MSNBC Host Makes Fun of Mitt Romney's Black Grandson

MSNBC Host Makes Fun of Mitt Romney's Black Grandson

Host of eponymous “Melissa Harris-Perry Show” is under fire for making the race of Romney's adopted grandson a punchline

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry concluded the “What's So Funny About 2013?” segment of her Sunday show with a chorus of laughter at the black grandson pictured in former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's family Christmas photo. The chuckles were directed at baby Kieran – who was adopted by Romney's son Ben and his wife Andelynne in September.

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“One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn't the same,” panelist Pia Glenn offered as a caption for the photo, which the Romneys tweeted on Christmas Eve. (Lyrics of the original Sesame Street song are, “One of these things just doesn't belong.”)

“And that little baby, front and center, would be the one,” Glenn said.

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Comedian Dean Obeidallah joked that the baby is a token.

“It really sums up the diversity of the Republican party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.”

Conservative blogs on Monday roundly criticized MSNBC and the panelists for the segment. Commentator Caleb Howe wrote tongue-in-cheek on The Right Scoop: ”He's not a child adopted by loving parents prepared to provide him with a better life in keeping with the family's values. Nope. He's just a token. A punchline, not a person.”

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“It's funny because Romney is white and his grandson isn't, which is obviously hilarious. Because as everyone knows, the races should not mix,” Howe added [emphasis original].

Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain, who ran for president in 2008, also has an adopted child of a different race. McCain's wife Cindy brought daughter Bridget home after a cyclone relief trip to Bangladesh in 1991.

Glenn acknowledged the controversy on Twitter Monday but fell short of apologizing, instead blaming the producers of the show for springing the photo on her and the panelists.

She wrote in response to a critic, “”Really? You think I'm a producer on the show? You think I chose that photo & new [sic] it was coming?”

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“Yes, I sang the song. There are many children in the pic & only 1 black child. I don't see that as mocking or attacking the baby.”

Harris-Perry and other panelists have thus far remained mum.

Ironically, the segment ends by teasing the next block, an annual “‘Look Back in Laughter’ tradition of asking ‘Hey – Was That Racist?'”

  • Jimmy

    Come on, people! It's the 21st century and white family adopt children of different races. When did it become funny to make fun of baby?

    • Owen_Kellogg

      Liberals are the most hate-filled racists on the planet.

      • Kennie Duffie

        thith woman ith really dithguthing, honethly she ith.,,

      • Jermain Johnson

        Some show their hate while others pretend and twist their hate.
        I'll rather go with the one the show it openly than the one that stab you in the back.

        • Owen_Kellogg


        • Tony in MN

          So we can assume you hide your BS then stab people in the back? These idiots just proved on TV how racist they are? You must be completely clueless

          • Jermain Johnson

            Known BS is better than unknown BS.

          • godspal53

            what BS are you refering 2?,,,,if you'd be so kind

        • trustnooneinpower


      • Isis

        You would know of course! Being the all seeing, all knowing, god that you are…

        • Owen_Kellogg

          I am speaking from experience. I have yet to meet one who truly judges someone based on the content of their character without regard to the color of his/her skin.

          • Dominick

            How sad for you.

      • Anthony Signoretto

        “Hate” is a most un-comfortable word. Ignorance would be more appropriate. This country, it seems, has”Dumbed Down” since the 60's. The media has too much to say and does it in a very negative way. Maybe someday we will have a country of which the “Flower Children” of the sixties “Dreamed”

        • J

          That is the problem. we have that now. You know what a flower child is. a blooming ———

        • arc

          No, hate is the correct term. It is the only term that correctly relates to the liberal media's feelings for those of a different political view!

      • CiscoKid

        Amen Owen. Only a group of short sighted, hatred filled, racist jerks would do something like this. Imagine if this was a story was reversed, and it was a photo of a democrat, and this was a republican panel…

        • Owen_Kellogg

          If that had been the case then this never would have happened.

          • mike123

            I agree, the only problem is that they don't know just how racist they really are. then they have the gull to call conservatives racist.

          • mark

            I am so consoled to find a few people who actually know how to THINK. Excellent comments.

          • Tuenesha Nicole Cartwright

            conservatives ARE racist. 1 ill informed song by one democratic person does not forgive “welfare moms”, “anchor babies”, “black thugs” “illegal aliens” which are just a few of the overtly racist rhetoric spewed constantly by thousands if not millions on the right. These poor taste, cruel and unfair comments are only ever directed at blacks and Mexicans. That's worse because they are ad-hominems, baseless attacks you can't defend yourself against. I can't count how many times I've been told to go buy snow crab with my food stamps and take care of my 5 children just because my profile pic is of me and I am clearly African American by conservatives that don't agree with me on a subject. I am a college educated, married woman with one child and no government assistance. But that doesn't register or really matter to the right, my skin color does matter. So please, anyone on the right trying to call someone else racist is just laughable. When people like “The Southern Avenger” works for a right wing think tank for senator Rand Paul, that's all you have to know to decide which side are the real racists. :/

          • merccougar89

            Come off it..You may be black and being Arab American as I am I can tell you that Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are keeping your people in the dark about the world.Here is an honest take from one the ministers in the black community.

          • Anthony

            Why don't you look up Tawana Brawley. That little lying sack of shit was brought into the public light by the ever-piece-of-shit Al Sharpton. REGARDLESS of her story not being true and PROVEN that it wasn't true, according to him she was right because she was black and it was accusing white men of something. So please, tell me again how it's conservatives that are the racists. Idiot.

        • Necie4010

          You aren't really that stupid or uninformed are you? Please! Fox News makes racist comment about Black families every second of the day, and especially about the president's BLACK daughters. That racist Phil Robertson just used his “free speech” rights to effectively bash gays and Blacks and you folks are calling this woman a racist…lol…lol…the utter hypocrisy and stupidity of right wingers is astounding. It is alright for white people to bash the President's daughters but when MHP makes jokes about Romney, who named their baby a RACIST name–look it up, idiots—you folks conjure up your inner conscious for a little Black baby…save the bull, you could care less about this baby, your whining is more about what was said about this racist Mormon family. Get real!

          • lion575a

            What did Phil Robertson say that was racist???? He said he didnt notice or experience racism growing up in the south ….. how is his perception of his childhood not involving racism racist? Go back and read the article and know what the hell you are talking about. I bet your dumbass never even read it.

          • Karen Jonsson

            Did you read it lion? He said he thought black people were happier before civil rights. he did not say he did not see any racism. Was he in a coma in the 50's and 60's living in the south? if not… he saw racism. Be real.

          • MyGoodness

            What he said was “before entilement” not CIVIL RIGHTS. But you would actually have to read the article to know that!

          • lion575a

            Yes I did read it, and the term “civil rights” was never mentioned. Not sure what article your reading. He also said people were happy, but never happier ….. go back and read it. Does it sound a little naive … maybe, but racist …. only an idiot with no understanding of the english language could come to that conclusion.

          • Brian Brown

            It wasn't really racist, just a guy stating his opinion, however different then it actually really was. Yeah, you know they were happy as a lark to have to eat outside of a restaurant or be spit on or have to use separate bathrooms. When he was referring to people singing and being a godly people, they had to do something to take their minds off feeling inferior to everyone around them. My grandpa, who is 88 and a WWII vet, worked in the fields to. He got a quarter a day. Poor Phil. We live in Kentucky and he said that it was INHUMAN how the black people were treated. Anytime your afraid to look someone in the eye for fear of retribution, you are being belittled and dismissed as an unequal. I'd like to see how happy, happy, happy Old Phil would feel if he had to abide by the laws that the blacks had to. He was young and ignorant at the time. And I'll give him that since he was self-proclaimed “white trash” that he wouldn't be treated much better but at least he could go into any store or restaurant he wanted. Or walked down the street without being searched. I don't believe he believes what he said when he looks back on it now. I'd say he'd like to clarify a few things! Seems to be a good person but hes the type that if you aint with him, your against him. As a famous philosopher once said, “You can't fix stupid”. But hopefully you can open their eyes a little so that they won't be so ignorant about such an important part of our history.

          • Dill Pixel

            Name ONE Racist thing Fox has ever reported. Name ONE Racist thing FOX has said EVER said about the Presidents daughters. It should be pretty easy since they do it every minute of the day. What IS Racist about the name of Mr. Romney's Grandbaby? PLEASE tell us Necie. :)

          • godspal53

            This Goon-A-Tic can't come up with anything because there is nothing,,,whoever this commentator is yhey know nothing about what Fox broadcasts except for what others tell them,,we all know how dependable Hearsay is for concrete news reporting, or rereporting as in this morons case

          • Tuenesha Nicole Cartwright

            Please oh please look at my examples and then shut the fuck up. K?

          • MyGoodness

            u r going to be waiting for a long time lol

          • Michael English

            Actually you are incorrect, that amazing list above proves it.

          • Lestat Orion

            you can youtube it I found 10 just by typing fox news racist comments,

          • Larry PIper

            Hey just Google Fox News, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly lies! The shear volume of crap from these three source sources is truly astounding.LOL!

          • Dill Pixel

            Lestat, I YouTubed it. Found 10 of the same comment. Others could not really be found as “Racist” except that certain people WANTED them to be Racists. Others were cut and spliced and still others were so made up that even YouTube had to ban them.

          • Tuenesha Nicole Cartwright

            1. Megyn Kelly of FOX news: “Santa just is white kids and so is Jesus but this ‘person’ just seems to think they should be black” Why because there were a bunch of white people in ancient day Africa being born to Aramaic Jews? How many white people are in modern day Turkey let alone ancient day the place where St. Nicholas hails? They look pretty dark to me…

            2. Sarah Palin, FOX News concerning NSA and Immigration reform, “But with Obama deciding to just oh I guess lead from behind on this issue too, that’s the community organizer in our president. That’s a bit of that lackadaisical eh you know, don’t have to take responsibility for much in all these years. This just another issue, another example that falls in line with a community organizer”. Just as a historical reminder, The stereotype of the lackadaisical African-American goes back to slavery and Jim Crow. According to the 1937 book “Class and Caste in a Southern Town”, “It is a common error in judging lower class Negroes to compare them unfavorably with foreign immigrants, stressing the lackadaisical Negro work habits, and referring to the energy and zeal for advancement of a foreign peasantry.”

            3. Bill O'Reilly on Fox news: In reference to Hawaii legalizing gay marriage “But you know what is surprising? Hawaii is made up of 35% Asian population! Asians are by definition not liberal. Asian people tend to be more hard working and industrial people (guess he's not surprised blacks are liberal but oh no that's not racist). Jesse Watters on FOX News adding to O'Reilly's statement “But they did vote for Obama in the 2012 election, so if you add them to the indigenous Hawaiian population and add Hispanics, they outnumber whites by two to one, Bill: Yeah that only makes the population of Hawaii 25% white. Send all the California liberals in there and you have a perfect storm of liberalism” Because you know minorities are inherently lazy, moochers so of course they are liberal.

