Dailies | Miley Cyrus Kissed Katy Perry – And She Liked It – During Bangerz Tour Concert (Photo & Video)

Miley Cyrus Kissed Katy Perry – And She Liked It – During Bangerz Tour Concert (Photo & Video)

Miley Cyrus' Twitter

The pop singer's kiss with Perry during a Staples Center performance in Los Angeles set social media abuzz

Madonna and Britney's 2003 MTV VMAs kiss that shook the world may have just got upstaged — figuratively and literally.

Miley Cyrus set the social mediasphere abuzz Saturday when she planted a kiss on Katy Perry‘s lips during a Bangerz Tour concert stop at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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A photo and video (above and below) captured of Miley and Katy's kiss by concertgoers went viral instantly.

The pop singer was performing track “Adore You” when she leaned over the stage for a moment of girl-on-girl action with Perry.

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“I just kissed a girl and I really liked it a lot,” Cyrus said, referencing Perry's popular song.

Scantily-clad in an array of barely-there leotards, Cyrus brought the house down with her powerful vocals — singing every note of the concert live. Of course, Cyrus served up plenty of risque antics including lots of crotch-grabbing, twerking, writhing half-naked on a bed with a little person, riding a hot dog (yes, really) and grinding with colorful stuffed teddy bears and dogs.

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Cyrus set included new hits from her Bangerz album along with covers of Dolly Parton and Flaming Lips. She closed the show with recent hits “We Can't Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” as well as an encore of popular 2009 hit “Party in the USA.”

Watch video here:

  • Robert L.

    Wonder what Billy Ray thinks of his ” little girl ” now ? She's a bi-sexual and whore.

    • Chrystal

      She's young, we all were once. You may have just been a little nerdy.

      • Matt1972

        Chrystal, Yes, we were all young once, but a lot of us actually were a positive for society and not acting the fool in public. Being a responsible is not being “nerdy”.

        • Traci Reeves-Koohns

          I feel its the parents job to be role models!!!not the newest poptart!!!

        • David Peretiatko

          The only way she's being a negative influence to society is to all you brainless losers who have nothing better to do than stress yourselves out over the way a girl lives her life lmao.

      • brianc6234

        That's as stupid as saying Justin Bieber is young. Leave him alone. The Bieb and Miley are both going to end up dead in the next few years from all of the drugs they use now.

        • David Peretiatko

          1) Justin doesn't do drugs. When the police raided his house they drug tested him and he came up clean. 2) My wife and my friends and I and everyone else in the world have been doing drugs our entire lives and we're still here. Don't worry, once you grow up and stop singing the D.A.R.E song you'll see drugs are the adult version of true love.

          • Matt

            You are an idiot David but like you I'm just stating my opinion.

          • Dr Wnfery

            Matt, you were too nice calling that moron an idiot. He is actually an imbicile and does drugs, which is giving him dillusions that he's married. In his other blurbs, he has people “kissin his wife”. First of all, probably, if he was married, his wife would never want to kiss him and secondly, while he's spaced out on his drugs (like he is now) everybody else is doing her, cause he probably sees nothing wrong with that either.

          • Nunya Busi

            (last sentence) …not for adults that know what love is.

            When you don't have the love you need from this life you use to escape -DRUGS ,etc.

    • David Peretiatko

      @Robert lmao…what a stupid little comment from a sad little person.

      • Matt1972

        No, I think Rob hit it on the head there David. She is all of that, but maybe you like your little girls all sick like that?

        • David Peretiatko

          Miley is 21, and they let you join the military at 18, so I'd hardly say she was a little girl. You, however, seem to have the mental capacity of a little boy.

          • Matt1972

            David, 21 is a little girl. As for military, I joined when I was 17 and had over 23 years. I see Soldiers at 21 are young enough to be my kids.

          • David Peretiatko

            Just because you're young enough to be someone's kid doesn't make you a little girl. You can be 40 and be young enough to be someone's kid. If at 18 you're old enough to decide you want to put your life in extreme danger, then at 21 you're old enough to decide to do with your life what Miley is deciding to do.

          • MLewis

            You are absolutely right! 21 is still a child.

      • brianc6234

        You're the one who is stupid. But I'm sure the creepy Cyrus's are proud. John Mayer is the one to wonder about. His girlfriend is now a lesbian. I wonder if they broke up yet?

        • David Peretiatko

          It's called entertainment. Just because she kisses someone doesn't mean she's a lesbian. Maybe if you'd find a way to escape whatever small, hick town you were born and raised in you could get some life experience and learn a little bit about the real world.

          • horsey

            ooh juth becuth they kith..meme tittly doo! dude you're a fag. go suck on a tampon or something..

          • Jennfer Lynn Peisley Hootman

            thats nasty

        • lakawak

          Ummmm…I am pretty sure Katy Perry had kissed girls before this. What with her song and all.

      • Traci Reeves-Koohns

        very true david!!!

