Michael should be fired! They have officially killed the Y&R.

  • Fazo

    Gorgeous Michael Muhney gone and the show is dead.He is a brilliant actor and the majority of viewers are great fans of Michael Muhney,I for one will never watch the Y&R if my favourite man is not in it

  • Marie

    Terribly and I think deadly decision to let go of one of the best actors this show has had in years…. Very few other story lines are very interesting… I won't have any interest in watching anymore.

  • Longtime Viewer

    Adam is one of the few reasons as a longtime viewer that I am still watching what is left of the once best soap in history. It was bad enough to just lose Billy, but now they have compounded that huge mistake with an even bigger one.
    I honestly believe that the-powers-that-be must be intentionally trying to destroy the show. I've held on for the last couple of years, but am gone like the wind if they lose the great actor playing Adam because he is one of the very few reasons that I have held on for this long.
    It appears that this writing team and management could care less what their viewers think, and their disrespect for the great actors who make the show are apparently on the same level.

  • Lori

    Young and restless. is my favorite soap, but if this continues, i will not watch it anymore.What is happening?Are the writers losing their mines?

  • Cheryl

    I'm done, they keep letting all the good actors go, Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, and Michelle Stafford. I am sure they will do well they are talented actors.

  • Cheryl

    Maybe the person who should be fired is the person making all of the casting decisions.

  • creative

    please what r u thinking ….there r so many people that love him.. do not let him go …you can fix this before you lose so many loyal viewers….hitting delia was an accident and billy is leaving any way let the characters not love him but come to live with the fact is was a terrible accident in which both parties were negligent…who leaves a small child alone in a car at night no less….please fix this…and i encourage all adam fans to flood you with letters and tweets and what ever it takes……you are proffessional writers ?????give the public what they want…

  • misty jackson

    Bring him back if he goes that will be the last day I watch if he goes !!!!!!!!!

  • misty jackson

    Don't take him off the show if u do u will lose a bunch of viewers

  • A. Hauman

    I am in agreement with many of you that daytime TV is continually coming up with ways to discourage viewing. Michael Muhney was one of the best lead characters on a show which at best the writing has lost direction and creativity over the past few years. I will not be watching the show on any regular basis if at all after Michael's final exit show from the daytime series. I certain Michael will turn up in some other projects as soon as he gets over the collective shock of his dismissal from Y&R.

  • KNagel

    Making a big mistake Y&R writers. I fear this soap will soon be one from the past. This soap is the only one I watch & have been watching since I was 14 years old.

  • amy

    What a mistake !!!!! Who's bright idea was this? Take out some of the lame roles that are played by people with little to no acting ability. …noah…tyler…new Abby…summer…you get what I'm saying! Not current Adam..not current Billy! The show should have also cut off it's left foot to keep Phylis! It won't be long and this show will also be fired! Way to go

  • naja sudan

    this is a travesty!!!!Adam Newman is the show he has brought so much life to this character and he revived the other wise boring show with charactes like Lily, Neal, Sharon,Paul especially him and many many more. You need to apoligize and HIRE him back ASAP. this show needs to be renamed to THE OLD AND THE STUPID with firing such as this one is ridiculous. I will stop watching this and i hope we can get a boycott going and shut this soap down until they get him back!!!!!!!!!!!!. The people who make these decisons what brain are you thinking with? get Rid of that tired old Victor Newman and let Jr. reign on.

  • A.Christian

    Lets do a nationwide boycott of Y&R on Feb.1, 2014. I like Adam and disgusted with Victor Newman's character. Get rid of Victor, rehire Adam.

  • RedRiver38

    This is the dumbest move by a soap opera in the past 10 years. Michael Muhney made this show bearable to watch. I can't believe these idiots at Y&R would fire the best actor on the show, who has publicly said that he loved his job. CBS is run by morons. I won't be watching the show anymore after he leaves. I hope he gets another gig soon because the man is an incredible actor.

  • AliciaAdelmund

    Hate this! He has made Adam a character to love and hate! Not an easy quality to fill. Don't bother recasting.He is irreplaceable!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Brooks

    Adam and Chelsea has made that show for a long time now. Letting him go is stupid.

