Miley Cyrus Thinks You're All a Bunch of Stinking Hypocrites (Video)

Miley Cyrus Thinks You're All a Bunch of Stinking Hypocrites (Video)

“Bangerz” singer laments the double standard that all you normal people are applying to her

Didn't appreciate Miley Cyrus‘ crotch-grinding, butt-gyrating, foam-finger abusing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards? The singer has a message for you: You're nothing but a lousy hypocrite, and you just don't get her artistic tendencies because you're just a “normal” person.

Cyrus, who raised the eyebrows of the usual suspects at this year's VMAs, dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday to speak at length about her performance. As far as she sees things, if you weren't equally outraged with duet partner Robin Thicke you're guilty of applying a double standard.

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“No one talks about that. No one care about the man behind the booty, they only care about the one who was shaking it,” Cyrus opined. “It's [a] double standard … He was in rehearsal as much as I was and loving it, people.”

Also, unless you were also put off by Lady Gaga's VMAs performance, that also makes you a hypocrite.

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Cyrus really can't understand what your problem is anyway, because she just can't put herself in the state of mind of a commoner such as yourself.

“I've tried to wrap my head around what a normal person thinks about the performance, and I can't really understand where the shock comes from,” Cyrus told DeGeneres. “I know that sounds crazy, but I can't really understand it, because I don't see anything more than what any other real artist did that night. I mean, Gaga was in a thong, but no one cares.”

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Watch Cyrus point out your moral shortcomings in the video:
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  • Jazz

    wrap your mind around this Miley…. The other artists performed professionally. You performed like a rank amateur. I wasn't shocked, just surprised that you would put on such a poor performance and the pseudo pedo act was in bad taste. I think your kinky fantasy sexy baby thing is perverse. I think you would have been better performing wrecking ball in the nude than taking the pedo strategy.

    • Caroline Richstein

      well said!

      • anonymous

        I second that.

    • TexasLady

      I would love to see her tongueless. I am so curious why she thinks sticking out her ugly tongue makes her sexy…who to? When I see her…she has no curves…she has no boobs…she hardly has her voice anymore…no dignity…no ass…no body…no hair ( hers looks like devil's horns sticking up). OMG! Just a pole with a hole. I thought Lindsey Lohan was the lowest form of female possible. Well, Miley Cyrus has beaten her to the trash heap and pig sty!!! She is making money from this exhibition but selling your soul is hardly worth it.

      • anonymous

        Anyone who's against Miley Cyrus is cool in my book. And you're an example of that person.

    • anonymous

      Well typed and posted, fellow hater.

  • Dania Hoffman

    That's what I said the first time I saw it. Thicke was there too. He's older too so he's just as bad as her.

  • Jonathan

    Lets just stop this whole contest of who can “get away” with the most and insist that musicians be just that, musicians, shall we? I'm sick and tired of all this soulless music being created and generating so much money.

    • leifu

      thank you. I agree so much

      • Jonathan

        It's just too much for me. And people just make it worse for themselves by saying, “Oh by this artist is worse! At least this one isn't that bad”.

        If you start making excuses then you just give them carte blanche to do worse still.

  • jnic75

    Well, at least she admits that she is not a normal person…and I don't mean that as a compliment. The girl is completely out of touch and delusional.

    • anonymous

      You're so right, my fellow hater. It's ironic that Miley called other people hypocrites when she's one herself. I don't know what my brother sees in her. He's crazy about her because of her playing that pathetic Hannah Montana.

  • damselle

    There is a double standard, but that is not the only reason Cyrus is getting more criticism than Thicke. Think for a second if the genders had been reversed. Imagine perhaps if Mariah Carey were singing and Autin Mahonne had stripped to plastic underwear and rubbed his butt on her. I think Mahonne would still have gotten more criticism than Carey would in that hypothetical situation. The criticism falls upon the twerker more than the twerked in either case.

    • leifu

      part of me feels like your right, but part of me feels that there is a double standard. Considering that there was a parody of blurred lines, and the roles were reversed, and there were some of the most sexist, offensive comments ive ever seen, thanking god that America wasn't a matriarchy.

    • a small person

      what gets me is his playing innocent as if he had no part in that performance and he was as shocked as everyone else. He puts all the blame for an all around intolerable performance on her. Plus he wrote a song glorifying rape. He's a tool.

  • sher

    At what point can we just admit that it's not artistic…it's just bad taste

  • leifu

    I feel like Miley went too far, but she puts up good points. I am honestly a bit more disturbed at robin thicke for even making this song in the first place, but im equally perturbed by the performance.

    • Al Sharpton

      What do you expect from an Oil-drilling wanna-be-a-N*gger piece of shit?

  • IPlayBallDaysAfterMyNigletDies

    Really, its the n*ggerification of America. All modern day pop, hip hop and rap garbage is about trying to capture the essence of what it means to be a hedonistic, moronic, ape-like n*igger on the dole. Welcome to the new America.

    • a small person

      Wow. You're clearly proud of being a racist. I just can't believe your comment was allowed to stay up. And before anyone goes shouting about the first amendment, please please go back and read your Constitution (you can find it online!) where it says that the GOVERNMENT cannot infringe in your right to free speech. It says nothing about websites not being able to sensor morons.