      • sean

        Robert was correct, you are a pervert and a sinner. you are sick, sad, and pathetic.

        • David Peretiatko

          Only sad and pathetic people here are the ones who still believe in religious fairy tales after the age of 11! Lmao…see, my parents tried to shove Christianity down my throat but I just vomited it back all over them. Even at age 11 I could see the glaringly obvious flaws, errors, contradictions, and inaccuracies.

          • rover danger

            Who says shit like that were you deprived of a childhood

          • David Peretiatko

            I don't understand what was so bad about what I said. But yes I was deprived of a childhood. I was raised in an abusive cult.

          • Brian Quinn

            You only feel like you were in a cult because you are a weak minded minion. If you had a strong will and a smidge of spirituality you would have come out of your so called abusive childhood with more than negative, bitter feelings towards your Parents and Christianity. Of all the Religions that ever existed being a Christian is the easiest. Just do the right thing by your fellow Man and you will be fine. But instead you and the last Generation of “Progressives” feel that doing the right thin is screwing your fellow Man both literally and figuratively. No one is born Gay. Homosexuality is a Choice. A very bad choice.

          • David Peretiatko

            I lived and went to school in the middle of the woods and when at home was beaten, threatened with death, and abused on a daily basis. I was never allowed to leave my house and often was locked in a room with no furniture to where I waited until 2 in the morning to break out and pee in the laundry room sink. My mother bruised my ribs by hitting me with a firepoker. My father poured boiling hot water on my crotch. He also forced me to stand outside in the snow for an hour in nothing but underwear because I asked him to turn the heat on because I was cold. My cult school in the middle of the woods had one teacher for grades 6-9, and one more for grades 10-12, and whenever I expressed any doubt I was sent to the principals office and then beaten or worse when I got home. So why don't you shut your mouth before I pay a private investigator to find out who you are so I can come slit your throat you fucking nigger piece of shit.

          • “Your complaint has been submitted to the FBI electronic crimes unit.
            We will promptly look into the situation and update you on the progress of the case as it proceeds, thank you for your submission.”
            F.B.I. Field Office Chicago

          • David Peretiatko


          • Jodie

            Omg I can't believe you said that. Do you really think that all gays lie about being born with it? Why would they say that. They are already out of the closet with nothing to hide, so if it was really a choice then they would say that it is a choice. Wouldn't that be a better reason? Not that there is something wrong with them at conception or birth, but isn't choice a better excuse if there were choices to be gay…People like who they like and for some people, sex doesn't matter. A person is a person and we are all human. I bet you are racist too. DISGUSTING

          • Krusty the clown

            Does being a brainwashed religious nutter make you a pathetic loser?, or does being a pathetic loser lead you into being a brainwashed religious nutter?
            Vote now….

          • tsmom

            Wow! I have been reading the conversations on here and I am dumbfounded! What is happening to our society? The morals are gone, drugs aplenty — let's party day and night, forget our responsibilities…on and on. To think, some of these people might actually be living next door to me, scary!

          • IzzyAsh

            To say that someone is bad or that they are making bad choices because they are gay is like saying that someone is bad because they are black! You do not choose to have a certain skin color you are born that way. Just like people don't choose to be gay. With the way people such as yourself perceive, criticize, verbally bash, and belittle gay people why in the world would anybody WANT to be gay?? That just does not make sense. WHY would somebody choose to be something that people openly hate? Do you think that a person wakes up one day and says “I think I will be gay today. I want to be hated by religious people, I want my family to disown me, I want to have my right to marry taken from me, I want to be made fun of, I want to have a group of people beat me up because I am gay, and I want to have my life threatened because of my sexual orientation.” Do you seriously think that someone wants to live this way and go through these things based on something that really isn't anyone's damn business?? That anybody in their right mind would WANT to feel and be treated this way?? You are out of your mind if this is what you think. People who are gay are BORN THIS WAY and cannot suppress the way they feel! There are so many people terrified to come out of the closet as a gay person because of others like you? There is also nothing wrong with being gay and for you to say that really suck. It makes me sad for you. I hope that someday that one of your children or grandchildren or someone you are close to comes out of the closet and you can then see the error of your thoughts.

      • Frantix

        You seem to speak about everyone here. You're either a troll or you really hate life because I see nothing positive in anything you say.

    • Rob

      Billy Ray is proud cuz of all the dough Miley is making him. He's probably the one behind all the acts.

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    • Chip Miller

      Robert.. so just cuz a person is bisexual and is open about it. or likes to have fun, or isn't shy, that makes them a whore? last time I looked, a whore is someone who prostitutes themselves by having sex for money ? hmmm,, soo Miley is actually a talented musical artist, Something YOUR Not, and her shows are sometimes sexually Racey, and people like you sit there and hide behind a computer and call her names lol.. pfft.. dude.. your just part of a dying generation that has this puritan closed minded view on the world, and thinks of sex as something ” Dirty ” or Sick… yet you probably have No problem with watching bloody graphic violent movies and watching people fight till the death.. etc… so many people have their views on the world all backwards and get sooo offended when they see nudity, or a nipple, or see 2 girls kiss… pffft.. please, its harmless, and its entertainment, and IF it offends you, well, go back to watching Reruns of Cops, or the Andy Griffith show.
      So,, SO What if she kissed katy perry, so what if shes having fun and her shows are sexually artistic.. shes not hurting anyone, or doing anything that we haven't seen before..

