Tom Cruise's Sci-Fi Movie ‘All You Need Is Kill’ Gets New Title

Doug Liman directed the Warner Bros. movie, which co-stars Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton

Tom Cruise has announced on his Twitter feed that Warner Bros. has retitled his sci-fi thriller "All You Need Is Kill" to "Edge of Tomorrow."

Director Doug Liman and WB will be hyping the movie at this weekend's Comic-Con with an early look at footage from the film, which doesn't hit theaters until June 6, 2014.

Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton co-star in the movie, which is based on the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Several screenwriters had a hand in the script, including Christopher McQuarrie, Dante Harper and the Butterworth siblings.

Village Roadshow co-produced the movie, which is set in the near-future when an alien race has attacked Earth. Cruise plays a military officer who has never seen a day of combat when he's sent out on what is essentially a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, he's thrown into a time loop where he dies during battle and returns to fight the aliens with increased skill and knowledge of their weaknesses.

Cruise's sci-fi movie "Oblivion" has grossed more than $285 million worldwide since opening in April.