Miley Cyrus Exposes Her Big, Furry Kitty at the American Music Awards (Video)

Miley Cyrus Exposes Her Big, Furry Kitty at the American Music Awards (Video)

Miley Cyrus and her giant pussy provide a poignant moment at the AMAs

Miley Cyrus totally pussied out at this year's American Music Awards.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer, who's gained notoriety with her twerk-tastic, joint-smoking performances on the awards circuit this year, totally outdid herself at the American Music Awards on Sunday, performing “Wrecking Ball” in a crotch-hugging two-piece, with a giant kitty-cat looking on, perhaps in shame, on the screen behind her.

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Watch Miley get catty in the video below.

  • yoyo

    She's an idiot.

    • ebenezerhuk325

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  • Dori70

    I thought Miley Cyrus's performance was incredible….artistic, zany, creative. She sang with such emotion and passion that it brought me to tears. I know there are many Miley bashers out there but I thought it was touching and wonderful.

    • Billy Gribble

      You must be a whore just like Miley.

      • middlejohn

        She is!

  • name

    Katy Perry out done all…her performance was beautifully done That's Entertainment!!! BTW, I'm not even a fan.
    Hell I was shocked that Gaga didn't go all gaga with her wardrobe. but yes I did get her Marilyn Monroe get-up w/the “president” here just after the 50th anniversary of Kennedy. So maybe she did go gaga per her performance after all.
    Miley was just doing all she could w/o being booted by ABC broadcast censors…remember In the recent past at the big music awards, the networks gave warning to all “artists” regarding their wardrobe etc. I say that warning is still being passed along.

  • Jim

    Well, it's either expose the kitty or the p–sy.

    An old Madonna/MTV joke, probably older than the day Madonna was born.

  • Jim

    This is not working for her.

    Album has sold less than 300,000 units since September 2013.

  • Eccch creepy

    This is a disgusting post, obviously gutter dwelling for clicks. Even more creepy and pathetic that it's written by an old guy who should be well beyond facile crude juvenilia.

    What is happening to this site? It's a turn off from coming here

  • Lori Hill

    She sang well and the cat was so cute and clever. Love how the kitty stuck out its tongue. People need to leave her alone and let her grow up. She is just acting up after a great heartbreak.

    • ladylidoine .

      it wasn't clever at all, far from it. It looks like she didnt even try or give a shit

  • Jonathan Warden

    She totally sucks, blows and needs to just vanish. I hope she falls flat on her face and her cd sale drop so bad no lable will ever pick her up.

  • Dan Rico

    Trailer trash at it's finest. Won't be long she'll OD herself. I for one won't miss her one bit.

  • middlejohn

    I didn't think she was old enough to have a furry kitty. However anything is possible in today's trailer parks!

  • Kim

    She's still a kid , kids do dumb things that's how we all learned alot of lessons.