      • sookie

        1. ummm….isnt it more fun to do “bad” things !
        2. she's “whoring” herself out for fame n monies
        and 3. if u open pandora an everything is “do as thou wilt”…it wont be as fun or free as u thinkings:(((((

        • David Peretiatko

          1. Yes. It is more fun. What's your point? 2. You'd do the same exact thing if you had the chance. And you don't have the chance now so of course you're going to say, “no I wouldn't”. 3. How do you know that if you've never tried? Also, your 3rd point completely contradicts your 1st point.

          • Dr Wnfrey

            Hey Dick, oh I'm sorry, it's David. I bet you abd Chip Miller are seeping together or are you the same person ? You two sound exactly alike. Anyway, if you are two people (I say two “people” reluctantly), I'll bet Chuck is sleeping with your EXwife, cause any sane woman wouldn't be with a guy who would whore his daughter (whch I doubt you ever had or could have) out and especially publicize all over TV. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. Please don't forget to take your medications and be very careful you don't overdose. We need more morons in this world. Capital Hill doesn't have enough yet. You'd fit right in.

          • David Peretiatko

            Let me guess…49 year old Christian who watches Bill O'Reilly to make sure he is brainwashed to the maximum level one can be be brainwashed so he can fit in as best a possible? You know nothing about the real world. You're all in front of the curtain and shit. And I don't know who this Chip person is you keep referencing but I don't have an ex-wife. I've been married once and we're still together. Know you are small. Your mind is incapable of growth, so, like a prisoner on hunger strike, you must reject all sources out nourishment and strength, allowing you to stay weak and fragile, because I could break you mentally like a dead twig. I am a son of the true god which no earthman knows of.

          • Dr. Wnfrey

            Wow!!! I was right . You really are on drugs, (God ???). As for your description of me, well it did make laugh. You have no idea how far off you are. Just know that someday, you WILL have many regrets of your current delirium. Do yourself a big favor- get off your drugs and seek help if it's not already too late. Good Luck and best wishes in finding true life.

          • Nunya Busi

            I have to ask. “No earthman knows of” . Am I being to literal…aren't you on the earth? If so (being to literal) to hum do you refer? What is the name of the God you speak of?

          • TrustGod Atorudbo

            lol…you sound lyk something out of a cartoon.its funny how your speech refers completely to you.Bro,you REEEALLLY nid help

          • sorry

            You don't say. lol We know better when you tell us.

          • Nunya Busi

            So if you had a chance to do something bad…you would do it? Even if you could get away with it and no one would know.

            O.K. hypothetically: You are contemplating doing something bad. If you talk yourself into it I would call that rationalization. If you didn't hesitate and choose the wrong thing to do…I would call that a lack of a properly working continence. I believe everyone is good from birth. One can choose to do the wrong thing…doesn't make people bad…just that they make bad choices.

      • John Rodgers

        Chip buddy it's called morals something you clearly don't have .. And as far as I checked Miley's music is total bs so lets not even call her musician more of a public figure living of the attention people like you give to her

        • Chip Miller

          umm ok John “Buddy” pffft.. let me guess.. your some 50yr old man who is stuck in the past.. either that or, you just are exactly what I described in my post.. you are a old up tight , conservative who is stuck in the old mind set , that anyone who is bisexual, or who is open about their sexuality, is somehow not filled with “Morals” , furthermore, what your opinion of her music is, isn't even relevant, cause the fact is, the Majority of music critics, and sales, show that she is doing something right, and doing something that the majority of people enjoy..
          As far as you and your “Morals” are concerned, pfft hey “Buddy” , if it were up to closed minded, old farts like you, we would still be stuck in a “leave it to beaver world” where people only have sex to make babies, and watch ” Matlock, and Murder , she wrote” , and tell our kids that Gay people are evil , and babies come from the stork…
          Little news flash Buddy, I Don't even Buy her music, , I however am not a ignorant moron, I am living here in the present, and im aware and I educate myself, and I live with a open mind… Her music is actually praised by many current award winning musicians, and critics, and has been nominated for many awards, Soooo if you don't care for it, that's fine cause your entitled to your opinion of what music u like. but , to call it BS or make the type of comments u made, well, your just not being open minded or fair, and your basing it on your dislike of her act… but people like you can either chose to educate yourself on what the term “Morals” actually applies to, or you can sit in your bunker, watch black & White TV, and live in a Glenn Beck world. or you can just keep your close minded comments to yourself and wallow in your own self hate…. pfft…

          • profiler

            Wow !!! Sure hope you took your meds today. You're about to have coronary.Just had to say that you said something about “educated and aware”. You certainly didn't display it here. More than once, you proved that you're the “moron” you say you weren't. Hopefully, someday you'll wake up and see how stupid you really are. Hope it's not too late. Good luck.

