Kevin Smith's ‘Red State’ Ticket Auction Nets $1,000 for Sundance Institute

The lucky bidder won 2 tickets to World Premiere and after-party, plus a ride on the filmmaker's bus

Kevin Smith is showing off his generosity at the Sundance Film Festival. The "Red State" writer-director just auctioned off two of his personal tickets to Sunday night's World Premiere of the film on Twitter.

One lucky bidder by the name of Bryan King shelled out $1000 to attend the screening and after-party. He'll also get a tagged protest sign from the WBC pre-screening picket by Smith and "Red State" star Michael Parks, as well as a ride on Smith's bus.

The auction benefitted the Sundance Institute Labs.

  • Jon Stevens

    Glad to see red State's star Michael Parks (Kill Bill I & II) who Tarantino calls “best actor alive” get some traction in his career. He's brilliant. God bless him.

  • Rentawitch

    I am very hyped to see this film The negative reviews after yesterday's screening don't put me off at all.

    If you havent t already, you should check out Red State of the Union the podcasts over at :)
    Loved the placards btw Kev.
    I hate Mewes too! :D