  • Deborah Johnson

    We need to complain to CBS execs!

  • marymrevis

    As a watcher of the show…I found myself actually liking actor when he first joined the show, and later seeing some redeeming qualities in the character as well. I'm sad to hear of this “groping” news and if this is confirmed and documented..very disturbed that in ANY work place this could happen. Wow..i was leery when i started seeing the character getting grittier plot lines and then this “hit and run” story. I was actually telling myself, that the actor has decided to leave the show, or there is a salary/contract dispute. To learn that this could be the reason..just wow. Fans WILL now wonder the fate of “Chelsea” and the baby Connor…maybe some nice new character will step in and sooth her broken heart. Such are the Soaps folks. p.s. is Billy Miller gone from the show or IS going?..and they sure as hell REALLY need to bring my girl “Phyllis” back!!

  • cajundiva48

    Hunter King is a spoiled brat type that thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. Well she better look again. I don't care for portrayal of Summer Newman she isn't that convincing. Michael is a fine actor and has done a great job as Adam Newman. Replacing him is really stupid. Don't the writers know that not all actors can play these type of parts well. They are letting some of there best go because of money. Well the show itself will go without quality actors.

  • cajundiva48

    Well there is Phyllis, Billy now Michael who else are the dummies going to drop???? Really who is going to watch after the cast is tore apart because of fools writing the script. Hunter King is the one that needs to go. Also would not hurt Abby to leave also. She is so duh!

  • cajundiva48

    Cristel needs to go also. They are getting ready to fire her. That's why her cancer screening are in question. She really doesn't give a lot to the show. Neal needs a daughter so she has her part. She is the most perfect person on earth according to her. Tired of her whining!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    I could write a book on how upset and depressing this makes me. If Adam goes, millions of viewers will depart from watching a once top of the line soap. So long young and restless…..BIG MISTAKE!!!!

  • adams

    Too bad he was the best of Victor's son yet and he was getting his life together with Chelese. BUt then there would not of been a story for him except for Victor to hold the goods over him after he grts married only for him to disappear.

  • MAM

    Really? Nothing but praise for a man that put his hands where they didn't belong! I guess he thought all his loving fans would rise up and save him? Good actors, but why should you respect his talent when he doesn't respect his cast members or women….like his wife…..

  • Emily

    I can't believe he was fired!!! I loved “Adam Newman” Adam was a great person on the Young and the restless. Michael is a great guy, I don't know why?

  • Rosebud

    It makes me sick , You let two of your BEST people go!! Well I have watched Y&R for 20 yrs, but it's by-by for me. And having Delia killed was very upsetting for me and a lot of other mom's & dad's that have lost kids. My son was killed. And loosing BILLY! are you NUTS! You can kiss Y&R GOOD-BY! Say Good-by to your writes. If he did what KING (Summer) said he did, why didn't she just hit him and get over it. You need to let her go.

  • Judy

    My favorite soap. However, I agree with most people. The writers are not being very smart about their moves of letting actors go. A large list. John for one, cassy, Phyllis, etc. I wanted Drew back also. But don't think it will happen. I have wated it every day since it started, however, It is not what it was because they are getting rid of the foundation actors. If Victor goes, you might as well forget it. Jeanne Cooper dying was the worst. I don't believe I will watch it anymore. People make mistakes. I am sure he is sorry about it. Does not mean he should be fired, just reprimanded and told to straighten up his act. Anyone, I think the writers should listen more to the fans and care about how we feel about the show. Perhaps, they need new writers who are more human. So sad and I don't like any of the changes. They will be gone just like some the of the soaps. God Bless us all!

  • FRAN


  • CB

    Hello…I think folks are losing sight of the reason he was fired. As much of a Michael fan as I am and agreeing with a lot of the comments, inappropriate behavior that is sexual harassment is unacceptable and the powers that be had really no other option. Also noted in the article was that there have been other ‘incidents', whatever they are, they must be not okay behavior, as well. By his own admission, he was owning the situation. So…difficult as it is, let's move forward, with or without the program, whatever you choose.