          • Nunya Busi

            I think I know what morals mean. Who's morals you are living by …might clear up allot of this. And…seeking the praise of men or trying to be like someone might be setting your sights very low.

          • Frantix

            You appear to be the 50-something with your “pfft” that's 10 years out dated, seriously, who uses that anymore? lol

            Being outwordly sexual just to make headlines because you have no talent is whoring yourself out. She's using it to make money off of it because of her lack of talent. I'll add that being sensuous or sexy is NOT what she's doing with her actions or disgusting tongue, again, it's just trying to make headlines for video views and cash. Unfortunately the press creates and then feeds these monsters until the people with no attention span moves to the next headcase. Shock lasts a short time, look at Lady Gaggag.

          • Chip Miller

            okkkaaayy… First off… the “Pfft” or ” psshh” term is FAR from out dated .. its used in social media , like facebook , twitter, etc, everyday !!!! and YOU are just showing your Age and your close minded, Puritan , 1950s outlook on topics like this, and umm Lmao, its YOU who comes off as some 50yr old , pasty , gray haired white man who cant seem to move forward into the 21st century. lol

            As for Lady Gaga, um yaaa , IF you even knew Anything about music and whats Relevant, you would know that she is not only very popular still, but, her music continues to be high on the charts, and all her concerts break records ..

            As for Miley, lol.. well, you may not like her, but, to call her a whore or to even call her Act, ” Whoreish” , just to sell herself, well BUDDY, your WAY off lol You may be all offended by what she does ( well, of course u are, you old and uptight and think of sex as something DIRTY)

            but your intitled to your opinion, yet, you again use the Term ” sensuous” and THAT term also shows your age lol….. Her act may be sexually wild and filled with things you find outrageous, but, the fact is, her concerts sell out, her music sells, and FYI, your not a music critic, cause her Music is in Fact good, and people , as in the Majority of people like it, and , the critics like it, she gets nominated for awards, etc,, sooo Even tho YOU may not like it… it doenst mean its not good, nor does it mean that shes not talented. and FYI .. everytime some old fart like you calls her a whore… you just show your age and your ignorance and your puritan views..
            FYI . as ive said in my other posts.. I don't really care for her.. im just real enough and honest enough, and Open minded enough to get what shes doing, and understand it. and , to realize what its all about… and btw.. im Not 50 lol… pffft.. hahaha.. sessh..

          • israelideserteagle

            Chip Miller. Go to school.Learn English Grammar. Learn the correct use of the apostrophe please. And , while you`re at it learn the difference between ” your ” and ” you`re” .

          • Chip Miller

            Soo………..your response is to be the Grammar police ? um yaa… actually, im a very good speller, and normally phrase my sentences and my posts with good grammar and spelling… Not that I need to explain that to some moron who I do not know.. BUT, some times people get in a hurry while typing .. and just wana get out their opinion.. sooo Yeaaaaa,,, If all you can do is attack my wording. then that's weak…

          • Frantix

            OK, well it must only be used by sociopaths these days, along with ridiculously accentuated words like “yaaa”. What's your fascination with just sticking a capitol letter in a sentence randomly? Is it because you're (see how easy the word “you're” is to use?) confused by proper nouns? I'm just curious. Also, I'm not way off but regardless, it's you're way off. I'm not offended at all; I'm just grossed out by the skank. I like to look at hot women but she is far from even being the least bit attractive.

      • Nunya Busi

        getting caught in the semantics.

      • lakawak

        How is she talented? By having the best autotuner available to make that shrill voice barely tolerable?

      • Jodie

        yeah so shes not a whore but just acts like one for attention & money…. The next best thing. No decent guy should want someone like that, even if it is all for show. Its making her look easy to get with and since when was that classy. Any guy who likes that shit is gross.

      • shetaz71

        How old are u?? 12? It's values and morals — something that is missing in ur life. Miley ‘twerking’ her non existent ass all over the place, sticking out that giraffe size tongue, trying to screw a hotdog.. please.. that isn't entertainment. Maybe to someone who is 12 and shouldn't be watching it. Yes, she's disgusting.

