Mark Ruffalo Added to Terror Watch List Over Gas-Drilling Doc

The “Zodiac” actor caught the feds’ eye by organizing screenings of a documentary against natural gas drilling

U.S. homeland security officials have placed Mark Ruffalo on a terror advisory list after organizing screenings for a new documentary about natural gas drilling.

The "Kids Are All Right" actor arranged showings for "GasLand" earlier this year and voiced concerns about the practice in relation to the national water supplies, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Those efforts attracted the attention of officials from Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security — a notion he laughed off in an interview with GQ magazine: "(It's) pretty f**kin' funny," Ruffalo said.

Read more at the San Francisco Chronicle. 

  • Ma'at

    Police States don't like free speech.

  • Garbo

    The San Francisco Chronicle link does not work

  • Michael

    @John Arthur: Actually, it shows that departments and offices within the government, much like the military, don't change when the party in power changes. Power corrupts, and culture is usually ingrained.

  • wake up

    then it is a badge of honor if every citizen with balls to speak up for protection of other american citizens is now a ‘terrorist'…what a sad pathetic fu*()& up country this is.

    what is not mentioned is pro toxic hydfrofracking activists put EVERYONE who is against poisoning their own water on the list or notified PA authorites…neocons and right wing are modern mccarthyists…

    I think all the ‘elitist’ liberals better start getting their attorneys and suing all these right wing aholes.

    dumbass people think we are somehow more ‘democratic’ than china…..

    I think reality says otherwise.

  • wake up

    every single citizen of upstate New York State not directly benefiting from gas, is against this….

    is every law-abiding citizen who is trying to protect their own land, for which they pay a lot of taxes in NY State, with virtually nothing in return except still clean air and water, all on this list?? if so, doesn't it make the entire list meaningless????

    how about NY CIty??? every NYC citizen needs to be on this list as NYC already banned toxic hydrofracking from any of its’ upstate reservoirs ro rivers leading into them!!!!!

    cheney and bush should be in jail and most GOP need to be investigated for harassing and intimidating law-abiding citizens.

  • mj

    I'm sure it has nothing to do with his politics or using his celebrity to step on Big Energy's toes by promoting safe air and water. Mark, Mark, Mark – shave the beard. It's scaring them.

  • Mongration35

    wow, if the landowners wouldnt sign away there leases in the 1st place this wouldnt be happening, everyone needd natural gas or we canpay high prices or start scrapping all the resources and plants that use natural gas.