    • Chipsie

      Thank you for posting in so thoughtful a way. I agree with everything you wrote and am dismayed by fans who seemingly care more about being entertained than what is right and wrong. Muhney has, and will have plenty of opportunities to defend himself if need be. I actually hoped to hear another side of the story, as I too am a fan of his work. However, as of this writing I see no mention of any protest or denial by him and instead hear only in his words that “it” is entirely on him” and that he walked around the set with a lot of hubris. Additionally, as you wrote there is a history of the guy being a difficult person. There is no reason why an equally talented person who can respect others can do the job instead .

  • penny

    I'm so done with YTR! I have watched this for 22 yrs. Good Luck with your ratings for 2014 you will certainly need it!

  • Linda

    I am a 60 year old woman & I agree that the character of Adam is the BEST on TV. He is a GREAT actor and I look forward to each & every performance. Other than HIS character, I am not thrilled with any of the other actors much at all. However, I can understand why the studio is doing this since sexual harrashment needs to be taken seriously and I'm sure they have their lawyers advising them. Too bad for him because as much as I admire his acting skills, “if” this is true, there is no excuse for what he supposedly did which by the way is punishable in a court of law. Best of luck to you Michael and I hope you can get past this, apologize to all and thrill us again on the silver screen!

  • Nightchef

    I'd grab her tits!

  • Princess Johnson

    Well fans…I don't usually post on these but enough is enough..According to ‘The Wrap’ posted today at 2:25pm MM was fired from the CBS soap opera after allegedly groping a female co-star's breast! TMZ reported that he groped Hunter King breasts and that was why he was fired! I love MM's character but sexual harrassment is sexual harrassment! However, I do agree that the storylines are tired and weak. Give us(the fans) credit for common sense to know that these storylines of late are WACK! I hate that Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford, DD's character are gone or leaving. WRITERS WAKE UP AND RETURN US TO REAL AND TRUE STORYLINES!

  • Emily

    I don't even want to watch “The Young and The Restless” Adam was the show. He made it interesting!

  • Grace Loin

    Michael Muhney, a big soap star who played Adam Newman on “The Young & the Restless” — was fired last month after one of his co-stars complained to the brass that he grabbed her boobs — on 2 occasions … TMZ has learned.

    Multiple sources connected to the show tell TMZ … 38-year-old Muhney allegedly bullied and harassed 20-year-old Hunter King, who plays Summer on the show. She went to higher-ups and complained recently Muhney had fondled her breasts on 2 occasions — and she said both were unsolicited and unwanted.

    Sources tell us … the new allegations were the proverbial “straw that broke the camel's back.” Muhney — who is married with 3 kids — had been a problem on the set for a long time, allegedly bullying and harassing Hunter and others. He even admitted in a recent interview with HuffPo's Canada TV after getting fired, “Sometimes I've walked around with a big backpack of hubris.”

  • Patricia Ellis

    I am so tired of women complaining about being sexuallky harassed. I worked for an airlines, a police dept, the postal service and other jobs that were basically hot beds for sexual harassment. I have never had a problem with men and the ones that made their pitch and I was not interested ended up being my friends. Women, grow up, especially Hunter King. She's in a career that sex is the main ingredient and keeps the viewers watching. Why couldn't she slap his face, or kick him in the groin? Why did she need to go crying like a baby to the higher ups when she should have handled it herself? He was not her boss but a peer so there shouldn't have been a fear of her losing her job. If he was arrogant and harassed the crew, did they lose their tongues? Couldn't they just set him straight? I can't believe one man could create such havoc as to lose his career over this? I think the writers couldn't come up with an ending to the Delia hit and run and this was the easiest way out. They could have had the witrness say that the guy never saw the kid and thought he had hit the dog and when the dog ran, the guy figured he never hit him. When he later found out that he had, who would have believed him, everyone hated him and would have love to nail him to the cross.Personally Hunter King is nothing to look at and to make her some star model is ludicrous. As for Jack's love, ‘RED” why didn't they try everything to get her back. she was an actress who made her character so unique, they should have tried everything to keep her. The Adam character is the same way, unique and as for me irreplacable. Get him back, I'm disappointed and I think a suspension would have been more appropriate.