      • bob

        Sounds like a typical liberal, who cares what God thinks even you believe in God comment from a pea brain jackass

        • Chip Miller

          Bob.. yaa im a Liberal and PROUD of that.. im proud to be Open minded,, not live in a bubble shut off from FACTS, and shut off from Reality.. Im Proud to be a person who believes in SCIENCE and FACTS and has a open mind and accepts everyone no matter what Race, or color, or sexual orientation …. and yaa.. I Don't believe in a GOD , nor need to cling to some GOD or Cling to some old book written 6 thousand yrs ago by a bunch of old story tellers with gray beards… FYI, the earth is older than 6 thousd YEARS BOB.. and you can cling to your Bible, god, and your Guns and hate gays…. and good luck with that.. pffft… whos the Jack ASS? lol…

          • Frantix

            -I'm, not im
            -Open shouldn't be capitolized.
            -One comma, not two
            -Im should be I'm
            -a open? It would be an open mind.
            -Race shouldn't be capitolized.
            -Wow you like over capitolization. Cling shouldn't be capitolized. You had it right the first time.
            -Thousand… missing your “an”

            Sorry if I missed something but there's so much.

          • Chip Miller

            Umm Ok sooo Frantix,, is that your response ? to be the grammar police ? lol.. hmm okaayy then.. well, good luck with being the ” Hall monitor” for those of us who actually are intelligent, yet try to make our points with short cuts in spelling and trying to make a point by using a few Capitals to speak louder … pfffft.. get off your soap box k…. Btw, youre a Tad late to the party .. have a Awesome DAyyyyyy lol.. yaaa I spelled those words like that on purpose lollllll

          • Garday

            Sighhhh….. tsk

    • cee

      I'm sure he loves her no matter what she is or does just like most parents would.

    • Traci Reeves-Koohns

      im sure hes very proud!!shes a success,unlike you setting at home on your lil computer!!jealousy is an ugly thing!!!

    • annoyed

      He is proud of her.. he's just as stupid as his nasty whore daughter!

    • James Hendricks

      Miley Cyrus is awesome and she is being the person she wants to be. Living the dreams that she has sought out. You idiots make such stupid presumptions its insulting. She is a entertainer. Do you understand that word. She is on TOP of her game currently. At what point does this kiss make her Bi-sexual? At what point did she become a whore? Both are WRONG. Stop hating and judging on what you don't understand. Which is the Entertainment and Music industry.

    • Benjamin Roussey

      Billy Ray is an idiot too though.

    • Travis Lorentzen

      @Robert L. Who gives a flying F@$& that She's “a bi-sexual”. The whore part is spot on. Any dad would cringe to see his little girl doing the things she does on stage.

    • bertle

      Just because she's kissed a girl, it doesn't make her a whore, or bi-sexual. She was doing it for show. To stir up controversy as she usually does. And guess what? It worked. She's got everyone talking…AGAIN. This is her thing. She wants media attention, therefore she pulls out wild antics and twitter goes crazy. As much as people love to hate her, they love watching a potential train-wreck even more.

  • Maryjo Ellen Lumpkins-Hutchens

    Take a good look…They are not even kissing on the lips!! Miley is kissing Katy's chin! Just sayin!!

  • george deji

    That's not good .

    • James2451

      I am sure everyone has done somethings in there life for attention and this is what she does for that and she is rich and the rich always do what they want and by the way why dont everybody else look back in there life what they have done for attention no different but she just rich thats all

      • george deji

        You are right but she didn't do it in the right way.

        • David Peretiatko

          Lol…okay Mr chest tattoo I'm sure you've done everything “the right way” in you're life. I'm so sick of the people on this planet. Time to jet.

          • Nunya Busi

            ??? To think you are any different than anyone else here (on this

            planet) is a mistake. Not for the reasons you think I might type. If

            you think you are different than everyone else (human category)

            you will think you abide by a different set of rules and are not

            accountable…just as we all are. If you try to differentiate from

            others your identity will be very had know and feel as one's

            self…as ones own.

            “Should I not call (and believe) a man …my brother”?

          • David Peretiatko

            I read all of your comments and I understand what you're saying and I don't even disagree with you, but I can't help the fact that I am not like other human beings. I don't think like them, I don't act like them, and I don't share their desires or fears. If your dog started talking and could hold intelligent conversations with you and explain the mysteries of the universe to you, is he still a dog? Maybe. But he is also something more.

          • Nunya Busi

            Being unique is awesome! The rest of it is difficult. One would have to know allot of people to say “I don't share there fears, desires / think like them, act like them”. To make things clear – tell me a fear or desire that no other human shares…please. Tell me how you don't think or act like normal people. If I can accept that we (people) have had the same thoughts, desires, goals, fears. Not at the same time. I mean everyone has there own timing of events and at different sequence. To accept there is no new problems or fears. Everything has been done before…thought before…well at least the normal realm of stuff. New ideas and inventions…that is different. I guess what I'm beating around the bush about is that David Peretiatko is apart of the human race. And if your here on this earth for a reason. Then we all are. I believe this is a probationary time for us (on the earth) to have the chance to “choose the right “. Evey decision we have the chance to choose. If you where going down a road. there is a fork in the road (a decision). Some decisions will bring you closer to the kind of good existence you can have. Others will bring you a bad or evil existence. If you don't believe in God or his plan for his children to be with him again after time on this earth. If one chooses the right in all things (nobody is perfect of course we will make mistakes along the way) If thats the case then why be good? I don't want to be the best man! That statement is very important!!! I want to be christ like and improve myself for as long as I can. I think One of the biggest mistakes in society today is trying to be like someone. Men are human and can be carnal and make mistakes. Trying to be Christ like is the only way to rise above it all. I hear your frustration about men. Don't look for approval from men…dont look to them for anything. They are imperfect. But we being men must forgive them. Right? Only one can judge and that is not me.

