Dailies | Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally Drive Their Kids Into the Woods in ‘Kings of Summer’ Red Band Trailer (Video)

Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally Drive Their Kids Into the Woods in 'Kings of Summer' Red Band Trailer (Video)

The hit Sundance comedy debuts in theaters on May 31

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are hilariously annoying parents in the red band trailer for upcoming indie comedy “The Kings of Summer.”

In fact, the real-life married couple are so annoying that their respective kids (Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso) decide to run away from home and build their own house in the middle of the forest, where they spend the entire summer living off of the land, playing with swords and running away from scary possums.

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The Sundance comedy (known on the festival circuit as “Toy's House”) from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and writer Chris Galletta looks like a wilder, zanier, and more foul-mouthed version of “Stand by Me.” It's unclear whether or not the boys will be finding any dead bodies, though.

Still, there appears to be lots of fun to be had in this makeshift cabin in the woods.

  • slipnslide

    Anyone notice a direct storyline rip-off of Moonrise Kingdom…? Offerman and Mullally are wonderful, but, this sounds like a sue-able steal. Yeah, I know…. no copywright on ideas, etc, etc… but you know….. Can't believe Wes Anderson will be too happy…..

  • slipnslide

    Having seen the trailer, think I prefer Moonrise Kingdom… Hate this OTT teen stuff – SO immature, man…..!!! In fact its formulaic – same old Animal House-meets-Porkies stuff for a new generation. At least Moonrise was original….. Wes can rest easy…..