    • PianoPlyr

      You think someone who speaks up after having her breasts grabbed by a co-worker – twice, so she may very well have said, “Don't do that” after the first time and it happened again – is a cry baby? And she should slap him in the face and be friends with him? You are watching too many soaps.

  • Marina

    I loved the part Michael Muhney played as Adam. He is an amazing actor who made the show interesting. If the allegations are true behind his firing he has ruined his career. So I agree with the producer this behavior can not be tolerated.

  • Dawn Dudley

    Did you ever get his side of the story? I am a female and I know how vindictive a jealous a money hungry female be. Well I for one along with many other viewers who I work with or that are friends of mine will not watch this soap after the 30th. You have done away with all the good actors and actresses and replaced them with inexperience cheap actors. Once again all about the money. I hope that this cost you . because you are ruining a good thing

  • tbird

    I am just heart broken!! …Michael is one of the show's best actors!! … The scene where he found out that Conner was his son, was so believable that it brought me to tears!! … The story line between Chelsea & Adam is the main reason I watched everyday!! … Not sure I really want to watch anymore! :( …To Michael, I will be praying for you & your family!! … God has a plan for you!…Keep the faith…good things will certainly come your way!! …Your biggest fan!! Terry ;)



  • name

    I think Hunter King (Summer) also should be let go. I really dont know why they replaced her last year anyway Hunter King is a bitch and she can't act……

  • Cassidy Saunders

    Anyone with a brain knows that Michael ‘Adam’ did not touch his younger co-star in an in appropriate way. That's why he is has been fired off the show. Hunter King is obviously lying about being groped by him. Hunter King is not as great as she wants to believe she is! If they take off Adam's character, I will no longer be watching the show. Everyone knows that Michael did not grope her. Let him stay on the show and recognize the liar that Hunter King is!

    • Chipsie

      were you there? Do you know these people personally?

  • Shelley Stewart

    All the good ones are gettin gone. Its sad. Why not get rid of tyler & abbey? Leslie? Hilary? Kelly? Stitch? Kyle? Courtney? So many I could do without. These new writers or whatever are ruining YnR

  • Melanie

    Huge mistake to get rid of Adam…….best character/actor on the show and one of the only reasons I've been watching the soap. In reading many of the comments below, I agree, it's turning into a teen soap. Purposeless characters and very poor acting from Abby, Courtney, Summer & Fen………what's the point? The real talent comes from those actors/actresses such as Adam, Chelsea, Victoria, Nick, Sharon, Niki, Victor, Jill, Jack…….the ones that have actual talent and play a real part in the storyline. All those young kids…….pointless & just fill-in's & boring. I don't know what the real story with Muhney is/was, but deal with it separately……….kicking him off the show/firing him…….isn't the right answer answer. He is an exceptional actor with much talent and many fans……he made Y&R! If he was harrassing on the set with others, etc., I'm not condoning that……….but don't ruin the entire soap by getting rid of his character………..very big mistake!

  • Lynda Cole

    Michael Muhney is the whole show,He's brilliant.No one else could ever replace him. If he is not on the show I will never watch again!!!
    Y&R should fire Hunter King.She is not talented and won't be missed! I think she's a liar and is hating on Michael aka Adam Newman, we love him….I will stop watching along with other fans. 1/31/14.


  • Misty Stretch
  • Alex Burleson

    Yeah ? Well too bad. He needs to get some help. C'mon, fondling and groping his 20 year old co-star, and he's ‘concerned’ about his family ? What a letch.