            4. Brent Bozell appeared on Hannity as part of the show's weekly “Media Mash” segment to talk about purported mainstream media failings. After listening to a clip of MSNBC host Chris Matthews saying that Newt Gingrich “looks like a car bomber,” Bozell responded:

            BOZELL: How long do you think Sean Hannity's show would last if four times in one sentence, he made a comment about, say, the President of the United States, and said that he looked like a skinny, ghetto crackhead?” end quote.. oh no that's not racist cause you know car bomber is as synonymous with white people as ghetto is with blacks.

            5. Fox's Eric Bolling came under fire for his racially charged criticisms of Obama, including his claims that Obama was “chugging 40's in IRE while tornadoes ravage MO” (which he latertried to amend), and that Obama was hosting “hoodlum[s] in the hizzouse” when he welcomed Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba and rapper Common to the White House.

            6. Fox News’ news-aggregation website, Fox Nation, has ahabit of prominently featuring race-baiting headlines and content in an apparent effort to attract and encourage racist commenters. One memorable headline read: “Obama's Hip-Hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs.”

            7. A number of Fox news commentators (people who think like you) on a FOX piece done on Michelle Obama dancing on a kids show, ” The bone fell out of her nose” ” I saw this dance on national geographic” “She'd feel more comfortable in the dirt with no shoes” “This is what Africans call dignified and worthy of the highest office” “Lots of practice dancing with moneys around the campfire” “Basketball and dancing are what they are good at” “The Zoo comes to TV!” “Its the Wookei congo dance! haha” ” She has her mouth wide open waiting for a blow job or a banana” “Laura Bush was always proud of her country unlike this baboon”

            Racist comments about Obama's kids from a news report originally ran by The New York post but highlighted by FOX concerning that president's trip to the E.E.U. in which he took his children and a cousin (all of whom are black of course) and here is what FOX readers had to say about the KID:
            ” Looking at that picture is like seeing ghetto-fabulous failures win the lottery and going nuts – driving Escalades and buying disgustingly garish-looking homes. This is pathetic. We grab a worthless social worker off the street because he speaks well with a teleprompter and toss him into a job with 230 years of history and class. Anyone else see the problem with this? All the presidents before this idiot knew the enormity and responsibility of the office. This retard goes out and buys DVD’s for other heads of state. This ain’t one of your neighborhood block parties “homey”

            Here are a few other NON RACIST FOX WATCHER'S COMMENTS about the POTUS's CHILDREN:
            “We’re being represented by a family of ghetto trash.”
            “Looks like a bunch of ghetto thugs. A stain on America.”
            “Looks like a typical street whore.”
            “What we now are sending the ghetto over to represent us. and if so who the hell is that flea bag who looks to be dragged from the trash dumpster.”
            “you could go down any ghetto right now and see exactly the same.”
            “could you imagine what world leaders must be thinking seeing this kind of street trash and that we paid for this kind of street ghetto trash to go over there”
            “the world must be laughing like mad right now at that we have this kind of street trash in our white house.”
            “Wonder when she will have her first abortion.”
            “sad isn’t it that we now have ghetto street trash over there representing us in Europe.”
            “This disgusting display makes me more and more eager for the revolution.
            “They make me sick…. The whole family… mammy, pappy, the free loadin’ mammy-in-law, the misguided chillin’, and especially ‘lil cuz… This is not the America I want representin’ my peeps.”

            Really I don't need to go on. I wish the right would just admit you are racists and quit with the denial. I guess by trying to act like we are racist for laughing at a pic of a lone black kid engulfed by white kids makes you feel better about the people around you rallying the conservative movement. But really? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.

          • Michael English

            Amazing! And they cannot even respond to this list. They're cowards. Facts always win. thank you

          • Melrena K. Lason

            Those are not facts…we monitor and that is not truthful…in fact, the fact is FAR from the truth!

          • Tuenesha Nicole Cartwright

            Wow when in doubt deny, deny, deny. I can send you the links. For the Bill O'Reilly fact, I literally watched his video and paused it and wrote what he said verbatim. Everything I wrote is the truth and can be verified. None of it is made up. Its a harsh reality but one that shouldn't be ignored or denied.

          • Melrena K. Lason

            We monitor News stations every day and every minute…and your above statements are not true! NOT A ONE IS TRUE, that is the truth!

          • Anthony

            So you adding something that you're inferring (incorrectly I might add) makes it fact somehow? Goddamn you liberals will try to spin anything.

          • Michael English

            You got owned!

          • JGC

            Necie4010, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you are an idiot. Period.

          • Necie4010

            So you say, and coming from someone with your obvious lack of intelligence I take that as a compliment. Double Period.

          • ME


          • Necie4010

            Go to school little one and come back and talk with the adults when you have graduated first grade. Good-bye.

          • MyGoodness

            Spoken like a true RACE baiter. This woman is pure RACIST pig. Expect to see lots of ecnomic backlash for MSNBC- oh wait no one watches anyway. Robertson bashed neither gays or blacks. You should really try hard to read more than the talking points.

          • Michael English

            Robertson didn't bash? You are delusional, truly out of touch. You need to read the article properly.

          • Brian Brown

            Naw, he didn't bash anybody, just insulted the hell out of a lot of people. That may fall under the same heading, depending which side of the fence your on. The word “racist” is getting slung around a lot in here. I don't think your a racist. I think you maybe ignorant about some things, but not a racist. Homosexuality and black people have both been around as long as there has been humans on earth! With homosexuality, it even predates that! We all know that it exists in the animal kingdom and is a natural occurrence. We are considered animals, therefore homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Deal with it. Phil also says that we should love all people, so what about the homosexuals he was referring to? This whole story maybe just that, a story! A&E and GQ probably set up the whole thing. All that crap is partially scripted. I know Tim from Moonshiners and he said that everything is already planned out even before they start shooting. The only original stuff is most of the dialog and they actually do live the life that's portrayed on tv. Hopefully they'll be doing a show at our distillery in Danville called Wilderness Trace. We make Vodka and have just started on aging our bourbon. Good ‘Ol Kentucky Bourbon! Anyway, Phil is a backward feller. To damn grumpy for me. He needs to take his own advice and chill out and be “HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY”!

          • Necie4010

            Looking in the mirror again Mr/ Ms. MYGood-ness Piggy. It takes a swine to know a swine…and since you think you recognized me as one, you must be one yourself. It takes an uneducated white man to always think that someone else is racist because he refuses to see the hate and racism which crawls within himself. Purge yourself of the filth you carry within before you try to call me out on it. Idiot.

          • Lestat Orion

            Pronunciation:keer-anGender:Boy NameOrigin:ScottishName Meaning:A borrowing from the Irish, Kieran is the Irish form of the Gaelic Ciaran (little dark one), which is from ciar (black, dark), a word meaning “dark-haired” or “black-haired” when applied to humans. St. Kiaran was the patron saint of the Scots who first came from Ireland. His name is often found in the variant form QueranOrigins:View this name in other origins – Irish, Scottish Variants:Ceiran, Kiaran, Queran

          • luckylarry777

            Ahem, it sure sounds like you are the racist. Hopefully you do not expect others to toe a line you refuse to toe yourself.

          • trustnooneinpower

            you are truly delusional!! you do realize that Obama is half white don't you?? judging from your name, sound's like your a black person…. and I don't hate you for that, just for being so fucking stupid!!!

          • Brian Brown

            So full of hate! C'mon, be a Christian.

          • Necie4010

            But WHITE men do not treat him as if he is half-white, now do they…I overlook what racist like yourself say to me because I understand how narrow-minded and racist white men are so i know that you folks will never see or admit the hate and racism that crawls within you. I expect as much.

          • Paul Mauricio Velasquez

            necie, you are perfect in your comment, thanks for showing everybody here how perfect idiots leftist are. What a “racist name is”??? do you know any “racist medicine”? “racist pair of shoes”? I'm complete sure, you will be the last person in the world, to adopt and love, a child from different race than yours.By the way, I don't care about your race or color, but your soul is empty of morals. For the record, Robertson, never bash Blacks, typical lefty, you're also a liar. He said “I never saw with my eyes, a Black person mistreated”. He never denied that Blacks were mistreated.
            Have you see with your eyes an group of Afghani civilians killed by a drone? have you? because you never saw it, are you “bashing Afghanis”? Thank You!

          • Joe

            Goodness you have problems.

          • Necie4010

            Yeah, I do have problems and they are racist, uneducated and stupid white men…and yes, there are millions of you.

          • Melrena K. Lason

            NOT TRUE!, We monitor Fox News every day, every minute and your comment is completely FALSE! not only is it false, it is a LIE! Shame on you…you said some pretty nasty comments that were not the truth…

          • Stephen Beasley

            interesting facts.The name Kieran is of Irish origin.

            The meaning of Kieran is “small and dark skinned”.

            It is also of English origin, where its meaning is “little black one”.

          • Anthony

            How exactly is Kieran racist? I've met white people with that name. Please stop being such a goddamn liberal fucktard. I know that's hard being permanently stupid, but do the world a favor and try your best. K? thanks bye

          • Necie4010

            Please apply your stupidity to yourself. As stupid as you are how can you try to give advice on how to act and behave to someone else…your stupidity is showing and growing. K? Thank you and good-bye.

      • Jimmy

        I'm one of those Liberals, so I know that to be wrong. There are stupid people on both sides of the political spectrum.

        • chuckt56

          yea, but we know where the majority of them(the stupid people) are, they all voted for obuma

          • Karen Jonsson

            I did not know that Bush voted for Obama too. I mean you said stupid people voted for him…. I found books and a documentary on Bush that detailed his utter stupidity. OMG can't you understand why Obama won the Nobel Prize? To be a black man elected in a country full of idiot racist greedy Godless pigs deserves a Nobel prize! If you are so sure that God is a white Tea party conservative capitalist… Keep on. I will not miss you in heaven. Wonder what kind of signs you will hold up in hell? Oh yeah Chuck.. Obuma.. that's so clever… you are one clever man, Proud?

          • trustnooneinpower

            To be a black man elected in a country full of idiot racist greedy Godless pigs deserves a Nobel prize! …… you just described the democratic party….MORON!!!

          • Paul Mauricio Velasquez

            Thank you Karen, thanks to people like you we have the WORST and most corrupted pseudo-president in Washington. To educate you in real history, Nobel Prizes had been awarded to people who do or create, or discovery, something that BENEFIT the whole humanity, no a SELF SERVE purpose. The Nobel Peace was a “gift” no a Prize to Obama. Peace is the last thing that your semi-god has done for the Nation and the world. I guess I don't need to repeat here, all the corruption vented everyday about his failed regime. I can't elaborate for you, is “too complicated” for you, and people like you.

          • Necie4010

            No, they all voted for R-Money and as most losers do, your side loss. The ignorant, racist bigots voted for the unpatriotic man who stashes his money overseas and refused to be American enough to pay his taxes. The stupid people voted –>Mitt's way.

