Dailies | ‘The Dictator’ First Scene: Sacha Baron Cohen Guns for Glory (Video)

"Borat" funny man Sacha Baron Cohen's latest effort "The Dictator" starts with several bangs

With Sacha Baron Cohen's latest movie "The Dictator" set to brutally oppress movie theaters May 16, the opening scene from the film has been released like a grateful hostage onto the internet, so viewers can prepare for the cinematic regime to come.

In the film, Cohen plays Admiral General Aladeen, the thuggish despot of Wadiya. The scene, a spoof-newsreel, offers a primer on Aladeen, from his humble-but-hairy beginnings to his triumphant performance in his self-held version of the Olympic games — during which he appears to take the gold in the 100 meter dash and marksmanship simultaneously.

Check out "The Dictator"'s opening shots in the video.