  • Linda Stone

    This sums up all
    of the cast and everyone connected to The Young and The Restless.
    Who in their right mind would want to work for a bunch of
    back stabbing, underrated actors
    like you. The ‘Big Mouth’, arrogant, “Kiss My Ring”, “Don’t
    act better than me”’
    “Don’t step in my space”, or get more screen time than me,
    Eric Braeden. You would still
    be on the canceled ‘Rat Patrol’, which sums up your ‘acting’
    ability. A cast that if you don’t
    “play” right with them and study your lines too much calls you
    “too intense”. Sound familiar
    Josh Morrow? If you
    try to make friends, they are your enemies!
    You would never have done
    this to any minorities or such, or you would be called
    racist! Michael Muhney may be young
    and have a lot to learn but he is the best The Young and The
    Restless ever cast on your lousy show!
    He owned the part of Adam Newman, from the minute he stepped
    on the stage. His acting is not
    lazy or boring. He is
    better than all of you. When Ms. Jeanie
    Cooper “Catherine” grabbed guys
    butts, no one said a word, not a WORD! Michael Muhney is not a pedophile. He’s a naïve man
    who was sucked into playing a game to make friends and got
    carried away. Add to that, to who
    ‘coached’ Ms. King.
    Add this to the Eric Braeden feud with Michael Muhney. Remember when
    Eric Braeden made a ‘punching bag’ back stage out of Peter
    Bergman? Who would do that? And
    blood dropped!
    Forgotten!! Young and Restless,
    you just lost the best you will ever, ever have!
    I thought your writers and casting turned the show around
    and were brilliant! I know now that you
    Are stupid! I’m sure
    he’s learned a lot from this and I wish with all my heart the best for Michael
    Muhney and his family. He’s better off! You’re all a bunch of snakes! Someday you will be off the air!
    I’ll be gone, but Michael Muhney will hopefully go on to
    work with honest, generous, mature and
    sharing actors.. You all are the losers in this game. And since when did Doug Davidson crawl out of the woodwork and become spokesman? If tenure makes you a good actor, he’s only their because of the Bells. I wonder
    what Bill Bell would say about all of this, a kind, fine and generous man that
    he was?
    And what about the ‘good ‘ole days’ as Eric Braeden himself
    tells it when he felt a hand on his crotch and
    It was none other than that “Dear sweet little devil” Ms.
    Jeanie Cooper, just havin’ fun! Just a little fun You kids. She loved
    the young people and would have been quick to put this kind of thing to rest.
    Ms Phelps, I don’t have to kiss your ass so, your comment,
    that you liked the character ‘Adam’ but not the man, well someday hopefully you will be in his shoes. Then try and get someone to sleep
    with your ugly, bony ass to try and get a new job, but I highly doubt
    it! Do you really think they like you lady?

    Think again!!

  • Nikki

    GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!! I watch Y&R under any and all conditions . You fair weather fans can goooo!! Beat it scram!! Top 3 reasons I watch Superior Writing Superior Acting and the 3rd reason that hopefully the dumb fuck who thought lettingichelle stafford go will be fired and she will COME BACKKKKKK PHYLISS WE NEED YA LOL

  • Barbara

    I can't believe an actor as good as Michael Muhney is no longer going to be on The Young and Restless. I have been watching this show for several years and feel that both he and Billy are the best actors in this show. Without the 2 of them this show will go to the Soaps graveyard. I can't imagine who's idea it was to let them go. After all those years of watching I will no longer watch or tape this show. There are going to be alot of people who will be feeling just like me and I expect there will be a major shift in viewers. I am very disappointed in this but at the same time I know Mr Muhney will go on to bigger and better things where 1 door closes another one will surely open. Good work Mr Muhney. I wish you the best of everything

  • Anna McGowan

    No one else was there when all this supposedly happened. Why do you beleive Hunter King? At that age kids lie just to get ahead. She ruined his acting career.

  • chris

    adam died in the car crash

  • chris

    is michael muhney going 2 be replaced??????????????????????????


    It's too bad that there are no more characters worth watching on the show. First they wouldn't hire Druscilla back to put realism into the only black family on the show and I use that term loosely. Then Michelle Stafford left which was the only woman worthy of carrying the show. Now the only male that adds some spice and life into Y&R left is now leaving for whatever the reason. What they have left is tired, old, boring and the story lines are completely un-believable. I watched the very first episode of Y&R and believe me this is as bad as it gets. I am so done now. Of course if they need a writer to put some realism in the show they can always hire me.

