Annette Bening — a Kid Who's All Right

How fascinating it is to see phenomenal actors who are willing to completely expose themselves so openly

Awestruck and perhaps more than a little envious of such freedom, we consider showing a little more of who we really are — if we dare. When we do, we discover the strength that comes with the ability to be so vulnerable. Why are we so afraid to let people see us for who we really are?

I just saw Annette Bening in her new film, "The Kids Are All Right," and I realized how fascinating it is to see phenomenal actors who are willing to completely expose themselves so openly to reveal every fiber of a character's being. Yet even with such inner courage and fortitude, many actors are unwilling to allow the public to see anything other than a pre-packaged surgically altered often (badly) scripted characterized version of themselves.

If an actor, if anyone, ages, are they really less relevant in today's youth driven market? Many would say yes and point to all kinds of evidence to support that theory. As they hop on board that babblecrap train, they completely discard the extraordinary and profound impact of today's seniors of significance in all walks of life, public and private.

We're only rendered insignificant when we believe it ourselves.

If we think we are no longer consequential when our face begins to slide off our face then we miss out on nature's trade-off; wisdom. We trade in our youthful vibrant hearts for a barrel of Botox. We scramble our life away in a fruitless attempt to fool mother nature. We only fool ourselves, no one else buys the facade.  We still feel old, ugly and irrelevant inside.

So, its off to the med spa for yet another round of surgical fairy dust in a vain attempt to hide the awful truth. Why hasn't someone come up with an app that Photoshops our face before we head out the door?

Seriously? We're only as good, as dynamic, as worthy, as the skin we're in?

Those who love themselves for who they are remain young at heart. They're kids who are eternally ..  all right. Instead of spending time, energy and resources waging war against nature, they invest their moments in what really matters on that fateful and final day: Was my life a story well told or was my fullest potential or did I leave the best parts of me on the cutting room floor?