        • mark

          Liberalism by its very nature is stupid, Jimmy. Ronald Reagan proved that. Barack Obama is proving it now, in his own way. Liberalism is inherently stupid and sinful. As Margaret Thatcher put it, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money.” So, so much more could be said about the failure all over the globe, at many different times. of liberalism! Jimmy, open your eyes to history and to first principles!

          • Antonio21

            Ronald Reagan proved what? Trickle down doesn't work and if you ignore AIDS and social issues like that you are a do nothing president. I missed what he proved. He also proved you can be old and still get elected. Notice that during our recent economic issues it was beating records from Pre Jimmy Carter or the Reagan era.

          • Steph in NJ

            And what will Obama prove? That you can be the worst president in history and still get reelected because of your color? How racist is that???

      • medartist01

        Got to adopt a black kid… to show that the huge, filthy-rich, white family is not racist. HAHAHAHAHA!

        • Owen_Kellogg

          Noticeably absent from this entire discussion is any evidence at all that Romney is racist. Sure, we see the charge leveled again and again and again, yet when asked to back it up, liberal voices go silent. Isn't that amazing?

          And to top it all off, we are now to believe that Mitt Romney adopted a grandchild? Seriously? Are you people really that stupid? Oh, nevermind. I see that you are.

          • mtkelley

            From personal experience, I can tell you that Mittens is sexist and ageist. Race is not far behind. I bet if a black or Hispanic walked into Mitt's Golden Temple in Belmont, MA, there would be some scurrying around to get that person out.

          • crunchem

            hmmmph. we all know you're full of shiz. go away.

          • Owen_Kellogg

            So what is this ‘personal experience'? Don't hold back.

          • mtkelley

            I was employed by a company where Mittens was on the Board of Directors. He got one of his buddies selected as the CEO and from then on, ONLY MALE Mormons were administrators. And EVERY PERSON at this company, with one or two exceptions, who was over the age of 45, lost her job very shortly after Mitten's buddy took over. I was one of them. I had won several awards for my work and I saved this company millions of dollars but having an older female around made Mitt et al feel ickly, I guess. I was laid off for no reason and I was told my performance was just fine. And when I noted aloud that everybody getting laid off was older (and therefore would cost money in pensions and retirement benefits), I was suddenly given the option of not coming in to work any more – even though my layoff date was 6 months away. Trust me – whereever Mittens goes, s**t follows.

          • Hater

            Was the fact you are a angry lesbian play into your dismissal ?

          • mtkelley

            Mymymy!!! Aren't we judgemental!!!!! As if you know anything – stupid freakin repugnicans.

          • mtkelley

            You sound like the guy who gets turned down by someone so he lashes out at her by calling her a lesbian. You sound like a real nice guy.

          • LiarDetector

            Your accusations, which amount to libel, would have credibility were you to provide specific names, dates and places. Without that supporting evidence, it's reasonable to assume that you are lying. Had what you allege really happened, the Democrats would have used that information in their smear campaign. The fact that they didn't suggests that you are making this up.

          • mtkelley

            I prefer not to mention where I worked. I owe you NOTHING. I called no one names – but you have. You accuse ME of lying because that's what repugnicans do. Mormons have a very long history of discrimnation against women and minorities. It's what they do. They like to keep their women in those stupid prairie dresses, separated from the rest of the world and control the flow of information to them. That way the women believe everything they say and look at these guys adoringly, as if they really knew what they were talking about. It's a phony, religion made up by men, about men and for men. Nothing I said was libelous – why would I go to anybody except my OWN lawyer to sue? You know nothing about this guy – I've had to deal with the consequences of his actions. It cost me a lot of money and a career. Forgive me if I think he's a worthless ***. He and his little company just bought Bob's Furniture and Clear Channel. They have already begun stripping the assets from Clear Channel and saddling it with debt. Follow the demise of Bob's Furniture and watch it die a long, slow, painful Mittens-initiated death.

          • Anthony Benson

            mtkelley, I am a person of color and a member of the LDS faith. I find your statements about the church offensive. If you don't like Romney, that's your business, but don't trash my faith.

          • Owen_Kellogg

            You gave an account of your personal experience with someone other than Mitt Romney. From what I can tell, Romney wasn't the CEO, he wasn't the one who laid you off. From what you have given, it's impossible to determine if you have ever met the man.

            What company was this? What year did this happen? Who was the new CEO? All of this is relevant in regards to the claims you are making. The bottom line here is that you did get laid off for a reason, even if you are too bitter to admit it. But seeing how Mitt Romney wasn't the one who did it, I fail to see how one can conclude that he is a racist and sexist based upon your account.

          • itsrob

            Mitt's a silent partner. He gets the profits as someone else does his dirty work. He calls in favors; gets his family, rich friends, and Mormons jobs.

          • mtkelley

            Why do you think the new CEO got his job in the first place? Mittens engineered it, he was responsible for getting this guy appointed in the first place. The good thing is that the CEO was also laid off by HIS boss a few years later. I already told you I am not identifying the company – I got laid off because I was a female older than 45 and I was not the only one – although there was one Hispanic man also laid off, whose wife was a lawyer in the General Counsel's office. Then suddenly, he was given a new job within the larger corporate community. Wherever Mittens goes, he destroys jobs and livelihoods without a second thought, as long as it puts more money in his pocket.

          • phillymiss

            Sorry to hear that, but it's not Mitt who adopted the kid, it was his son. I am a child welfare social worker and I rejoice when ANY child finds a loving home.

          • Progressive Peggy

            I find most Republicans and some Democrats and even self described liberals racists too in some ways. We all have our prejudices it seems if we look deep enough! However some are particularly so! The biggest problem is we cannot see ourselves. I suspect Mitt sees himself as a well meaning male who does not discriminate against women even though the facts dispute that very well, and since he has an integrated family with one adopted black child he must think is very contemporary and” with it” in his world!

        • Will Mixon

          I agree

        • Penny

          I love these idiotic comments that offer ZERO intelligent discussion

        • itsrob

          Looks like Romney likes affirmative action. The black kid jumps in line in front of all the other grand kids to get the prime spot in the photo on Mitt's lap. What are the odds it was just random?

        • LMA

          I'm not sure if the adoption or placement of the baby in the picture was to prove they weren't racist. However, if that was their goal, naming the baby Kieran (which means black) does not help them. You could argue that they didn't know what it meant, but after all the media attention to this fact, you'd think they'd have realized and changed the name. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say they just liked the name and didn't know the meaning. But if that were me and I found out that I named my black baby “black”, I would've changed it to a similar-sounding name or gone for my second-choice.

          • mtkelley

            Kieran means ancient or enduring. Duff (Dubh) means black.

          • Mike

            I know a very white family with a newborn named Kieran.. should I tell them to change it?

      • phillymiss

        Well, I don't know about that, but I do think that many liberals are hypoocritcal. I went to a very liberal university where the professors were almost all liberal Democrats (except in business and the sciences). They were always talking about diversity,but yet 90 percent of them lived in lily white suburbs. People should be able to live wherever they choose, of course, but — double standard much? They also condemned school vouchers but yet sent their children to elite private schools. Public education for thee, but not for me!

        • C M

          I've heard this before and really doubt that it is true. This is the stuff of teabagger myth that so often passes for fact on the internet.

          • crunchem

            FYI, anyone who uses the teabagger word automatically disqualifies themselves from being taken seriously. Kind of like if I opened a comment with the ‘N’ word. You need to change your approach, though it won't change the worth of your blather anyway.

          • ProgessivePeter

            How is calling someone a teabagger kind of like calling someone the ‘N’ word? Last time I checked anyone could be in the tea-party not so sure the ‘N’ was derived to be an inclusive label for all people. Also, I missed the racist comments from the panel. It's not like they were lying it does look like a Republican convention.

          • Galiana

            It's a play on words that has more than one meaning – so what? I'd love to hear you try to explain how free citizens of this country CHOOSING to walk around with tea bags on their heads is anything remotely close to the meaning and history behind “N” word, except you just lost all credibility.

          • crunchem

            Goodness gracious, sensitive much? Let's just say we were having a friendly conversation and I started it off by addressing you as a M0t4erF*3ker. Do you think you'd pay attention to the rest of the conversation? Of course not, you'd be focused on why I was so rude. And that's the ONLY point I was trying to make. I didn't try to bring anything racist to the table. Instead, accepting it as if it was red meat, you jumped on my “N” like I was trying to make a “racist” example when I was simply trying to point out the “offensiveness” of name calling. Teabagger is an incredibly mean “play on words” label to attach to patriots, when you know full well the real meaning of the term, and you know it. Sigh….

          • C M

            So now crunchem's pretending to be the victim. When crunchem couldn't defend the false equivalency of comparing the term teabagger to the racially offensive N-word crunchem cops out by calling Galiana “sensitive”. Gotta love crunchem's faux outrage.

          • crunchem

            I'm not a victim of anything. I thought my analogy was a fair one. The fact that you guys got all bent out of shape by me using another offensive word kind of proves my point. Perhaps out of the list of hundreds of other words I could have used as an example, I should have chosen something less incendiary. Kind of like playing your highest trump in the first round – my bad.

            Well, back to the wheel. I feel the urge to run.

          • itsrob

            Patriots? More like a bunch of selfish fools being spun by their corporate overlords. If you knew your tea-party history, you would know that the tea-party members themselves came up with themselves tea-baggers. And now they are running away from it when they became the joke.

          • mark

            Did you know that most corporate executives are liberals? Yep, and Barack Obama has been a huge, huge benefit to big business. The Ted Cruzes and Mike Lees are the only ones really speaking up for the “common man” anymore, but the media will tell you otherwise, of course

          • itsrob

            No, I did not know that. Can you provide a source for the claim? Ted Cruze and Mike Lee, The people who get their funding from the Koch Brothers of the world? Sure, sure.

          • river28

            @mark…Ted Cruz Does Not speak for me!!! I've listened to his speeches & am ashamed he is a representative of Texas, where I reside!!! He's a JOKE!!!

          • crunchem

            The tea party started because a lot of people were pissed off that their elected officials were abusing their powers with bailouts and such. There are no “corporate sponsored” members that I've ever heard of. These people are afraid of the demise of their country, and are acting to save the country for themselves and for you. That is the opposite of selfishness.

            The tea-bagger term was created by their detractors to mock them. they are not running from anything.

          • itsrob

            Let's try to be more truthful.

          • Nonameever

            Actually it is a reference to a common Southern term, “carpetbagger” and coupled with “tea” attempts to slander the American Revolution, apparently because it destroyed all vestiges of Royalism, which by the way is the bent of the DNC, as in Kennedy royalty (e.g., Camelot); Children of the famous being presented rights by birth, ad naseum)

          • chuckt56

            do you evan know what the teabagger nickname stems from? if you do then you are as bad as the racist and hater mongers and if you don't then you need to crawl out of the hole you dug yourself into? or maybe you have been teabagged before

          • Penny

            Maybe he enjoys being tea-bagged

          • itsrob

            Yes, when the tea-party was started some members called themselves tea-baggers. And the rest of America had a huge laugh.

