Dailies | Miley Cyrus Grinds With Madonna, Humps a Human Horse in MTV's ‘Unplugged’ (Video)

Miley Cyrus Grinds With Madonna, Humps a Human Horse in MTV's 'Unplugged' (Video)

Also, she sings a bunch of songs

Miley Cyrus belted out her hits live, grinded with Madonna and twerked up on a horse on MTV's “Unplugged” Wednesday.

It was just like Eric Clapton's “Unplugged” a couple decades ago.

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Cyrus also did some crotch grabs and held her little person backup dancer by the ponytail while singing and dancing.

Cyrus twanged everything up in the special, which was filmed in California. “I tried to bring Nashville here for the night,” she told the coastal crowd.

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Cyrus opened her set with “4×4,” decked out in rhinestones and a blonde bob wig under a cowboy hat. Two costumed people in a horse outfit joined her on stage, and ended up on the receiving end of both twerking and straight-up humping.

Madonna joined Cyrus on stage for a mashup of ”We Can't Stop” and “Don't Tell Me.” The pop stars shared the spotlight, along with each others’ lyrics and bodies.

In a featurette released on Tuesday, the former “Hannah Montana” explained that she invited Madge because of their similar messages to mankind: ”It doesn't matter whether you're gay, straight, whatever — everyone's trying to figure out what their freedom is,” Cyrus said. “So it's talking and not being afraid to talk to every different type of human being and make them know that it's cool to be who you are.”

Watch “We Can't Stop,” “Wrecking Ball,” “Do My Thang,” “Get it Right,” and “4×4” below:

  • Bakertoytoy

    Can't we send all these perverted freaks out of the country?

  • Marci Lynn

    Another satan worship television show and I breaks my heart for Mileys soul. I pray she sees the TRUTH and repents for her sin. Shame on Billy for letting THEM corrupt his child. He knew what he was doing and it makes me sick he basically sacrificed his child to satan plain and simple. GOD have mercy on their souls Miley did not have a chance in life born into this family.

  • m

    Old Ho Young Ho

  • Royce Dressel

    Miley , please stop you are hurting your father. And you are causing the rest of us to lose our appetites. I mean really Miley , whats next, puke porn?

    • Sol

      Haha you've obviously not seen Billy Ray's new video with chics twerking and quoting his daughter's songs!

      • Royce Dressel

        Oh no, billy ray sold his soul down the halfpipe. How disappointing.

  • awakeawareomshanti

    puke. complete disgust.

  • phillygrrl53

    every day i pray that Miley doesn't procreate – or adopt!

  • phillygrrl53

    and why is such a big deal that she sang everything “live?” i thought all concerts were all LIVE! duh.

  • Darrel Mouton

    Wow! she's starting to look like a man. Bill push his daughter right into the devils hands. This is okay for our teen age daughters to watch. Get saved people . It's coming nwo.