Dailies | ‘The Loneliest Planet’ Trailer: Love and Mystery in the Wilderness

"The Loneliest Planet," from director and screenwriter Julia Loktev, might just be the next film-festival sweetheart that could

"The Loneliest Planet" will keep viewers questioning the nature of human relationships.

Julia Loktev's mysterious and quiet love story, which claimed the Grand Jury Prize at AFI Fest, follows a young engaged couple, Nica (Hani Furstenberg) and Alex (Gael García Bernal), as they travel throughout the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia with a local guide the summer before they marry.

Everything goes swimmingly at first, until a small gesture is made that makes the couple question everything they thought they knew about each other.

The film comes out Oct. 26 — meanwhile, check out the trailer below and see if it piques your curiosity.