Harrison Ford Officially in Jackie Robinson Biopic; Newcomer Lands Lead

Pioneering African-American ball player will be portrayed by Chadwick Boseman

Harrison Ford has officially signed on for the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic, Legendary Pictures announced today.

As reported by TheWrap on Thursday, Ford will play Branch Rickey, the Major League Baseball executive who helped break baseball's color barrier by signing Robinson to a minor league in 1945, and helped Robinson sign to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, making him the first African-American player in the MLB.

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In addition, Legendary has signed newcomer Chadwick Boseman in the role of Robinson. Boseman, who has appeared on "Justified," "Fringe" and "Castle," has just finished filming the lead role in the independent action movie "The Kill Hole," in which he'll play Lt. Samuel Drake.

Brian Helgeland ("L.A. Confidential," "Mystic River") will write and direct the project, for which Legendary consulted with Robinson's widow, Rachel Robinson.

  • Julian Myers

    Mr. Robinson was a quiet, “uncolorlful!” athlete.  When “Look” magazine agreed to run a photo I would take of my friend hot rodder African American Mel Leighton it specified that only if Jackie Robinson posed with Mel.  Mr. Robinson quietly agreed, in a few words, and we made the shot, for which “Look” paid me $15.  If film wants to be true to Mr. Robinson it will show him as a bland thinker, not a sparkling personality.  After Mr. Ford does this role I recommend he further establish himself as a “character” star as the artist Edward Hopper in the dramatic feature “Hopper's Nighthawks – 90 Minutes and Nine Lives.”  Julian Myers, Julian Myers Public Relations.

    • Billy

      Julian,you really have your nerve.You meet Jackie once when he is ‘nice’ enough to help YOU out,and you dare to call him a bland thinker ?Did you sit and talk with him ? NO. You display YOUR tremendous lack of knowing anything,and YOUR spot judgmental display here horrid,and reveals what kind of person that YOU are.Jackie was’ Instructed’ to be “uncolorfull” and his nature was that of a quite respectful honest man.He was very well educated,and very well spoken.YOU are making a fool of yourself.

    • Billy

      Julian,true to YOUR unaware nature,YOUR snide comment as to Mr,Ford's establishing himself as a “character” actor is also ridiculous.Had YOU seen any of his ‘other’ films,besides his ‘Indie’ character,you would again know better.Hint: 6 days and 7 nights,and many,many more go and consult his list of films and see for yourself how foolish YOU sound.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VX6IVUPDXOZXUKJ2SJ3VWTBZ4M P

    Good  for  Boseman. Great  cast. Goodluck  Chad

  • Billy

    I met and spoke with Jackie,at a party of News people in NYC.Julian Myers says he was a “bland thinker” which besides being insulting,is far from correct.”Quiet” and very reserved,he would listen to what you said,then softly and very calmly answer,in perfect English,with a broad vocabulary sounding like a very well educated man.