Oliver Stone Blasts Obama (Again): ‘He's a Snake … We Have to Turn on Him’

Oliver Stone Blasts Obama (Again): 'He's a Snake … We Have to Turn on Him'

Shockingly, the outspoken director is not a fan of the government targeting protestors

Oliver Stone got all sorts of hissy about President Barack Obama this week.

The outspoken director spouted off about politics yet again at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, blasting Obama as a "snake" while decrying the government's monitoring of protestors.

"We have to get off of this terrorism thing. the problem is, we go around the world … every public protest, every demonstration against the government, whether it's civil rights, the Vietnam war, students against Iraq; these are very important protests; they grow out of the Arab Spring. It comes out of the people," Stone told the assemblage while discussing his TV miniseries "The Secret History of the United States." "But what is being targeted here is not just terrorists but those groups. in other words, anybody who protests government policies in the future — whether it's Wall Street bankers, you protest against them — you're going to be targeted as a potential threat."

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Comparing the national climate under Obama to the J. Edgar Hoover era, Stone continued, "Obama is a snake. He's a snake, and we have to turn on him."

Watch Stone blast the president below. And never mind that popping sound you keep hearing — it's just Republicans' heads exploding as they try to decide whether to agree with Oliver Stone or pass up a chance to criticize Obama.

  • Pops

    But Fidel is a great civil libertarian, right?

  • Carlos Decourcy Lascoutx

    …Lady Snake/CiuaCoatl(N) is Minister of Defense and Public Works, Oliver, not President.

  • sticklinge

    Fuck the Stone! A total idiotb who LOVES Cummunist Cuba.

  • Krishna Menon

    fuk him

  • John W

    Hey Oliver Stoned, if you want to impeach the SOB, we're all with you.

  • mary

    I agree with Oliver Stone – thank you for speaking up Oliver…you are right.
    It was clear to the People of Syria, it was clear to the Bishops of Syria and other religious leaders – it was clear to the Italian Catholic sisters who wrote an open letter to Obama – and who btw are risking their lives in that country, in order to help the people of Syria – it was clear that the rebels were using gas — and they kept saying it, and saying it and writing it and saying it.. Obama couldnt hear their cry??
    but insisted, with no proof, that it was Assad.. Not true!!!
    How could any American trust this man.. How and Why!! Oliver STone and millions of others have it right. For the first time I agree with Mr. Putin – he has it right! and he is helping bring peace to the world. Ironic right !! indeed that the Russian president is helping protect the Christians – and is heeding the message of the Pope… who has cried out on behalf of millions of men, women, children, elderly, sick, handicapped that peace and dialogue is the answer not Obama's bombers!! Why does Obama and his Washington administration refuse to hear this. Why does CNN and BBC continue to spout propaganda lies – people are smarter and better than this!
    American People wake up…