Dailies | Jeff Daniels Assures Jimmy Fallon ‘Dumb and Dumber Too’ Will Be ‘Hysterical’ and ‘Stupid’ (Video)

The "Newsroom" star delighted the host of NBC's "Late Night" when he said he'd be reprising his role opposite Jim Carrey

Jeff Daniels appeared to make Jimmy Fallon's day when he assured the "Late Night" host that the long-awaited sequel to "Dumb and Dumber" is shooting this fall.

"Well, I'll believe it's happening when I'm actually there, staring at Jim Carrey," Daniels joked Monday night with a giddy Fallon. "But it looks like we're starting in September."

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Daniels, currently the star of HBO drama "Newsroom," promised the script he read is worth the wait for fans of Peter and Bobby Farrelly's 1994 original.

"It'll be the 20th anniversary of the first one, next year when it's released. I've seen the script, it's hysterical," Daniels said. "We're middle aged and we're still that stupid."

The project was stuck in turnaround at Warner Bros. for years, moving forward last month when Red Granite Pictures agreed to finance the $35 million production and Universal hopped on board to distribute.

Watch Fallon nearly jump for joy when he hears the news in the interview below:

  • Johnny Nightrider

    The Dumb And Dumber first one was quirky and had alot of goofy silly moments.Like how Jeff Daniels devastated that Girl's toilet after Jim gave him some TurboLax laced Tea.Also annoying the crap out of everyone especially the fat dude with heart burn and the scooter and the Dog earred Van etc. etc.. Now the second to be funny there going to have to go beyond and up the silly,slapstick,gross out,goofy,really stupid humour or it will go to DVD and TV land and who cares.I'm not running to the box office to see this might be funny sequel.I'll wait for DVD.It takes one heck of a movie to get me to go to the Theatre.It has to be the primo 100% best thing to come out in years to move me to sit in a theatre with people I don't know and pay the big bucks.I don't care if the movie cost 200 million or $80,000 as long as its done well and good and rocks the theatre for at least 2 hours.

    • G. Michael Williams

      Are you so shallow, you don't understand how 20 years difference changes everything? You can go all new places this time. It's not a Jackass or Saw Movie.

  • Randy Lee

    too funny