            And for the confusing dog statement. Wouldn't that be cool! Dogs have a conscience. Maybe we can learn to read minds some day. For now I have to hug my dog to let him know what I think and feel.

  • Tsedek Ogun

    Think she is bi.

  • Spartacus

    Looking at the picture it seems she is kissing Katy on the chin.

  • William Ketchersid

    good lord Miley Behave yourself you kissed an engaged woman and that woman belongs to Mayer.

  • Todd Richardson

    I can't think of a better way to advance women than giving teenage boys wood. Way to go Miley!

  • Daniel Cox

    Their lips didn't even touch.

  • Me

    Wow, everyone is being very mean. She is a very misguided lost little girl but that doesn't mean we need to add to her sadness by saying horrible things about her. Feel bad for her and probably stop giving her the press/attention she is after with her current actions and hopefully someone will step up and truly parent this adult child. Remember please she is human just like you and I and she too has feelings.

    • disgusted

      And she is 20-21. She should be old enough to know decency from porno, or at least should have been taught. She has a large following of young kids from the past and is taking them with her , right down a path of destruction. This is what our country is becoming—just look at what we have on Capital Hill right now. Just one example Bill Clinton and Monica, in a respected place: The Oval Office, and the ongoing lies of Hilliary and BHO. The run away train is just picking up more and more speed every day.

      • Me

        I completely agree with you. She should know the difference and it is very much a shame that she is living her life like this however, parents choose to allow their children to watch/view videos etc. I personally don't mind many of her songs however I wouldn't let my children watch her hump a wrecking ball.
        It is a sad situation all around. For the kids that follow her and the ones that want to be like her. I do think she is still just a misguided kid who doesn't need for us to put her down anymore than she already puts herself down.

  • Just a girl

    Just wondering why two chicks kissing is such a turn on but if you see two guys kissing it is disgusting. Can't have it both ways men. Either it's okay to kiss same sex or it isn't just because you perv. out on two chicks doesn't mean it isn't okay for two men.

    • BB53

      You're definitely in the minority on this.

      • just a girl

        I'm sure I am. I completely understand guys get off on it. I just don't understand why. and then to top it off they flip out when it is two men. Isn't it exactly the same thing? I don't care either way it does NOTHING for me I'm just curious about the double standard.

        • David Peretiatko

          If you don't understand, it's probably because you're fucking retarded. I mean, holy shit I think it's pretty obvious. First of all, you need to learn to stop generalizing or you're not going to learn very much in life. Not all guys “freak out” when 2 guys kiss. Only small town, redneck, homophobic guys do that. Second of all, men are are attracted to women, not men. Why would you expect them to act any other way? Let's say you love chocolate but you hate vanilla, so just because your mouth waters when you see chocolate ice cream on a chocolate brownie doesn't mean you're going to feel the same way when you see vanilla wafers in vanilla ice cream. Simple shit, girl. Now will you kiss my wife for me?

          • Just a girl

            Wow! Nice reply. Thanks that was very insightful and helpful. I was being honest and simply really asking a question. Most men if not all in my hick town of New York city, are repulsed by two men kissing. Many women as well. It was simply an honest question. Many people are fascinated and turned on by two women and repulsed by two men.
            Thank you for your well articulated mature response. You are clearly a very decent wonderful man with a great grasp on life, culture, and reality.
            This “fucking retard” only wishes you and your wife the best. Sorry to have clearly offended you with my simple mind.

          • John Doener

            HAHAHAAHAAHA you are a fucking ignorant piece of shit, my friend David

  • stevlovtoply

    Bet Miley would like to get her mouth on Katy's sweater fun bags that Katy is so proud of. Come to think of it? I would too. I bet Katy's boobies are very tasty and she loves showing them off.

  • brianc6234

    When did Katy Perry go gay? Does John Mayer know yet?

  • bob

    poor aim there little girl , but probably gives good nose

  • cee

    Seriously, it's a publicity stunt. If you spent as much time ignoring it as you are talking about it, there wouldn't be anything to it. Kids emulate it because they like the attention.

  • Spazz

    Katy Perry totally wiped her mouth in digust

  • Liz Soester

    She just disrespected the United States -just as bad as other countries – and people still show up at her concerts — What have we become ???? This is what out kids and grandkids are seeing – Parents who buy these tickets for their kids are just as bad. – Sad !

