Channing Tatum, Heath Ledger Could Have Starred in ‘Ted’

Channing Tatum, Heath Ledger Could Have Starred in 'Ted'

Seth MacFarlane reveals his rejected movie pitches to CollegeHumor

Channing Tatum, Heath Ledger and Ben Kingsley are just a few of the actors “Ted” director Seth MacFarlane wanted to work with before casting Mark Wahlberg opposite the eponymous talking teddy bear.

In a new video for CollegeHumor, MacFarlane reveals he’s been cooking up ideas to pair a famous person with a sentient object for years.

Channing Tatum could have starred opposite a stuffed giraffe, Kelsey Grammar with a bowl of shredded coconut and Heath Ledger paired with a knish – too bad he was allergic.

MacFarlane blames a lack of interest on the part of the studios, imploring Harvey Weinstein to “put down the fork and make this movie.”

Eventually, Universal signed on with Wahlberg and his pot-smoking furry friend.

The result is the nation’s number one movie, but instead of making a sequel, why not encourage Universal to make “Plum,” the story of Denzel Washington and his favorite fruit?

After all, MacFarlane has all the leverage.

Here’s the video: