Good Morning Hollywood, June 9: Little Miss Unshine

Kristen Stewart takes her sad face to MTV, while summer films hope Facebook gives them happy faces


In this morning’s roundup of movie news ‘n’ notes from around the web, Kristen Stewart takes her sad face to MTV, while summer films hope Facebook gives them happy faces.

“Better marketing through technology?” Mediashift makes a case study of how six summer movies are using Facebook. The “Iron Man 2” page is solid but “nothing to marvel at,” “Sex and the City 2” is glossy, “The A Team” hides its best feature, “Despicable Me” is building two Facebook communities, “Toy Story 3” benefits from Disney’s ticket-buying app, and “The Twlight Saga” eclipses the rest because it satisfies the franchise’s huge, “insatiable” fan base. (Mediashift)

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart and Taylor LautnerThe New York Times puts together an instructive and entertaining photo essay illustrating the many moods of Kristen Stewart over the course of the MTV Movie Awards. The fact that all of those moods appeared to be slight variations on bored and sullen only means that Ms. Stewart treats those particular awards, at which her movie won everything it could and then some, the same way that she treats every other awards show. I suppose staying home is not an option, but geez… (Arts Beat(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Michael Winterbottom’s “The Killer Inside Me” is such a brutal, violent film – with much of violence directed against Jessica Alba – that after its festival screenings it prompted complaints about gratuitous violence and misogyny. But Hadley Freeman has a different viewpoint altogether: she thinks its brutality makes it “an unexpectedly moral film,” and one that’s far less gratuitous or misogynistic than works by Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino. “’The Killer Inside Me’ shows violence as something that causes irrevocable damage,” she says. “It is not sexy, nor set to some adrenaline pumping hip-hop or rock'n'roll soundtrack.” That said, it doesn’t sound as if she enjoyed the movie very much. (The Guardian)

Sometimes, apparently, it can be just as bad not to release a movie as to release one and have it fail. Eriq Gardner reports that “Crash” producer Bob Yari has been ordered to pay more than $6 million to three international film distributors who sued Yari’s company for its failure to release a pair of films. Yari, who has been in and out of Chapter 11 in recent years, was sued by Momentum Pictures, Aurum Producciones and Alliance Films for not giving “Addicted,” with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and “Accidental Husband,” with Uma Thurman and Colin Firth, the contractually obligated theatrical release. The plaintiffs won the case on a summary judgment two months ago, and were awarded about $6.1 by a judge last week. (THR, Esq.)

Jette Kernion has a question: “Do unpronounceable movie titles hinder a movie's popularity, or are they simply part of the fun?” Prompting this query is an upcoming, New Orleans-set documentary called “Tchoupitoulas,” named after a Crescent City street that leads to the musically fertile Uptown neighborhood. (It’s prounounced “chop-i-too-lus,” and if you add “Wild” in front of it you’ve got the name of a band that recorded one hell of a version of “Meet De Boys on the Battlefront” way back when.) In honor of the film, Kernion comes up with a batch of past movie titles that are hard to pronounce, and spell: “Synecdoche, New York,” “Koyaanisqatsi” and “Powaqqatsi,” “Ratatouille,” “Gigli,” “Zzyxx” and “Zyzzyx Rd.,” “Sssssss!” (“don’t say it, hiss it” was the tagline) and “Dick.” Okay, that last one isn’t unpronounceable – just embarrassing to say out loud, at least to Kernion. (Cinematical)


  • Cacay1st

    This is a mean article and so very wrong. I watched the awards show but mostly she was happy. And FYI there is couple picture of her smile.
    So just leave her alone, u guys !!!!!
    And can't u tell that she was very nervous when she has to standing on stage?
    Just give her a break and some space to breathe y'all.

  • sandra

    I agree with Cacay1st!! This is a very mean and very very wrong article. All you have to do is look at all the photos my goodness. She was smiling MOST of the time. After last week I was just happy she showed up in one piece. You guys are so focused on this one girl only shows that she is the hottest 20 yr old out there right now and that she is smiling all the way to the bank!!!Why not show the real craziness at the Mtv awards! Linsay, Vanessa “fake as ****” Hudgens,Sandra Bullock's way over the top kiss, Xtina Xrated show and all the profanity. NOW THOSE ARE THE STORIES!! Kristen has apologized and she will go on1 Can we?!!!

  • Ang

    Leave her alone…..She looked to be having fun most of the time that nite….Give her a break…Watch her in interviews lately…she looks and sounds great…So quit with the hating…

  • nmulls

    She was NOT miserable at the MTV Awards, she looked like she was having a great time and every time the camera's were on her she had a big smile on her face. I wish people would stop writing so many awful things about this girl, she's so cute and I always look forward to her interviews HERS, not the Twilight cast as a whole. I do love the interviews with her and Rob, she has more of a calm over her while she is with him and they blend together very well but KS is my favorite. Thank you Kristen for paving the way for a new generation of young Hollywood, we need more sensible and real young women like you out there. I look forward to seeing her projects in the future.

  • Alicia

    In my life I have never seen or read so much hate on a shy person?? a kid?? she would not even speak if she did not have a contract with summit! if someone asked you a question and you answered it honestly, why is that so wrong? people are taking this to far already!! and it's a shame she was right about people always in her business and making up stories on her! other people from other countries read the crap you all post and 9 out 10 they will beleive what they read because they don't know or understand fact from fiction! she was the happiest amd smiling, I have seen in a long time and that obviously had a lot to do with her being with the one she loves and can't show because people will ruin the relationship, robert pattinson! she is one of the best young hoolywood girls out now! you don't hear scandal stories about her with a ton of men, only thing I see she does is smoke and swear and who does not in this day and age! leave her alone! get a life! you look to old to be watching this young girls every move! now that is creepy!!!

  • Patti

    Just wondering, did the writer of this article even watch the MTV awards or just steal his information from the NY Times article? While the NYT created a photo essay showing the most sullen shots of Ms. Stewart, it did end with a smiling shot leading at least this reader to believe that it was all in jest. I don't think this writer understood the article and shouldn't have relied on it to form an opinion. Those photos appeared to be shots taken when she was looking down at her cell phone, probably reading texts, emails or even tweets. She did smile throughout the show and seemed to really enjoy herself even on stage. Yes, you can tell she is a little nervous and sometimes even embarrassed but really nothing abnormal for someone her age. We need to keep taking the media to task for perpetuating false and misleading information and tell them to back off and let Hollywood's youth have a chance to grow up.