Dailies | Bryan Singer Unveils ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Sentinel in All its Giant Glory (Photo)

Bryan Singer Unveils 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Sentinel in All its Giant Glory (Photo)

The practical model that will play a major role in the upcoming "X-Men" sequel appears to be about two stories tall

Bryan Singer unveiled a full-sized sentinel from the set of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" on Thursday. And it's big.

The director tweeted the picture of himself standing next to the giant robot that appears to be three times his size and wrote, "Here's to the next 50 years."

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The number of years is a reference to a video 20th Century Fox released on Tuesday as part of the upcoming Marvel movie's viral marketing campaign, which celebrates 50 years of the sentinel program created by "X-Men" villain Boliver Trask, who is played by Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones") in the upcoming sequel.

Singer previously teased the sentinels — robots responsible for hunting and destroying mutantkind — by having a robotic head on display at Comic-Con last month. Although artwork featuring the sentinels in full was released earlier this week, this is "X-Men" fans first full look at the practical model that will be fighting Wolverine, Professor Xavier, Magneto, Storm and the rest of the Marvel mutants returning for the seventh film in the franchise that began in 2000.

Here's the pic:

  • Tracy Miller

    “F” the super-nerds. Where is GAMBIT??

    • James Wyman

      Screw Gambit, he is worthless

      • Tracy Miller

        Damn Poindexter, why don't you say something positive on this thread? Come up out of your parent's basement and get some fresh air or something.

      • Carter

        If you know aint thing about the X-Men and the marvel universe gambit will become one of the most powerful beings on planet earth he even destroyed the whole planet in a alternate universe. He is ultimate energy

  • Ryan Williamson

    Wasn't it the second film that we saw the Sentinels originally? Remember when Storm, Wolverine, Collosis can't spell that one, and a few others were in the training mod at the school? It was a very brief scene, but they were there.

    • Magneto

      Yes, those were the elite 60 foot Sentinels, but they were in the Danger Room training.

      • Ryan Williamson

        That's what I thought Magneto, saw plenty of posts about how they weren't in any of the movies yet and how disappointing the new one is.

  • James Wyman

    It looks like a tinker toy. You can't be serious with this being a mutant hunting sentinel. It is too small, and it looks simply ridiculous. You need to go back and read the original Days of Futures Past in the X-Men comics, and look at how the Sentinels were in the comics, not to mention what their origin was. This is what we get when they hire someone who knows nothing about the X-Men. There are too many jumps in the stories, and they need to revamp the X-Men and start over with the original X-Men, that being Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast (Human Form), Iceman, and Angel. Those were the X-Men. These movie makers need to read the comics to get a better understanding of the characters, and how to show their powers on screen, and not mix up story lines and put characters in where they don't belong, like wolverine in the first X-Men movie. Wolverine did not appear in the X-Men until Xavier Brought in a new Team to help find the original X-Men.

  • James Wyman

    Have you ever read the X-Men comics, if you have you'd understand

  • James Wyman

    They weren't that big in the original comics, but later on they became massive

  • James Wyman

    They should hire People who love comics to make these movies, Bryan Singer you suck big blue balls.

  • casper

    and why isn't Rogue in the movie !

  • Magneto

    You people do know that there are different versions and size variety of the Sentinels, right? Some are about 8 feet tall, some others are around 20 feet tall and the elites are about 60 feet tall. Mastermold Sentinel is about 120 feet tall and the TriSentinel is about as tall or taller than a 40 story skyscraper.

    • oddlojik

      Well done, Magneto. I own X-men #1 to infinity. love listening to jack a$$ fanboys who don't know history.

  • mattuzzi

    don't you people know anything about cinematography? just because it looks rather small (compared to the comics) in the pic. they can make it look huge on film. wait and see the movie before you judge.

  • Carter

    the design looks very weak. I hope they get the X-Men movie right this time because they destroyed the X-Men legacy in the movie forum.

  • Carter

    They should of had rogue kill ms marvel already to gain her powers, also why leave out some of the best characters in the X-Men universe they shouldve had the whole team at the beginning where the fuck is Gambit, Colossus, and the biggest thread to the X-Men sinister and apocalypse but instead they have the X-Men fighting Magneto for 3 fuckin movies and why is Nightcrawler only in one movie. I feel they need me as a consultant these are the characters and stories I grew up with there were so many possibilities for just the Phoenix story line an they just fucked it up badly and that was actually the better movie of the trilogy. The Phoenix story line could have opened the door to better X-Men movies and also, like the X-Men going to space meeting the star jammers which in turn would have opened the door for a Cyclops origin story next the Phoenix story line would of had the X-Men meet Lilandra the Queen of the Shi'ar empire which would have been the actual Phoenix origin story as of now X-Men movie suck I'm sticking to the comics.But the most epic superhero movie hasn't Been made yet and that's the planet Hulk series and I hope they don't fuck it up when they do.

  • nomdefaitour

    It looks like a Transformer toy, not a sentinel. Fox is absolutely mutilating some of Marvel's best characters with three take on the X-Men.


    Molly maid. With a built in air blower to dry the carpet. Where can I get one?

  • wut

    That thing looks like it belongs next to a Hot Wheels car in the toy aisle at Target.