    • anonymous

      To hell with your mentally blind racism, dumb-ass!

  • ak

    Oh spare me, ‘real artists'? Miley isn't an artist at all, let alone a ‘real’ one. Also, her attempt at sounding intelligent by saying it's supposedly a double standard with Robin Thicke is just downright stupid. Was he half naked? Oh I can guarantee you if he wore nothing but nude latex underwear that people would still be talking. And was he dancing around, gyrating, rubbing a foam finger on himself, sticking out his tongue & grinding up on anyone? Had he done so, again, of course we'd be talking about it. She claims he was ‘loving it'-perhaps he was, but let's say he wasn't. What would she have expected him to do, run away? Act visibly disgusted on national TV with an audience of millions watching? The show must go on, & from what I understand, she went more over the top than what was done in rehearsal. Maybe he was loving it, but I suspect he was just sticking to what he'd rehearsed the best he could despite what she was doing. It's like remember when Mike Meyers and Kayne West did that public service announcement about Hurricane Katrina, & Kayne went off the teleprompter & started ranting? Mike Meyers just kept right on going like they'd rehearsed-that's what performers do. Miley just tries way too hard to act like she's some edgy rock star, when she's not and will never be, no matter what she does.

    • Helen

      She has become plain trash. Absolutely no class. I would be so ashamed if she was related to me. She has become lower then the word lower. Vile, disgusting. At one time I thought she was cute, now I see her as a scumbag!! Next she will be performing sex, what a DEAD BEAT she has become. That tongue of hers, made me puke. Nothing attractive about it, looked vulgar, nasty!! She is a total disgrace!!

      • anonymous

        I couldn't agree more.

  • daHawk

    Miley does four lines of coke before each “performance” make you a normal person?

  • Xtian

    She's exactly right about the phony uproar. America is the land of fucking hypocrites. The fact that so many people watched the VMA's – the awards show notorious for risqué performances – is further proof. If you don't want to see anyone dancing sexy or a see-through outfit – Miley, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Prince, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera(the list goes on and on) – then don't tune in or watch it on youtube.
    How many people have seen “Wrecking ball”?? Did someone make you watch it?
    The fact is, she was “America's sweetheart”, aka Hannah Montana, for so long, how dare she be a real human being now? With a real sexuality ??
    American media are as much to blame. I've seen countless replays of the VMA performance, all in the name of “OMG did you see?!”. Bullshit.
    Hypocrites…with a capital H. Look in the mirror for once.

    • Trinity Etheridge

      all yall people r stupid! leave the girl alone she is just young and having fun! u do not have 2 watch her so sit down n shut the fuck up!

      • anonymous

        Why don't you leave her haters and shut the fuck up?! They have the right to post whatever the hell they want about that gal.

        What's stupid is the disrespect you have for the opinion of those haters. Newsflash: Everyone has the right to opinion. If you want others to respect your opinions, then you should respect theirs.

    • a small person

      I agree that she was par for the course for MTv (Misogynist television)

    • Jonathan

      Each year people wonder what will happen to out do what happened the year before. You're spot on with your comment. As I said before, I wish people would encourage musicians to be just that, and to make good music rather than cause mock scandal.

      • Xtian

        I couldn't agree more. Sadly, mock scandals get higher ratings. Bottom lines and real music by real musicians, unfortunately, don't go hand-in-hand.

  • NotaFanaticNotaHater

    WHO CARES? Miley is a performer/ENTERTAINER… so she is ENTERTAINING. Her album came out #1… her performance, however ridiculous/shocking/whatever it was, made her the talk of almost every tv show, magazine, online, publicwhatever. “keep talking bitches youll make me famous..” IS THE TRUTH. hate on her if u want but its only gaining her more publicity, fame and money, which im pretttyyyyyy sure is the goal… talk about her all u want…she can always wipe her tears a stack of hundreds.

    • anonymous

      You're a no-life hypocrite, you know that? Why don't you just let us haters post whatever the fuck we want about that bitch of an actress, you deluded asshat.

  • William Cash

    When she was with Disney, being a role model, ther ewas no probelm with that. Didn't have a problem, as I am sure the majority of the planet didn't.
    She grew up, and to try, vainly and desperately, to stay relevant, she and her handlers have resorted to controversy and sexuality (laughably so, to boot.)
    Now it's all, pretty much, “Hey! Hey YOU! Look at me! I'm Hannah Montana all grown up! I'm a big girl now! Pay attention to me! Look look look at me! I'm here! Pay attention to me! I'm still important! Love me! Hey! I'm right here!”
    I say, just drop her out of a C-5 at 40,000 strapped to an anvil and nothing else.

    • a small person

      She was a rude brat on her disney show. I let my kids watch it a couple of times but they stopped on their own because I kept bringing up what a jerk her character was. She treated her brother badly, talked back to adults, bullied other kids- she was a horrible role model.

      • anonymous

        You bet, my fellow Miley hater.

  • pretty M

    people were shocked because u used to be Hannah Montana and now ur just….im gonna say weird instead of saying wat I really want say : ) ;(