          • phillymiss

            CM, no, it is not “teabagger myth.” I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. I KNEW professors that were bleeding heart liberals but then lived in wealthy suburbs like Swarthmore, Ardmore, Villanova, etc., far from the unwashed masses. I did know one professor that lived in working class Overbrook in a row house, but she was an exception. Like I said, people have the right to live wherever they like, but I found that they talked the talk, but did not walk the walk. And I prefer my tea loose, not in bags, thank you.

        • Dennis Huffman

          That's because integration as a theory is great, as long as you can afford to live outside of its sickening reality.

        • Brian Brown

          Wow!! You went to a University that had professors that sent their kids to private school!?! You go to Harvard? The only people besides the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Liberal College Professors that I know opposed school vouchers were the damn Republicans!! Whats that? Im right!?! My best friend was Prof. at the University of Kentucky and he made between 35-40,000 a year! What private school are you going to send a kid to when your making that kind of money? Answer: You're not and you can't. Just like every other typical Republican…totally out of touch with reality.

          • phillymiss

            No, I didn't graduate from Harvard, I went to the University of Pennsylvania, where the tenured professors make about $100,000 a year. This does not include any fees earned from consulting, writing, speaking, etc. Granted, the adjuncts and grad assistants cannot afford to send their children to private schools but many of the professors I mentioned can and do. And for your information, I am not a Republican, I never watch Fox News, and I prefer my tea loose, not in bags.

      • Carlos A. Garcia

        How can you say that my fellow American? Look what you did to America from 2000 (stole the White House) to 2008 (stole five trillion dollars and distributed this wealth among Republicans (Halliburton, Black Water, KBR, Bechtel etc. etc) not counting the nine billions which disappeared from a hanger in Iraq. We racist? You thieves!

        • Owen_Kellogg

          It's not my fault that 17,000 Democrats in Florida were so stupid that they voted for Pat Buchanan by mistake.

          • crunchem

            you two are hilarious

          • Carlos A. Garcia

            Actually, 19000! Owen_Kellogg! You made my day. You actually knew what I meant.

      • mtkelley

        Take a good hard look at the repugnicans and all the hate they generate before you start throwing stones.

      • LMA

        The joke was definitely inappropriate, but you're missing the whole point of it. The focus was not so much that there was an adopted black baby. If it had been any other family, no one would have cared (look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). The point was that a white republican family adopted a black baby. It's weird because the Republicans are stereotyped as being racist, and this is not something you usually see. The joke was still inappropriate either way, and they apologized. Now let's let Fox News apologize for all the hateful shit they say.

        • Owen_Kellogg

          If it had been any other family, no one would have cared

          Thanks for admitting your blatant double-standard here. Also, thanks for admitting that you follow a bigoted stereotype of Republicans that has no basis in truth.

          • LMA

            “that has no basis in truth”. Where to even begin here? Can we post Youtube links in this forum? I'm well aware that not all (or even most) republicans are racist (hence why I said “stereotype”), but you can't say that the stereotype has no basis. I've heard too many republicans complain about how “all those lazy blacks are popping out kids so they can get government money” and call Obama a “n*****” and Muslims “sandn*****s”. These people do not represent all conservatives, but this is where the stereotype comes from. Fox News certainly doesn't help either.

          • LMA

            As for blatant double standard, I'm pretty sure you've never complained when a conservative said something stupid, homophobic, or racist. The blatant double standard applies on both ends of the spectrum here.

    • Lance

      I agree with you, but when the subject is Romney and the origin of the baby name is “BLACK”, ……..

    • william kennedy

      all of you had too yahoo

    • Carlos A. Garcia

      A black child in Romney's Mormon white family. I knew Romney was a Democrat.

    • joy levine

      I heard from a very reliable source from MSNBC that Harris-Perry & Pia Glenn were doing each other & Dean Obeid was filming it. Hope it ends up on Youtube! ~ He might have to shorten it from the 72 minute length. ~

    • Karen Jonsson

      I do not think they were making fun of the baby, they were making fun of the situation. Romney has been accused of being a racist and it seemed like he was going out of his way to use the baby to disprove it. Why does people think they were making fun of the baby? Again I am not defending anyone just giving my observation.

    • MyGoodness

      It is only funny to the biggots at MSNBC

    • Brian Brown

      Ever since people had a sense of humor. It's not the baby that they are making fun of, it's the Mitt Romney stereotype that they are laughing at. I know everyone here commenting knows that, hopefully. I'll explain. Mitt comes off as the perfect “white” stereotype. He appears to others as a throwback to 1950's America when shows like “Father knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver”, which people today, be they white or not, relate that to a stiff, repressed individual who did NOT associate with black people. With the slicked back hair and the way he was out of touch with anyone below the million dollar poverty line, I know as a common man I felt that he looked down upon people. Especially minorities. And the stance that he took on minorities during his run for the presidency didn't help change that image. Plus, add in the fact that his religion had a policy up until 1978, that prevented men of African descent from participating in some of the temple religious practices and not allowing black people to be ordained to the church's lay priesthood. They were told that the ban would be lifted when “all the descendants of Adam have received the promises and enjoyed the blessings of the priesthood and the keys thereof”. Essentially saying that everyone else will get a chance before the black people would. But what changed that policy in 1978 was when the church leaders claimed to have a revelation instructing them to reverse the racial restriction policy. Yeah, Right! All that is the reason that people make fun of him adopting a black child. Kinda ironic, don'tcha think. Irony and satire are the foundations of comedy along with observations. Put them all together and if what is observed is radically different then what is the “norm” for that individual(Mitt, in this case), then that lends itself to comedy. It's not meant to be mean-spirited, its just the way humans are. And if it was reversed, it wouldn't be treated the same because the Republican party has been pegged as the party of the “whites” and everyone else that's not are Democrats. It would not be looked upon objectively, sad to say. Until Republicans become a more racially accepting and diverse party, this is the way it will always be. You know that in your heart of hearts just like everyone else in America. So that being said, yeah, Its funny! Not the baby, the scenario. Wheeww!

  • David Perkins

    Once again, we have The Wrap reporting this kind of story. I worry that this is an editorial decision that doesn't belong, and isn't like the other ones.

  • ben dover

    It's the fact that the RobMe's are mor(m)on. The Moron religion specifically states still, that people of color are cursed by gawd and people of color cannot achieve the highest levels of heaven because they are not white. That is a fact. Moronism is a CULT. That is why it is so funny.

    • nore

      Ben Dover, you are the moron here. Your comments shows how uneducated and ignorant you are. You know nothing about what you call the Mormon faith. If this was a democrat family and a republican anchor person made the same comment it would be a very big controversy! Because most of the tv networks are run by democrats, this is kept quiet. Where are the liberal blacks? Why aren't they crying racist remarks?? Why aren't they protesting??!!

      • LOL1111

        Nore, you are the moron here. You don't know how racist and stupid Romney is.

        • enstine

          Do you know Mr. Romney and his family? How do you know all of this information and if it is true? Do you know what the definition for Slander is. How about How about the definition for Assault? You are treading very thin ice here and could be liable in a court. One should really think before one judges another family and their loved one's.

        • guest

          You don't know how stupid you are.

      • ben dover

        No more nore. I know about Morons. I live out here next to the Puketah state. Read up on the cult faith known as moronism I have. They are repulsive and so are you, you teatard.

    • Knowledge_is_not_just_science

      Funny I don't remember reading that people of color were cursed… Can you point to me where it says that in the doctrine and covenant? After all it happens to be a fact that most the ancestor blood lines are well, not very snow skin color and in the LDS its more of tracing your Family tree to one of the 12 apostles blood line that is used to help you reach the higher levels of heaven.

      And please don't take my knowledge as a liking for Mitt, I'm simply pointing out your naive view on some thing you most likely haven't really read or bothered to learn facts on. With luck you know where the Atlantic is located so that way you are not to far under educated.

      • ben dover

        Yep its all, mthere in writing if you are willing to look for it. The moron church is trying to make it difficult to find the info, but if you google and ask the right questions you will get there. I know all about these self righteous turds. I live here.

      • ben dover

        Tell ya what. If what I'm telling you is not the truth, then why are there so many groups trying to deprogram the morons?????

    • Guest2

      Did you know that Gladys Knight is a Mormon? A faithful Mormon. Shows how ignorant you are.

      • ben dover

        She doesn't know any better. She is willing to ride in the back of the bus so to speak also she has bought her position in the church by giving them lots of money. This cult is all about money. Your position is determined by this.

  • aleximaq

    Why is little Kieran wearing pink/orange like the girls. He is the only male child not dresses as the other male children…..hmmmm

    • TheNatty Boi

      Kieran is a girl….I think you should go back and read the article again

      • Clarence Bolton

        The headline said “Grandson”

      • Me

        @Guest, No. Kieran is a boy. Why is he not wearing the same colors as the other boy is an interesting question. Full name: Kieran James Romney

    • tami

      I'm going to guess that he is wearing a different color because he already had an outfit to match. His outfit matches the girls outfit so why go out and buy him a new shirt when he already has one that matches. Also there is a girl wearing a white shirt when all the other girls are wearing pink and orange so it wasn't strictly “boys wear this girls wear that “it was more about everyone coordinating there outfits to match.

  • J James

    These reverse bigots are disgusting. Who attaches a family for adopting and loving a little child. Who cares what the race of that child is? I am sure the baby does not care, all she knows is that she feels the love of a mommy and daddy. But these vicious people hate and try to demean and destroy anyone that does not march in line with their liberal position. MSN should punish these people but they will not because blacks liberals are allowed to be racist because they are given an endless pass because they serve the left goals of making America hate those things that make America great. Its families, with a Dad and a Mom and children who respect and honor their parents. But these people know nothing about that because they were all raised by single moms or grandmothers in the dysfunctional fatherless families of the inner cities. This is the real reason they hates the traditional family because they never had it nor understood it.

    • Anneta

      I'm a single mom not by choice my husband left me to raise two children and I planted the seed of forgiveness I'm not a liberal or conservative but a God fearing women of God and all I can say is mercy mercy on you .

    • badgergizmo

      Thank Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society – $14 Trillion down the rat hole (OOPS – is that racist) . . . nah, just Democ rat hole politics.

    • Jermain Johnson

      If you wanna love, love broadly. The comments were all because of candidate Romney's attitude during the campaign. May be next we gonna see Sanatorium family picture with a minority child on his lap.

