Calling Hollywood Interns: Mel Gibson's Hiring

Unwritten but presumed: blacks and Jews need not apply?

It’s apparently business as usual for Mel Gibson over at Icon Productions, where they are advertising for a passel of interns for the fall.

United Talent Agency's latest insider Hollywood job list has a posting that advertises for “positive, hardworking” young folks who have a “team based attitude.” They can apply to work (no money, as per usual) around the production company team that brought you “Apocalypto,” “Passion of the Christ” and the as-yet unproduced Mel-as-Psychopath audio tapes.

Unwritten but presumed: Jews, blacks and Russian women need not apply.

Here’s the notice, but honestly I’d lock up your children first:

Icon Productions (PUSH, APOCALYPTO, BRAVEHEART) seeks fall interns.
Interns learn the ins and outs of feature film development, from
reading scripts and writing coverage to learning the art of pitching.
At the end of the semester interns have the opportunity to practice
pitching a project to a high level development executive. Other
duties include administrative tasks and covering the reception desk.
MUST be able to receive college credit and commit to at least two full
days a week, 9:30am – 6:30pm. Interns do not need prior experience,
but do need a positive, hardworking, team based attitude. Please email
your cover letter and résumé ~ Unpaid 7/30

And yes, the place is owned by Mel Gibson, with his partner Bruce Davey.