    • David Peretiatko

      She “disrespected the United States”?? Lol…how??? You people are the ones who shove religion down your children's throats, dress them up in sports jerseys of your favorite team when they are 1 or 2 years old and don't even understand what's going on because you treat them as if they're little dress up dolls and not human beings and you lie to them for the first 5 years of their lives about Santa Claus just so you can get enjoyment out of it even though you don't even know it causes children to distrust authorities but then you want to talk about buying a Miley ticket is bad parenting? Please.

      • Matt

        I don't beleive you are married or have kids. You would be spending time with them instead of writing all of these absurd comments.

        • David Peretiatko

          Yet another stupid comment from an immature, juvenile, punk kid with no life experience and has zero idea what life is actually about.

      • Dickgirth

        I guess having sex with your mother and father made you bitter

        • David Peretiatko

          Well not all of us enjoy incestuous sex like you do, you small town hick waste of flesh.

          • Dickgirth

            NYC is hardly a hick town

          • Canamjay

            Dude.. your name says it all~~ hicks are everywhere.

  • Traci Reeves-Koohns

    I think its the parents job to be role models,not the newest pop tart!!!shes doing what shes been paid to do…..entertain us!!!not raise our children!!shes not a momma yet!!!

    • disgusted

      “not a momma yet”, but rest assured when it does happen (and probably soon) she most likely won't know which one is the daddy. She may not even know who the mommy is (drugs). The kid probably won't even spend time with her–she's too busy twerking everybody off. Keep in mind, OUR kids are watching this. When do you think that people do most of ther learning ? With mentality going downhill as time progresses forward, our future looks very bleak. Those children of today are the parents of tomorrow. Runnaway train !!!

      • Traci Reeves-Koohns

        my point was that its not her responsibility for how our children turn out!!!its OURS as the parents!!it doesn't matter what children watch on TV if they are being parented at home!!!I have 3 children that watched TV all the time….but I raised them with good morals and good values,so I got good adults out of my good parenting!!!I wouldn't count on the pop stars to do it for me!!!until you meet her and know her personally,you shouldn't judge her!!!

        • disgusted

          Traci, I truly believe what you are saying. The problem here is, you are in a minority in this country today. The scales are tipping in the wrong diretion. More and more parents are leaning in the wrong direction and they seem to be
          the ones reproducing more of the bad weed, instead of
          the good fruit we need. It only requires two to reproduce and if they reproduce 4-5-6-7 “weeds”, that are not nurtured to being good, the multiplication of bad vs. good is getting out of hand. Eventually the “weeds” will overcome the beautiful garden. There was no disrespect to you personally. But this is becoming a big problem and will (multipication) become uncontrollable in the future, if not stopped now. Keep in mind what OTHER parents allow their kids to watch, is whatthey are going to grow up thinking is okay, and they are going to pass that along to their offspring, as okay,etc., etc.. The problem is , it just escalates more and more disgusting as it goes on. I don't believe for a moment, that you would want your daughter parading around on public TV, the way she does.

  • Lynn Lair

    i use to really like her . now shes just very trashy . she might as well be in porn . shes disquisting !! nasty isnt even a good enough word for her .

  • Lynn Lair

    being talented & playing with yourself in public is 2 different things !

  • annoyed

    Its the producers and the people who buy the tickets fault, if they didnt produce this shit, and people didn't buy her tickets.. then there wouldn't be a nasty whore.. maybe!

    • disgusted

      Be nice !!! Miley is not a whore, as so many others have said here. She's flat out nothing more that a slut. She's lowering her morals in return for money.
      Wait !!! Maybe that does qualify her as a whore.

  • Conspiracyin559

    No tongue? Fucking Poseurs.

  • Wendy


  • Ronald

    What you see women kissing all the time, what you don't see is a guy planting a kiss on another guy. Give me a break, get with the times hey!!!

  • John Doener

    What people will do to be relevant again…

  • Nelson

    Real world you ignore….now is find for small children to have lesbian and gay relation that's what we showing are kids now and day we going to end up in a country with no love to god or respect ..

  • lakawak

    She is SUCH a rebel!

  • http://www.facebook.com/robgonz1 roberto mario gonzalez

    Good for them. You can't buy publicity like that.

  • JustAlittleBit

    When someone stoops to the point of wishing to be redefined as a sexual object, it rings of a person desperate for help. Relatedly, you have all these teen idol worshipers who are emotionally buying into the very lie women have been trying to escape from for the last 40 years. Miley, seriously, was that your intention?

  • Shannon Leak

    back in the day, prince was quite racey! black, sexy, and by the public, accused of being bi, even gay. now hes like pop royalty. contraversial videos. bad language and a movie too. purple rain man. my little girls range from 4 to 15. my 4 yr. old loves miley my 15 yr. old , not so much. shes just another faze of this generation, if you dont like it folks, change the channel, cause the musak aint too bad.