      • CiscoKid

        First, you may want to educate yourself with Romney's lineage.
        Second, for my entire life, I have strived to befriend people of good character, regardless of their race. However, I have noticed that liberal media has made it more and more difficult to associate with people of different ethnic diversity than myself. Racism is on the rise, and junk TV shows like the one this article is about have been fueling pro-racism attitudes. If you want to “love broadly” as you put it, then do so without the claims of racism or racist attitudes in the same paragraph. Spend a few minutes and educate yourself on Romney's background first, don't expect to get any unbiased factual information from shows like the one in this article.

        • Jermain Johnson

          Sad ain't it? We have a president unlike any other and some people “want their country back”.

    • Isis

      WTF are you ranting about? Who said Black people are attacking this story? This has nothing to do with anything other then the news media being unprofessional period….another bigot surfaces

  • Jenna

    Adorable family adorable picture….we all should be so lucky :)

    • Jermain Johnson

      And I hope they raise that child lovingly given what grandpa had postulated in the past about minorities.

    • virginia sears

      Lucky – are you kidding there are thousands and thousands of adorable family and pictures.

    • Carlos A. Garcia

      Yeah! Right! So many jobs sent to China! So many American workers unemployed! We all should be so lucky!

  • Kag036

    Honestly you have grown people….political influentential people who are obviously showing us what they do on times pay. Making fun of people when as always they do not have the room to say anything. It's so sad to know are nation is being runned and manipulated by these bafoons.

    • Jermain Johnson

      Did you not witness that among republican grown men and a woman candidates during their comedy campaign run?

    • Isis


  • Educated Empathy

    I hope the baby is treated fairly and has a wonderful life that he deserves. If not, the family has God to answer to. I also hope the world stops commenting about the color of people especially children, the young, the disadvantaged and elderly, so that people can live their lives happily. Lastly, the little boy only stands out as having pink on like all of the girls and lacking blue. I certainly hope he is not raised with any more confusion he will already face daily. God help this child and bless him to have strength, happiness and health forever.

    • lolo

      He was brought in to a very God fearing loving family, ya can't ask for much more

      • js

        i didnt realize that God ” fearing” was normal.

        • Jim Martin

          It is for most of us

          • Scott

            Why would you fear God? Your religion is strange.

    • Jermain Johnson

      That's all I ask for, let them raise and love her well. President Obama was raised by his white grandparents and that helped to molded his views towards our society, see where he is now even though Romney and company tried to debunk him, calling him welfare president, that he is only for the minority like Romney's grand child.

      • Owen_Kellogg

        calling him welfare president, that he is only for the minority like Romney's grand child.

        See? There you go again. You make the bigoted assumption that ‘welfare’ = ‘minorities'. Nice job, racist.

  • mark

    What … are you serious .. once again Liberals showing just how immature ( and racist ) they really are. I am a conservative .. my daughter is Black/White and frankly … all of my best friends are Hispanic … and you know … I never really understand all of this color bull …. I just don't and I also do not know a single white person who is a racist … I know they exist .. but racist exist in every race .. The liberals just like to push the narrative because otherwise they lose their base. How sad. When are you all just going to get over this crap ?

    • Michael Hernandez

      like your comment

    • Kennie Duffie

      Mainsthream media ith over the top now …remember melitha is the one who thaid your children aren't really youth, there everyones.

      • Kennie Duffie

        children…aren't really YOURS…

        • crunchem

          (you meant ‘yourth', right?)

    • Jermain Johnson

      I doubt if you can tell a white racist. A crook can't tell who is crook until he gets crooked.

      • Owen_Kellogg

        I doubt if you can tell a white racist.

        This is a textbook example of the type of racist statements we can expect from today's ‘progressives’ [sic].

    • Isis

      When people stop using color as the only identifying feature of a person. Judge not by the color of the skin but the content of the character to paraphrase MLK . People who claim they never see racism ( or don't know any racists) are either blind or just ignoring what is right in their face. The old colorblind thing is so lame and completely false!! You can't fix a problem by ignoring it.

      • CiscoKid

        You mean people, like the ones this article is written about? So, if I work with a wide variety of people of different ethnicities, and I even date people with different ethnic backgrounds than myself, but I claim that I do not see racism on a daily basis, then I must either be a racist or an idiot who cannot see all of the racism surrounding me, eh?
        In my opinion, racism will live for as long as people like yourself continue to fuel it. The vast majority of the people on this planet have moved past it, maybe you should consider doing so yourself.
        To make the argument that “racism is there, and if you do not see it you are blind” is ridiculous. The only way to NOT be racist is to NOT see color as an issue, which would make EVERYBODY racist.

        • Isis

          If that is truly your social scenario then, I am sure that you have seen it first hand or heard about it from your diverse group of friends. Most people who claim they are colorblind or do not see racism do not have a lot of diversity in their lives. I like you do and my friends share their stories, We talk about racism, sexism and every other ‘ism openly and honestly. I have even bore the brunt of racism and prejudice because of the diverse group that I socialize with! So I can't believe that if what you are saying about an inclusive circle of friends is true you don't get what I am saying????
          There is a huge difference between not making a BIG ISSUE of COLOR and ACCEPTING people for who they are, not what color they are and behaving as you don't even see color. You see it differently? I'll live with it.

    • virginia sears

      So is the President but that didn't stop them. You and Phil need to take your blinders off if you really think there isn't racist in the country. (Especially your best friends) My family , grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces , nephews, grandchildren and great – grand are mixed with Cherokee, Choctaw, African- American, Hispanic and White. I was born and live in a Red State over 67 years. My father is Black however I have full rights as American Indians but racism is a problem here especially with all the mix children. FYI – If you have money – you don't really see the hatred and bullying for the kids but it is there.

  • C. D. Carney

    So we search the whole convention to find one black and its not even a person? What kind of racist democrat bs is that? They search the entire party and find one brain cell. Great job lefties.

    • Jermain Johnson

      Your convention rocked. I like the empty chair old man. lmao!

  • Carl Larson

    So how many abandoned black children have all you big mouths adopted? Ya'll can sure talk the talk, but when it comes to walkin’ the walk, ya'll need a wheelchair with a real man pushing it. As they say in Texas, “You're all hat and no cattle.” Been there – done that – so STFU.

  • armyisnumber1

    Shame on you MSNBC. Making a joke of an innocent and defenseless baby is pitiful. I am sure this little orphaned baby is now in a loving home. It is because of the racist remarks like this, there is so much hate in the world. MSNBC, you are despicable.

    • Jermain Johnson

      I don't agree with the mention but candidate Romney has done that to millions of defenseless children across America before. You need to read between the lines. 47%?

      • Slim shaddy


      • CiscoKid

        Seriously? Are you saying it is okay for them to mock the race of this baby simply because you read somewhere that Romney is racist?

        • Carlos A. Garcia

          Hey idiot! Nobody is mocking the baby. Read carefully.
          It's about Romney. To heavy for you?

          • Owen_Kellogg

            It's about Romney doing what, exactly? Adopting a grandson?

        • ProgessivePeter

          They never mocked the baby just made an accurate analogy of the Republican party. Is it really that hard for you simps to comprehend?

      • crunchem

        do tell. what again has Romney done to millions of defenseless children?

    • virginia sears

      Shame on you – you call our black president and family names from day one in Washington and you now you want to play racist card – All you bigots are a Joke

      • Owen_Kellogg

        Gee, I look at our current President as dishonest, incompetent, and totally lacking in leadership ability. Yet all you see is that he's black. So who's the racist here?

        “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a
        nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of
        their character.”

        It is with great sadness that fifty years later, people such as yourself still have not learned to do this.

        • virginia sears

          what?? Dishonest, incompetent, lack of leadership ? are talking about yourself or Phil and DDs

          • Owen_Kellogg

            I was talking about Obama. He has consistently lied to us since Day One. (See: won't raise your taxes, wait 5 days before signing a bill, keep the health insurance you have, close Guantanamo, etc., etc., etc.) He has failed at everything he has set out to do. (See: economy, national debt, solar energy, health insurance, etc., etc., etc.) And he couldn't lead ants to a picnic.

            In his last private sector job, he remained in it for twelve years without earning a single promotion. TWELVE YEARS! Capise? So yes, I am talking about Obama here. What planet have you been living on for the past five years? Do you realize that there are one million less people working today than there were when Obama took office? Yet our population has increased by 12 million in that same span? And our national debt now exceeds our annual GDP? And there will be less people with health insurance in 2014 than there are currently?

            Failure? You betcha!

          • crunchem

            12 yr private sector job? I thought that gig at 31 flavors was for the summer

          • Owen_Kellogg

            I was referring to his 12-year ‘lecturer’ stint at the U. of Chicago. The ice cream gig was where he learned to steal from his business employer in order to win friends which is essentially what he does now, except now he uses the power of government to steal in order to win votes.

          • crunchem

            HaHa I know. Now I'm hungry again.

          • virginia sears

            I have learned that you can't communicate with an ignorant person.- The Lord have blessed a lot of people to help his people so come back next year on the healthcare coverage.

      • crunchem

        that fact the biggest loser to ever occupy the White House is (half) black is an irony and a coincidence, not a qualifier. He could be a red head from Iceland for all I care, but the fact that he's leading this country to he!1 justifies me in calling him despicable

        • Shirley

          The problem is not the White House or its’ occupants; the problem is when our people do not think correctly. Who is a ‘pure’ race person? Every person from the time of Noah in Genesis is of mixed ethnicity.
          There is some ‘black’ blood in the best of us and some ‘white’ blood in the worst of us.

          It would be hypocritical to think otherwise.

          • Shirley

            The question I have is why the (adopted) baby grandson is not dressed in the same colors (blue) as the rest of the ‘biological’ males.

        • LMA

          If you call him “despicable”, that's one thing, but what's the excuse when the n-word gets dropped?

          • crunchem

            people should be very judicious with the use of that word or it loses all meaning

      • Carlos A. Garcia

        Virginia sears…you just wasted your time. They will not read you post. They are myopic selectors.

      • Robert Ganz

        And all the time I thought he was a mulatto.

        • virginia sears

          Sorry Robert – In US – if your father is Black your are Black. Per the Dawes Indian Roll my great-grandfather grandfather was mulatto (white/Choctaw) – grandfather ( married a Negro) moved to Oklahoma – the US census changed his race to Negro Yes his race was changed from mulatto – Negro. Do not know if that was good or bad.

    • Galiana

      It wasn't meant to hurtful but it was in bad taste, which is why once the host realized her mistake she immediately and repeatedly apologized.

      Which is what DECENT people do. Unlike the so-called Christians defending the hurtful, vile and racists remarks of the duck show guy.

    • Vino


  • Will

    Wow, if Fox did this… there would be riots. The hypocrisy is pathetic.

    • Barrack Odrama ImdatboyHussien


    • Jermain Johnson

      Fox has done worse, this ain't nothing like they have done or said before.

      • bob


      • RCRT

        When you say Fox has done worse give an example. Just like a little liberal kids response…. OH YEA! At least the response wasn't all in caps.

        • Jermain Johnson

          FOX worse are a daily occurrence, and if you believe in them I doubt you'll notice.

