Average Ticket Price Edges Up Past $8 — Again

Cost of going to movies rises — Is 3D to blame?

It's getting more expensive to go to the multiplex. 

The average movie ticket price jumped past $8 in recent months, the National Assn. of Theater Owners said Friday. 

Movie tickets cost $8.06 for the second quarter of this year. The average price had previously hovered at $7.97. 

That passes the previous high of $8.01, set in the fourth quarter of 2010. 

The 9 cent increase may be partly attributable to the steady stream of movies released in 3D, such as "Thor" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." Tacking on some dimensionality, of course, allows studios to charge a premium at the box office. 

  • Danbloom

    When I read news like this, Mr Lang, I feel like I am in a time warp. I left the USA in 1991 and have been living in Asia for about 20 years, and i remember going to see movies in Alaska, my last US residence,for US$3…….. and at college of course, we could see good movies frm around the world on campus for a dollar or so…..US$8 for a movie these days? and that's average, so i assume some
    theaters it will be $12 a ticket. OUCH. and i read in the NYT the other day…that a Broadway play costs like $66 a ticket and Higher, and i remember last time i went to Broadway i paid $10 a ticket and i thought THAT was high for a mere play. and BOOKS, it used to be a paperback was $5 and a hardabck was maybe tops $12, and now books costs $30 for hardcovers….who can afford these things?

    Here in Taiwan, i can see a movie for $2.50 at the local movie house — and popcorn does not cost US$10 a box……..and books paperbacks cost $6 here……..and a live play costs US$9……..

    of course, the average salary and the cost of living here is much lower than the USA……so i guess in the end it's all even

    still, i wonder what will movie tix cost in 2025 and 2050? I project $25 in 2025 and $50 in 2050. You read it here first…


    danny bloom, 1949-2032

    • Rubyredjewel

      I read an article last week about the play “Spider-Man -Turn Off the Dark”. Some tickets were priced $147.00!! Please. The funny thing is the article said even with bad reviews people are buying tickets as a status thing. Apparently the rich preppy parents want their young kids to go back to their expensive day schools and brag that mommy & daddy sprung for the tickets.

  • Kensandyeggo

    If the idiot theater chains would lower their concession prices to be somewhat reasonable, more would be sold and tickets could be less.  Next time you're in a theater, look down the row and see how many are eating exhorbitantly overpriced popcorn.  Very few compared to a few years ago.


    I'd like to know where I can find $8.00 tickets at.

    • Ma'at

      God me too!  I'm in Los Angeles so I know it's more expensive but somebody has gotta be selling them at $4 somewhere to balance us out.

  • Ma'at

    I stay away from the theater not because of ticket prices, but solely because of rude patrons that the theater does NOTHING about.  They don't even pretend to make an effort.  I used to go to the movies 3 times a month.  Now I go about twice a year just for that reason.  And when I do go, it's noon on a weekday.

    • Gordon Franklin Terry, Sr.

      I KNOW!!!!!!!! its awful sometimes, the rudeness . . . what theater chain is it?  National Association of Theater Owners should know if nothing's being done to stop rudeness.

  • Gordon Franklin Terry, Sr.

     . . . well fellas;  it looks like Netflix.

    movies are no longer the cheapest form of entertainment?

    actually movies still are the cheapest . . . either for a dollar on netflix or free on Television

  • Regulus

    Hmmm, I can spend $8.00 on a Movie, $10.00 on a Box of Popcorn, and $5.00 on a Soda at the Theatre OR, I can wait six months and get that Movie and TWO Others from the Bargain Bin at Wallys, Purchase a Bottle of Soda and a Box of Microwave Popcorn with the difference, Watch the Movies at home while I consume the Soda and Popcorn and, as a bonus, KEEP THE MOVIE AFTERWARDS!

  • Rubyredjewel

    I haven't bought concession food in years. I don't sneak food either.The movies themselves end up being  such a let down after all the hype  that we already have plans to eat afterwards just to save the evening! There have been a few exceptions but not many.