Dailies | Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto Are HIV Drug Dealers In ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Trailer (Video)

Both actors slimmed dramatically for the film about the fight to access alternative HIV meds

We've seen the photos of Matthew McConaughey wearing a whole lot less Matthew McConaughey.

Now we see his even slighter self in action.

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The “Magic Mike” actor famously lost a bunch of weight he could ill afford to lose to play a noble drug dealer in “Dallas Buyers Club,” the based-on-a-true-story of cowboy Ron Woodroof, who embarks on a quest in 1986 to find, smuggle and distribute not-yet-approved HIV medication.

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Jared Leto portrays an HIV-positive cross-dressing prostitute who becomes Woodroof's friend and partner in the illegal drug ring. Jennifer Garner co-stars as a doctor who treats AIDS patients, and maybe falls in love with one, too. 

Focus Features is releasing the Oscar-bait on Nov. 1.

Watch the trailer above.

  • Nothingbut theTruth

    Matthew and Jared looked horrible being so skinny….

    • Connie Ryan

      Agreed. I still can't wait to see it…

  • icky schwartz

    best reason in the world to give up being a faggot.

    • Hello!

      It is not a homosexual disease anymore. Get your facts straight! Your comment show how ignorant you are.

    • lesismore

      You are an idiot. McConaughey's character isn't even gay. And if he was so what? The sad truth is all kinds of people die from AIDS. Why don't you turn your hatred inward, I've heard ulcers can be very painful, and that couldn't happen to anyone more deserving than you.

  • Fater1974

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    Matthew and Jared looked horrible being so skinny….