          • Owen_Kellogg

            Example please.

          • Strange1

            still waiting for an example? only one..just one link..come on certainly you can find one example of Fox making fun of a black…

          • Jermain Johnson

            Tune into Fox you'll get your response, but I doubt you will notice. Like minds do think same way.

          • Harvey J. Butternut, III

            Yep, we're gonna need an example, dude.

          • CiscoKid

            FOX bashing for fun is not factual. Shows like the one mentioned in the article have become more like shock TV; typically trying to get their numbers up by making absurd and outrageous statements. This is not a news show, it is a feeble attempt to gain ratings at the expense of a child.

          • Michael Mellnick

            WOW how quickly we forget the “clearly santa is not black” convo on fox. But that was ok because they said it was a joke, even though the very night before she was on Leno stating “she does strait news no commentary”

          • crunchem

            why bring this up? this the best you got? 'cause, in case you missed it, Santa is pretty light skinned. Oh, and he doesn't racially discriminate anyway, (all the good kids gets toys, remember), so what's the point again?

          • Carlos A. Garcia

            Damn! The man is missing the point!

          • crunchem

            Huh? Michael was supposed to come up with ONE good example of FOX being wrong, and put on the table an issue that was misinterpreted, overblown and a non-story, since Meghan was not incorrect about anything in her report. Try again.

          • Robert Ganz

            We're still waiting for an example jermy.

          • J-money

            The Santa Claus thing is the perfect example, as it shows an insensitive racial remark which is exactly what happened on this segment of MSNBC. Both are racist and shouldn't have been said. If you don't see how the Santa thing is the exact same thing as this, then you clearly just don't get it.

        • Carlos A. Garcia

          So, you wanna list of FOX stupidities?

        • ProgessivePeter

          Fox News “Hey kids for the record Santa Clause and Jesus are white” Courtesy of Megyn Kelly. I would say using race in this way is worse than a panel who made an accurate analogy of the diversity of the Republican party. How is that for a liberal response?

      • Slim shaddy

        @jermainjohnson:disqus, I guess It okay for me to say you are a N****R

        • JodyFarns

          You're an idiot

        • Carlos A. Garcia

          The real Slim shaddy came out! Bravo! Then again. What's new?

        • Jermain Johnson

          probably like you.

      • Mary Jane

        Really ? well show us the proof with that liberal lying mouth of yours

        • virginia sears

          the truth hurt – the new media said they adopted a black child – Are you sure it was adopted ? so saying – there are a lot more white kids out there they could have adopted.

    • virginia sears

      so true – it is okay for Fox, CNN, A&E, KKK, Tea party, and etc.

    • mtkelley

      Fox does much worse every day.

    • Galiana

      Oh please. They do much worse on a daily basis and unlike this host who apologized for being unintentionally offensive – Fox News doesn't apologize but instead pretends to be victimized. Talk about pathetic.

  • Brandon

    Good thing this wasn't on Fox, we'd have riots in the streets over that comment…

    • swagcity hooptown

      like the benghazi attack…

    • Jermain Johnson

      How would it be Fox. A black family adopting a white child?

  • paseve

    Shows MSNBC's ignorance.

    • Kennie Duffie

      melitha,lawrence,mathews will never be on my TV again. WHITES should demand an apology from this huthie. where is OUR jessie J??????

      • virginia sears

        You can't stand the truth….Whites on FOX need to get their mouth wash out with soaps and realize that this country is made up with all races and they all need to be treated equal.

        • Robert Ganz

          When are you going to start?

    • virginia sears

      so if you think MSNBC is ignorant – I guess that Fox and CNN redneck – uneducated Bigots and hypocrites

  • lawrie

    did any one watched or noticed what i saw on rachel maddow show this evening , all these years shes been talking about other news media and republicans, i am a hard core democrat. but was very disappointed when i saw TRM show this evening,within all her crew members there were no african american minority, or any other ethnic minority but mostly gay people, thats fine with me, but how hypocritical is this. im a supporter of her, but was very very disappointed this evening

    • itsrob

      Say what? Lost in translation.

  • Serena Kehaulani

    I always knew the true racist were democrats and liberals.

  • lolo

    Melitha is tho dithgusting

  • itsrob

    Misleading story, they weren't making fun of the child. They were making fun of the republican party. Actually the bigger babies are the republican party.

    • enstine

      Then why were they chanting something in this photo is different than the others…etc. I will not restate such bs, Go back and listen to the video.

      • itsrob

        The faux outrage in you is strong. I feel sorry for people like you filled with hate. You will go to your grave a bitter old person.

  • Buhwhee

    Racism always starts and ends with the Democratic party.
    Their history, heritage, and modus operandi are always centered around exercising racism & exclusion while accusing their opponents of doing so.

    • LOL1111

      I fixed your comment for you.

      “Racism always starts and ends with the Republican party.
      Their history, heritage, and modus operandi are always centered around
      exercising racism & exclusion while accusing their opponents of
      doing so.”

      • Independent and proud of it

        I fixed you comment for you.

        “Racism always starts and ends with LOL1111, whose history, heritage, and modus operandi is always centered around exercising racism & exclusion while accusing the opponents of doing so.”

        • badgergizmo

          Wouldn't waste your time “fixing” LOL1111's comment. Folks like him (didn't say her because this kind of bigotry and small mindedness could only come from a guy) . . . OOPS, wrong again, Melissa Harris-Perry and Pia Glenn are WAAAAY more bigoted than Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.

          However, not to worry, MSNBC's entire viewership consists of LOL1111, his three buddies living in their respective mothers’ basements (wearing onesies and taking selfies), and their cats.

      • Joseph Kittrell

        LOL1111 you need to check your facts Republican's freed the African- American's The Dem. voted against it!!! Nice try

  • soccermom

    It's hard to figure out which of these people is the more disgusting, vile, racist of the group. Apparently none of them are adult enough to confront or insult an adult, so they resort to attacking a baby. It's hard to believe MSNBC actually puts this crap on the air (but then again, they gave prior approval to Martin Bashir's comments, so go figure.)

    • Jermain Johnson

      Note the “attack” is on Romney's hypocrisy not the baby.

      • Harvey J. Butternut, III

        Oh, never mind. In that case, I guess it's OK. [/sarcasm]

  • Independent and proud of it

    Ms. Glenn, you could have said that you thought it was perfectly fine. Instead you chose to mock. You did it in a very offensive, racist way.

    Oops, your racism is showing just a little bit, Yes, t definitely is.

  • LOL1111

    It's funny because Mitt Romney is a racist, and he's holding a black child.

  • sicofhypocrits

    MSNBC!! It was a horrible “joke” and an apology is the only right thing to do! I used to watch this show, but stopped a few years ago when I could not stand their discussions, because they didn't let people give their own opinions of politics, if they didn't match theirs. They were mean, rude, and horribly wrong about a lot of what they report. Why aren't they being condemned like Fox would have been if it happened on their network? This world is getting ridiculous!! People: start standing up for what you believe, and not what certain people tell you. Make up your own mind, pay attention, and do NOT vote for who you think will screw this country up more than Obama has. These networks have to start being fair, and not act like dumbasses!!! The same rules apply for everyone, and I do not understand how MSNBC gets away with a lot of what they do and allow. I do not watch them anymore, and will not. They should be ashamed!!

  • OrganicGirl

    Ignorant; and if you reversed it and had a large family of blacks and one white child the hypocrites wouldn't have a word to say.

  • Flannigan

    Over 95% of blacks now support the very party that spilled blood and lost lives to
    keep their ancestors segregated, uneducated, unable to vote, owned & enslaved
    on plantations.
    Of course, during slavery, 100% of blacks were working, which is not the case today.

    • Clarence Bolton

      So you look at slavery as employment! Will the real racist stand up!!

    • scott

      Because LBJ signed the civil rights act into law. It made all of the southern democrats mad and the republicans swooped in with the “southern strategy” and have controlled the south ever since while black voters have been Democrats ever since.

  • enstine

    MSN has sunk to a new low. Now you are attacking babies because they were adopted by a Repub? I don't think you could sleaze you way any lower than that. I sure hope that the Romney family sues you for millions. I can't believe you would attack a child no matter what the race is. Are you kidding me? Someone's head should role for this BS. But I am sure somewhere in that cruel world that you libs/Dem's operate that this inhumane sense of humor is just fine. So what do you think of our sitting President and his family. I can only Image. Just close up shop and go off the air. Where is the FCC when you need them!

  • who_earn_it

    Your Not African- American unless your was born in Africa

  • Ivan hoyt

    There you go Msnbc making fun of a baby ! Melissa Harris Perry just a low life with a huge chip on her shoulder hating black babies who would be adopted by a loving white family ! Shame on you you tiny ,tiny woman !

  • Flyinirish33

    The *ONLY* thing that bothers me about this entire situation is that if a non-black person had made the comments, he/she would have been FIRED immediately for making such a racist remark that denigrated a person of color – even if it is just about a baby. But apparently because this was a black person making a comment about a black baby and another black person on the “panel” was also laughing, it's “more” O.K. and acceptable???? Just like how it's OK for a black person to use the “N” word to another black person yet the SECOND a non-black person utters the word, all hell breaks loose. WHY IS THIS KIND OF DOUBLE STANDARD AND HYPOCRACY ALLOWED???? It's either all OK or NEVER OK. STOP WITH THE DOUBLE STANDARDS PLEASE!

    • phillymiss

      Not all black people call each other the n word. I am black and I NEVER use it, neither do my friends, associates or coworkers. So please don't put us all in the same boat.
      That's a cute baby and wish the Romneys the best.

      • Flyinirish33

        I'm not saying all blacks use that word. I'm just genuinely confused as to why/when it's OK for *some* blacks to use it and others not. If it's such a derogatory term, why would ANYONE feel it's OK to utter the word – regardless of your race? It just seems that using the word “when it's OK” sets a double-standard within the black community and confuses all others. I've never actually heard a black person who uses the word explain WHY he/she thinks it's OK to utter it. Will someone of color weigh in please?

        • Reality Speaks

          I can call my mother a bitch but you can't. The word “belongs” to Black people and they can use it if they'd like (which I don't), but YOU can't. If someone teased me all my life by calling me fat then it is my choice of whether or not to refer to myself as fat, but certainly not yours to use against me…especially if you are thin. Do you get it now?

          • Flyinirish33

            THAT reasoning is INSANE and is why there is so much hatred, hypocrisy, and bigotry in this world! Words – esp. negative ones – don't ‘belong’ to any one, regardless of one's race, religion, gender, sexual preference! Although I'm a HUGE supporter of free speech (am a military veteran and have fought hard to maintain it), calling ANYONE a derogatory name and putting others down is just unacceptable. People who do that are insecure within themselves and believe that putting others down builds themselves up. Not true. It just makes them a racist and mean person. And since when is bullying others and name calling EVER OK regardless of what you choose to refer to yourself as? If you want to openly refer to yourself as fat, ugly, whatever and someone overhears you doing so then why can't they follow suit and call you the same thing? It would be free speech just like if they called your mother a B****. You can't have it both ways – if you don't like what people tell you or say about you then it's likely the word or phrase they're using toward you shouldn't be used AT ALL!