  • James Hendricks

    Miley Cyrus is awesome and she is being the person she wants to be. Living the dreams that she has sought out. You idiots make such stupid presumptions its insulting. She is a entertainer. Do you understand that word. She is on TOP of her game currently. At what point does this kiss make her Bi-sexual? At what point did she become a whore? Both are WRONG. Stop hating and judging on what you don't understand. Which is the Entertainment and Music industry.

  • Jim

    That's all? Cherry lipstick, too?

  • Ancil Gathers Jr.

    So you think that she is bi-sexual? so what is the big deal is she the only one in AMERICRA? I don't think so. her father cant tell her who she should be. so don't blame him if every one have kids in this country were blame we all will have a record. unclebubba77

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Wrecking Ball is a fantastic song but the video is unwatchable.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Capitalism has created the
    highest standard of living ever known on earth. The evidence is
    incontrovertible. The contrast between West and East Berlin is the latest demonstration,
    like a laboratory experiment for all to see.

    ["Theory and Practice," Capitalism: The
    Unknown Ideal]

  • Benjamin Roussey

    of America wants Obamacare eradicated. We are not Korea, socialized health care
    does not work here and we defend Korea so there goes that. So with that said,
    socialized health care does not work in one country. Your nanny state laws have
    destroyed Greece and Europe. 38 million more people on health care with the
    same amount of doctors; do you want us to die in the waiting room? Taxes have
    already gone up, the IRS is hiring more people to take more money from the
    private sector to distribute it to lazy bureaucrats and high school dropouts,
    government expansion is frightening, we are $16 trillion in debt; Obamacare
    does nothing about competition or tort reform. He is a lawyer, what do you
    expect? If you care about poor people you should want to make America more
    friendly for businesses to hire and stop trying to dish out free handouts. That
    is a terrible combination.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    KKK could not think of a better way to hold black people down than Obama's
    economic policies, big government agenda, and nanny state interests. The KKK
    could not ever dream of a better way to keep black people uneducated than our
    Ted Kennedy and liberal educational curriculum. The funny thing is, or ironic,
    or frightening, is that blacks still mainly vote for liberals and support race
    mongers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The job creators and pushers are on
    the right, not the left. See broken California, not thriving Texas.

  • Billy Bob

    wonder if Miley slipped her the tounge

  • dirk

    Having a discussion with a left wing loon is a waste of time. While the country is being run into the ground in every sense by Pinocchio Barry, they are support trashy miley

  • Billy Bob

    wonder where else Miley had her mouth before she slipped Katy the tounge

  • Christina

    Let her be if you don't like her way of entertaining then don't listen or read about it. It's her business not yours

  • matt

    Katy kissed a whore and she liked it, now she will get an std and die from it.

  • tom

    thought we should never judge..come on christians practice your faith

  • Sue Lanegley

    It is really sick to see all the people that paid that much money to go see a filthy, ugly little she/he freak. I just don't get it. Why would a woman want to see that pos and even more why would a man want to she that butch, bucked tooth, nasty tongue HO?

  • Ms G

    This is a big mistake for Katy, you're being an Idiot, that mouth has been everywhere.

  • mike

    something wrong with Miley,,,not the kiss,,all the other stuff….

  • jessica

    These two are just the worst in the pop music right now, both can't sing right or dance and depends on controversy to sell their music, first there was Gaga then look what happened to her, she can't sell anymore so hopefully Katy will be next.

  • wells

    Hello! why you guys waste your time going back and for about someone else life who cares what other people does don't you guys have your own problems… Theirs so many things more important in this world the fight or argue about the some other people lifestyle or whatever they doing…..

  • Computer Store Owner

    I'm a man and the thought of a kiss from Miley is repulsive to me as well. Too bad, she played such a cute character in Hanna Montana. I bet her parents are really proud of her….NOT.

  • Yvonne

    It would be a blessing for you DP if you believed in God, however, people have a hard time trusting in God when there's been a very abusive history in their life. They seem to blame the God. Let me tell you bad things that happen in your life are contributed as an evil spirit from within the people that cause the harm and the pain. God does not make evil or bad things happen. He is a good God. I am asking God to bless you. Miley need to realize that it doesn't take all of that for recognition.

  • Disgusted

    Pedophiles, no better description in 1 word.

  • Gwen Jones

    All for the sake of entertainment. If Miley is a whore, it's because of the sake of entertainment. One day she will have to face her children about her behavior. This reminds me of the Lola song by Barry Manilow — she was a show girl but that was 30 years ago when there used to be a show. She sits there so refined and drinks herself half blind.

  • Gwen Jones

    She lost her looks and lost her love and now she's lost her MIND !!!!

  • Brittany

    Being ‘open-minded’ is different from being a weirdo skank… I'M open-minded, but I don't have little people in my room grinding on stuffed hot dogs and multi-colored teddy bears. And I don't swing naked on random balls flying through the air. And I don't stick my tongue on everything within reach. There's creative, and then there's ‘everyone took all the good ideas, so here's mine'.