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Dailies | Twerk or Treat: Miley Cyrus Is a Half-Topless Lil’ Kim for Halloween (Photos)

Twerk or Treat: Miley Cyrus Is a Half-Topless Lil' Kim for Halloween (Photos)

Put your surprise face on — the singer is semi-nude in her costume

If you were wondering how Miley Cyrus would find a way to be somewhat naked for Halloween, the answer is by taking a page from Lil’ Kim's book: 1999 edition.

Cyrus Instagrammed three photos of herself in full (well, not very full) costume. The pop star also included two photos of herself in the purple wig, one involving a horse.

The costume is an homage to an older MTV VMA controversial moment, when the rapper donned a very similar getup. At the VMAs podium, co-presenter Diana Ross added buzz to the moment by touching Lil’ Kim's exposed breast. Like the costume or hate it, you cannot accuse this year's VMAs center-of-attention, Cyrus, of not knowing the history of the award show's outrageous moments.

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Cyrus has spoken with great reverence for Lil’ Kim in the past, telling Billboard in July, ”In my past life, I feel like that was me. I feel like Lil Kim is who I am on the inside.” She added, “She just makes me happy…I just love her. And I can't help that I love her.”

Lil’ Kim spoke glowingly in return Thursday, responding to Cyrus’ homage via Twitter: “Awwww. Look at my baby @mileycyrus tonight!!! Looking GORGEOUS!!! I wish I was there to squeeze your boob :) :) Love…”

Cyrus’ getup of the rapper was spot-on but she stayed away from blackface — a Halloween decision Julianne Hough probably wishes she could take back.

Here are Cyrus’ Halloween photos:

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    Miley Cyrus looks cute. I would totally not be able to pull off that outfit, unless it was in some humorous capacity. Lil Kim's so funny!

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