        • phillymiss

          Well, I don't pretend to be a spokesperson for all black people, but I guess when “nigguh” is used instead of the dreaded n*gger it siginifies some form of camraderie. I've heard Mexicans, whites and other groups call each other “nigguhs” in an affectionate matter and I still don't like it. Anyway, I assume that you are Irish. live in a city with a large Irish population and on St. Patrick's Day I've seen kids with t-shirts that say “Drunken Mick” and other stupid statements that if said by “outsiders” would be taken as an insult, so I guess other groups do it too, do a lesser extent.

  • Francis

    grandson? baby is wearin pink (or is it salmon?). All the other boys are wearing blue, and the girls pink, with the exception of the one in white. so, is the baby a granddaughter? or just the one boy in pink? just curious.

  • Carolyn

    I think that is totally uncalled for and I commend them for adopting a child in need. It doesn't matter what color the child is, the color of the child is not the issue here. It's about time someone stands up for a helpless child , he's not a token ! He's a baby, a human being,that was in need. Shame on you for being so ugly to a defenseless baby! There should be more people like this family in the world, and maybe the world wouldn't be in the shape it's in now! Grow Up!

  • Richard Landers

    More proof of the soft racism that permeates “liberal” thought. MSNBC is disgusting on so many levels.

  • Michael Hernandez

    It is funny that a black woman makes comments of her own decent .That's the way they are oh everything is about that they are a different color .To begin with the beginning of slavery was created by their own people why they don't mention that .it seems that welfare has more power over them .

  • tfaw888

    these people are nobodies. they appear so smug but in realiy are rotten to the core. this is why watching news/opinions/whatever on tv (either right or left) is not worth the time. go live your life and boycott all of these shows at msnbc, fox, cnn et al.

  • Michael Hernandez

    Everything that this show look forward is bad real bad .

  • Michael Hernandez

    It seems that the host had a lot of help for her tuition to be paid for by white .

  • theoracle

    There is something very wrong about bullying and making less of an infant. Especially one that was an orphan. He can't even walk yet and he is a target of abuse. There is nothing that can be said to make it “look right”. She not only crossed the line, she lost support for her MSNBC community. That woman is a loose cannon!

  • Michael Powers

    Ms. Glenn: And how may babies have you adopted?!? That's what we thought!!! You need to keep your RACIST comments to yourself.

  • Tien Lee

    Ahhh! Liberal racists at their finest!

  • James West

    So where is there accountability here? That is as racist as it get and even if she looks black it is not acceptable. Did she ask the same question of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? So is it wrong to call this a Spade??

  • TheNatty Boi

    Just goes to show you who the real racists are.

  • muttkat

    Caleb Howe you are stupid. Melissa Perry you are just as stupid.

  • muttkat

    Maybe Romney should of had the baby photoshopped hanging from a tree. There, would that make you people happy?

  • Eva Sandi

    It would appear that some liberals have no qualms in using a baby as a tool to attack those of a diffrent political persuation. In this case it just makes you sick, it is not one individual, it is a panel acting like a pack of wild dogs all contributing either with a punch-line or laughter. The anchor's excuse only speaks of her intellectual level.

  • nancy

    If a white person made such racist comments Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would be demanding their firing! When is it okay to make fun of someones baby black or white! Disgusting! These people should get some diversity training what racists!

  • M

    The baby was adopted. BTW, the baby is a girl, not a boy, so MSNBC got that wrong. It is there granddaughter, not grandson.

  • jumpouttheboat

    Poor baby, I'm gonna say she, because of clothing color scheme and the fact someone has made a mistake in writing gender(I hope), is going to have a hard road. Even if her parents love her, society will always act a fool.

    Racisim doesn't begin with a political party, it begins with people. Shame on this TV host. It's sad when week after week personalities get in front of the screen, states their opinion and gets a hoopla going.
    Where are all the people calling “foul”? I should think they've learned a lesson from the last quacking mess, only green counts. People don't.

  • richard_head

    I thought her messiah had a mixed race child. Or two. He would be forgiven as he is ‘evolving'.
    She is a race baiting pigtress. Martin Bashir would enjoy making a deposit in her ‘bank account'.

  • lch2453

    Funny, I wonder if MHP felt the same way growing up. Despite her claims of being African-American, she is biracial, the offspring of a black father and white mother. How about showing us some pics from her childhood with her white family. There is no shame in embracing who you are. There is much shame in mocking others who are like you!

    • richard_head

      There is an old 8mm on youtube with her as a child tripping over her tongue.

  • richard_head

    I think they are jealous because their family photos all the men are in prison jumpsuits.

  • Michael Burch

    I am white…My wife is black..we have raised 3 black grandchildren.We figured it was and is a blessing to be able to make a difference in a child's life…For anyone to make ‘fun’ of the Romney's for this is dispictable.I f MSNBC does not correct this will just show how racist it is and it's employees are…..these people need to be corrected and or fired..This is so much worse than what happened on A&E with Phil Robertson….

  • chris b

    what a jackass!!! no kidding, I wonder who laughed but I guess you have to be a comedian with no talent to take a low shot like that and then try to blame it on your producer? I grew up in a mixed race family and if I heard someone say that, especially about your family's holiday picture. there wouldn't have been any laughs but they're would've been problems. wonder if they say that about the Hollywood couples that adopt with the same open mind?

  • ericapiz

    You know why they think its ok to make such idiot comments because the first two people on the show to do so were black. Well one is sort of black. Since the black people made the racist comment its ok right? WRONG!

  • Kennie Duffie

    thith woman ith really dithguthing, honethly she ith.

    • richard_head

      I can't watch her cause I keep tripping over her tongue. Dang nab it these new fangled 3d TV's.

  • catnip

    The baby is a girl. She has on a dress. It clear that many people thrives on hate . Hate equals income. It is obvious that hate now generate a generous pay check for people like Ms. Perry, whom a lot of words come out of her mouth, but have no meaning. Also judging by the appearance of her bottom sitting in the host seat, so has a bigger problem coming…. meaning soon her ass will need a larger seat .

  • Clarence Bolton

    I am surprised that there is not a big outcry about this! You know if FOX had this on there would be a big demand for heads to roll. I am so sick and tired of this double standard.

  • Me

    Shame on MSNBC for mocking a baby's skin color because they don't like the grandfather. I think it is a lovely picture of the Romney family.

    – Signed a moderate democrat

    • jpowers55

      Co signed by an independent

  • perry

    Melissa Harris-Pery looks like a mixed breed to me, her father should slap the shit out of her, then again she probably does'nt know who he is and I can't wait to her what Chris Matthews is going to say< MSNBC, again stoops too low, NO CLASS AT ALL

  • mpartale

    Can anybody please tell me how or why that jerk-off channel is still being broadcast?

  • Ashley

    Thats awful. This woman deserves a special place in hell…

  • croyal

    I lost respect for Melissa Harris as long as the child is being take care of, she was cold and heartless!

  • Kristiany andalas

    Frankly speaking…why this people's make fun that litlle baby…WHAT THE BABY…DONE TO THEM..???.good for the baby he FOUND 4EVER HOME…nthey LOVED him as they owned…Peoblem solved.

  • Kristiany andalas


  • RCRT

    It was MSNBC's fault, Oh no it was my producer's fault! How about starting your new year looking for a job!

  • arbasd

    Liberals will never get over their own racist guilt.


    Pond Scum and Racist Moron, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry concluded the “What’s So Funny About
    2013?” segment of her Sunday show with a chorus of laughter at the black
    grandson pictured in former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s family
    Christmas photo. The chuckles were directed at baby Kieran – who was
    adopted by Romney’s son Ben and his wife Andelynne in September.

    MSNBC collects people of this caliber and foists them off as professionals.

    They are…professional degenerates and pond scum.

  • troy christensen

    Just when you think Democrats can't go any lower, they start digging.


    Ironic that the MSNBC scum bucket had nothing to say about the photograph of Obama with his White Grandparents that has been on the web for years now.
    Obama of course threw his grandmother under the bus calling HER a racist for her remark about being frightened by a black man who appeared dangerous.

  • lbtexas

    Just like a lib, surprised they didn’t make the argument for
    abortion over adoption. The last thing they need is a rich well educated Blackman
    that believes in God, Country and family.

  • Dion Wise

    how fucking sad msnbc just nasty racist was that how sad only 119 comments lol yea msnbc

  • cmjay

    Just a group of BRAIN DEAD BOTTOM FEEDERS from MSLSD. HARRASS PERRY is a Pathetic loser who will do anything to improve her Rating

  • Eileen

    Funny, the only thing that stands out to me in this photo is how many more grandsons they have than granddaughters! So many boys. What a cute bunch, love the girls’ dresses, so pretty.

  • Just saying

    I believe the picture is of his new GRANDAUGHTER ….the media is in such a hurry to make a stink, facts are overlooked

  • katie

    If it was a democrat and this was aired on Fox News…Liberals would be OUTRAGED!!!! But, on their terms,it's okay

  • Sarah

    Condemn Phil Robertson for speaking off the cuff to questions posed to him. Defend yourselves for condemning an innocent child. I am sure the Romney's will provide a very good home. Wait. Those liberals would have been happier if that child had just been aborted. Shame on you for hurling criticism at a beautiful baby. Pick on someone your own size.

  • Raj

    Shame on her. What a jerk.

  • James Williams

    All I ask whatever the people do is don't be mad don't flip out on the station . Respect their thoughts because it speaks their truths . Let them rock with there words because we all know now they can't hide . And most important don't accept there apologies because the apology makes it worse . The sorry is worse the initial comment . So appreciate them but also treat them as a social disease isolate them . Allow them to wallow in there own hate and eventually dissolve like slugs in salt

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Lot's of black race pimps are unhappy when whites adopt black babies, and “raise them white”.

  • LiberalsRcommies

    It's amazing how racist the twits at MSNBC are.

  • John Sullivan

    So why is it ok for democrats to adopt children of another ethnicity but not ok for conservatives? Now we know the MSNBC crew and producers are racist but why project that onto an innocent child? Even if you feel that why why in the heck would you say it? I have a lot of friends on both sides of the aisle and some of them adopted children that might not necessarily be the same “skin tone”. So what…..we don't love those children like our own…we love them because they are our own.

    MSNBC should be sanctioned by the FCC and they should fire their race hating cast and crew.

  • dfmr

    The family is beautiful. I see no color when I look at people and whoever is making fun of this little baby should be FIRED……………………………….

    • MC

      Your right about not seeing people as color. Black is the absence of color (and is therefore not a color)

  • Phyllis

    Never heard this kind of comment when Angelina Joile and Sandra Bulloch adopted their black children. Its only because it was the Romney. You just can't please these liberals who are definitely the most racists humans on earth.

