Miley Cyrus’ Dancer Felt ‘Less Than Human’ During VMAs Performance

Miley Cyrus' Dancer Felt 'Less Than Human' During VMAs Performance

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A little person, Hollis Jane says she was ‘looked at like a prop’

Miley Cyrus has been pretty pleased that people are still talking about her infamous performance during the MTV Video Music Awards in August. But, one person on-stage that day has opened up about the experience and she doesn't have very good things to say about it.

Dancer Hollis Jane, a little person who was one of the dancing bears on stage, said she was humiliated by the performance.

“I had never been in a performance where I was purely meant to be gawked or laughed at. I will never forget that performance because it is what forced me to draw my personal line in the sand,” she wrote on her personal blog.

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Jane wrote the blog post after friends of hers got into a heated debate on Facebook about the kinds of jobs little people performers should or shouldn't accept in their careers.

She goes on to say that she was “shaking and crying” after the first dress rehearsal for the performance at Brooklyn's Barclay Center.

“I love being the center of attention, but that was something different,” the 24-year-old wrote. “I was being stared and laughed at for all of the wrong reasons. I was being looked at as a prop… as something less than human.”

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Meanwhile, Cyrus appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday and said she didn't understand what all the fuss is about.

“I've tried to wrap my head around what a normal person thinks about the performance, and I can't really understand where the shock comes from,” Cyrus told DeGeneres. “I know that sounds crazy, but I can't really understand it, because I don't see anything more than what any other real artist did that night. I mean, Gaga was in a thong, but no one cares.”

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  • jdrch

    No one forced her to, so why did she do it then? Or would she rather not have performed on such a big stage? What a crock.

  • David Allen McKimmey

    Enough! Enough! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ENOUGH!! I do not give a rats butt about Billy Ray's daughter and everywhere you turn some jerk wanna-be writer that can afford a lap-top is droning on and on about some dance that I don't give a crap about either! I hear she also rides wrecking balls nekkid. Kinky but that's THREE TIMES I DON'T CARE!

    • Carrie Rayfield Cabral

      You are missing the irony that, for someone who doesn't care, you took the time to click the link that lead you to this article… ;)

  • Carrie Rayfield Cabral

    She was in a bear costume. Fully covered in a head to toe bear costume. She was a prop. If it made her feel bad then she should have stepped out after the run through. Period.

  • Carrie Rayfield Cabral

    Oh, I remember reading some of your stuff before. You kind of have an obsession with Marc Jacobs… right?