  • Beth

    After watching y and r since I was a child, I am extremely, extremely irritated that these characters were “fired”. Who ever is in charge should rethink some of their poor decisions, as I for one am losing interest, and quite frankly so are the few friends left that are still willing to invest an hour of their day being constantly disappointed. Adam was my main attraction…now not much left. WAKE UP PEOPLE, DO WHAT MAKES YOUR VIEWERS HAPPY! You've brought other dead people back…do it again!


  • june

    Adam needs to be brought back!!!! He played the character Adam Newman so well…..its so frustrating as a long time viewer that Y&R keeps shuffling its players wrong wrong wrong No One can replace Adam!!!

  • Barbara Daddieco

    I am so glad to see we all feel the same! I couldn't believe that the writers killed of Adam. First they killed off poor Dee dee. I cried for weeks but
    Still felt sob bad for Adam you could feel his pain my heart heart was breaking. Now I just herd He was fired. From Y & R. Are you all totally
    Insane. His character held the show together! I really don't think I will continue to watch. Chelsea and Adam story made me want to watch daily.
    Also Michael, Lauren and Fen now there are no story lines of interest. I guess we will have to watch Michael Muhney's carrier soar. He can't be replaced. One ex fan!

  • cheryl

    Just found out that Adam (Michael Muhney) is off the show. Im done with Y& R now. He was the entire show.

  • Annie Salinas Sandoval

    I just heard that Adam is no longer there. Why did u do that. He played the role so good. There will never be a person that we'll play Adam as well as Micheal. Please have him back. We'll u lost a fan that watched it for 20 yrs. You made a big mistakes…

  • Y&RFan

    Dam great actor, Michael Muhney. I love to see him buck heads with Victor. There will be no one like him. What is Young and Restless doing to the show?

  • Shirley Malpass

    Adam was the best actor on the show. He has gotten a raw deal from Victor and his two other spoiled kids from day one. He just wanted his Dad's approval. Now that he finally found happiness in the story line, you fire him. I can't stand Victor. He ruins everyone's life. The one's that you should have fired are: Chloe, Kevin, Summer, Tyler, & his sister, & Fen. The show will never be the same. I know, you think everyone will get use to the new Adam, well, your wrong. I don't like the new Billy. Also, I can't stand Kelly. She is the most sad looking person I've ever seen. Bring Adam back or I'm gone.

  • Sunset Girl

    I agree with everyone else, Adam made the show. I've been watching since day 1 and with all the character changes over the past couple years, and how few of the “original” cast members rarely seen, Adam was the only reason the show kept me interested. I hope he goes somewhere else, I'll be watching a new show after 40+ years!!

  • hbcase

    Adam leaving the show will be a horrific mistake that's my opinion. Also I preferred the old Billy to the new one! As far as Kelly's character why bother replacing her? Ya might get better rating if she was written off the show. All this character changes will take it's toll on your devoted fans!!! This I know for sure

  • Sharon

    Bring muhney back. A new actor will not have the same depth

  • Deborah Tallent

    If this is true, it should be on public records in the county the crime was committed, I don't believe in harassment, also I don'r think anyone should be falsley accused. I think there is more to the story.

  • Joanne

    I have watched Y&R since it began. I will miss Michelle Stafford, Michael Muhney, & especially Billy Miller, they played their characters well. I will not give up on Y&R but things are very drab lately. Please bring them back! A solution can be worked out if everyone compromises.

  • Jessica borne

    I am very sad about the decision to let Adam Newman go on the show I think he is an amazing actor and he brought so much to the show, and if what they are saying is true I believe they would not have let him finish out they would have fired him and told him do not return along w the police I think that so much is changing on the show it makes perfect sense now knowing that they have new writers I have watched this show for so long I remember watching w my mom as a teenager and now still watching I am truly upset about all the people who are leaving and Adam getting fired I hope Adam plays on another show movie or etc I will be watching he is an amazing actor I absolutely loved him .