  • mochadee51

    I was trying to figure out why the little boy was dressed in pink and not blue. That should have been what everyone commented on, as that was the thing that did not belong…..

  • triumph1

    “I'm sorry if anyone was offended” is not an apology. Melissa Harris-Perry is the worst kind of racist. Those who support and endorse her are no better.

  • borg

    Apparently racism is acceptable to the left when they are the ones committing it

  • Jack

    Maybe Faux News is hiring.

  • Joe Valve

    Another liberal as#wh&e. Get over it you self absorbed idiot.

  • Barry Wright

    And msnbc calls this journalism? They are a pathetic bunch of losers. They wonder why their ratings continue to fall. Not even the tabloids would sink to this level. An ugly lot they are.

  • desertguylq

    MSNBC needs to remove Melissa Harris-Perry from TV immediately for remarks about the black baby.

  • Are You Kidding Me??

    Where is the uproar and call for the removal for these people from their positions? If anything in the media has taught us as of late, it does not matter what your intention was or the reason for the comment…if you say anything about race in a negative light, then you should be crucified to the fullest extent! It should be no different for these liberals on MSNBC! Truly disgusting and the highest example of hypocrisy I have ever seen.

  • Mary Jane

    The sick liberals on MSNBC are the most racist people in the US today and yet they jump all over Paula Deen and Paul Robertson. A lot of people are adopting children of different races. Don't know why but they are but as long as they are giving a child a home so what. But leave it to rag stations like this and obozo and the war of the races will continue

  • Big John

    and they still have a job?

  • Fran

    Has anyone made comments regarding How many Black sports and entertainment figures have married white gals or guys??? These gals or guys were babies once.

  • Robert Crim

    Melissa Harris Perry is doing EXACTLY what she accuses others of doing. She is a racist bigot.

  • Derp

    I mean, you can make dead baby jokes but clearly this is going too far….

  • Sharon

    Typical Liberal assholes on TV … they have no morals making fun of an innocent baby. Catch up with the 21st century … would you be saying the same thing if it was an African American Family with a white baby? I think not! They just have NO MORALS!!!

  • CiscoKid

    This should tell you everything you need to know about this panel: Pia Glenn does not understand the difference between “knew” and “new”. Go figure.

  • greg mcconville

    How's that child suppose to feel as she grows up and sees that it was the Far Left that made a spectacle out of her? She could not even sit a pose for a picture with her adoptive family without the Hateful Left doing their racist thing.

  • {

    I promise if it had been the other way around and the host would have been conservative there would have been a hangman's noose waiting for the conservative. Maybe this person should be fired as well. Msnbc is racist as much as any person or group that has a conservative view. The drive to remove conservative commentators or at least silence them is apparent.T

  • True School Nigga

    He only adopted it to see “look i'm not racist” I bet he call that baby “the colored one” when he talks about it.

  • TZap19

    Permanent suspension is in order here (yeah, right). Robertson made a statement about what THE BIBLE says about sin and was suspended for saying he agreed with it. These people have manufactured their own brand of hate, and get a pass by saying they are probably going to be offensive again. Shame on them. They should invite the entire Romney clan to their show and let them explain what love for others is about. Regarding tolerance and inclusion, who's the real deal here, and who's the fake (one of these things is not like the other…….).

  • ViennaDude

    Wow! That Mitt Romney is shrewd, convincing his son and daughter-in-law to raise and care for a child throughout the rest of their lives for his political advantage. He will do anything for a vote . . .
    Let's hope there might be a few people out there who will stand up and call this MSNBC action disgusting.

  • Lorraine Terpening

    OMG! I've seen this picture, and really, I did not notice the childs race! All I saw was a family photo with lots of children! Shame on those who brought this up!

  • JB

    Actually the joke is on them since it appears that the baby ‘boy’ is actually a baby girl judging by the fact that it is dressed in the same peach colors as all the girls and not in the blue and Khaki as the boys.

  • betterthanthenext

    She showed her stupidity, she wanted to made fun of not just Mitt Romney, but the child who when she grows up enough to understand does not see this video or hear of it. When did the people in the new media think they would get good rating off of making fun of a child and her family especially a baby. If stupidity had another name it would be MSNBC host Melissa Perry.

  • Patsy

    Really Pia Glenn That's a baby you're making fun of!! Atleast he has a loving family that will take care of him so what and it's not about the skin color its about love!! And you poking fun at the baby is just wrong maybe someone needs to take you off the air for being racist!!

  • Clic Linx

    that was unacceptable by Perry and her panel. Time for them to get the Pink slip. I think Romney should deliver them himself. LOL Now wouldn't that be funny. Melissa Harris Perry you are fired.

  • Dianna Brown

    Are we sure that the child is a grandson? The child is wearing pink, maybe we should be saying granddaughter.

  • Dee

    Thank you brilliant, elegant, charitable,exemplary family gentleman,Governor Mitt Romney and Anne Romney ,for assuring your American grandson!!!
    (why must he be referred, and ridiculed to as black, by angry black,cruel,vicious, Melissa Perry?Thank you for securing his brilliant future,
    not secured by high yeller,(like myself artist,but not angry) angry black Melissa Perry.
    She stigmatizes this baby ,which cannot defend itself, and you try to protect from her ridicule.
    MSNBC can correct this crime against a baby, by disposing ,of this angry black , defiling America, primitive ill mannered,cruel vicious, Melissa Perry.
    This angry black Perry suppressed the fact that charitable Governor Romney donated his over $150,000,000,- inheritance to Charity,during her angry black hero:
    Liar in Chief, benghazi/IRS/NSA/Assoc.Press racist Campaign, to steal the White House!
    The racist war they created was won by the black and conned, folled voters, by believing now proven lies, and subterfuge. Voters, Where are the 7 million jobs promised?

  • Dawn Marie Buzash Zahorik

    I look at the photo and think wow how lucky are they to have so many grandchildren a a wonder child who also gave a loving home and family to a child that needed one!

  • Aaron Page

    Totally looks like his wife…

  • Dee

    jermain Johnson who wants the world to be ruled by hatred,move out of America, to then nearest thrash.I am not white but love America, and the realAmericans whom I found trusting and hardworking,undermined by your vileputrid element,, like your Sista primitive wannabe white sista ,angry black Melissa Perry, whom MSNBC must fire, for spreading racism and expressing hatred for a charitable family

  • Jaime Reyes

    I for one think it's a beautiful photo of a family, and I think the little dude Kieran is a beautiful child. Notice his sister cuddling up to him….to them this is nothing but a family thing.
    Shame on anyone of any party for politicizing this.

  • Marcie

    She should be fired for saying such a thing and refusing to appologize. If there is a petition, I will sign it!

  • Donna

    This is a BEAUTIFUL picture of two proud loving grandparents with there precious and awesome grandchildren. They are blessed to have so many grandchildren to enjoy!

  • disgusted

    So why hasn't she been fired?

  • ree

    I think that is a girl. Why is that baby not in blue like the other boys if it were a boy?

  • jane

    If the host was a bit more observant, she would have noticed that the boys in the picture are all wearing blue, and the girls are all wearing pink and orange. The cute baby on Mitt's lap is wearing a shade an orange-colored outfit. My guess is that the baby is a GIRL, not a boy.

  • Steven Rispers

    that truly ignorant and the baby isn't a thing it's a human being just like the idiots who laughed at this.

  • filmexec

    Why do these people still have jobs? What Racist behavior!

  • TC

    How is it that everyone wants Phil Robertson's head on a platter when he expresses his religious views on gays but these a_ _ holes can say these racist things and NO ONE is calling for them to get fired. They should be applauding the Romney son for adopting the kid. I would spit on this racist bitch if I ever saw her.

  • medartist01

    Got to adopt a black kid… to show that the huge, filthy-rich, white family is not racist. HAHAHAHA!

  • Rich Truesdell

    In some ways this statement and segment by Melissa Harris-Perry is as detestable as the one by Martin Bashir about Sarah Palin. It shows the depths of how low MSNBC will go to denigrate and vilify a good and charitable man. I'm still waiting for them to apologize for what they did to Gov. Romney during the 2012 campaign, repeating Democrat talking points that he was a tax cheat and a murderer, all lies, while repeating such statements like “If you like your health insurance and doctor, you can keep the… PERIOD.”

    Melissa Harris-Perry is what I like to call a reverse racist, and if there was any justice in the world, she would be banished from the airwaves. The good thing is that her ratings are so miserable, that it's documented that almost no one is watching her show. It seems that even MSNBC's small audience has the good sense to avoid this shrill troll. Her audience would not likely fill up a middle school auditorium.

  • Wayne Youngs

    MSNBC- the station of the true racists- Sharpton/Bashar/Harris- Perry, what a class to make their owners proud.

  • Big Bird, Ernie, Elmo

    I'm black..I thought it was funny, not at the baby but at Mitt Romney…..I'm still chuckling….Come on, I know everyone has heard that song from Sesame Street….

  • Maria Robertson

    I'm so fed up with hypocrisy from the Left. Liberals scream for Tolerance for all…..yet Conservatives are excluded from All. Love Mitt….wish he would have won. And that baby in the photo is not different….He is a child of God…same as everyone else in the photo and a darn cute one. Shame on you…MSNBC!

  • MC

    I am just glad Mitt is not the president

  • William G

    I was shocked! I never realized that MSNBC was still on the air. A real class group of people.

  • Mil

    Why is it that FAUX NEWS can say any hateful thing on earth about any one the president, first lady their children democrats and FOX never clear anything never fires any one but as soon as some one says something about any one you CLOWNS want them fired, stop with the fake out rage. Hipocrits.

  • mtkelley

    Not cool. This is an adopted baby we're talking about. There's plenty to get after Mitt about – children are off limits, in my book.

  • Gwap

    If this is a real photo, its for publicity.

  • C M

    Megyn Kelley and her outrageous racist white santa comments were far worse.

    • ProgessivePeter

      Don't leave out white Jesus

  • Kamau Thabiti

    so when did this guy start to even like Black people-never.

  • whoisjohngalt58

    MHP is a pathetic piece of dog waste.

  • I'm just sayin

    If he is his “Grand Son” why is he not in blue like the other boys, instead of the orange/pink the girls are wearing. Get your facts right!!!

  • Heather McArthur

    Well MSNBC – disgusting attacking an innocent child thinking such was even remotely funny. This article states they made fun of Romney's “grandson”. The baby is in pink, dressed as the other girls in the family. What else is wrong here????

  • a778c466

    Who cares what race the baby is? That is disgraceful that someone would make fun of that, at least they had the heart to adopt a baby who may not have had such a privileged life otherwise.

  • ProgessivePeter

    I guess I missed the racist comments from the panel. I heard an accurate analogy of the Republican Party, It could have been a Black baby, Asian Baby, Latino Baby and it still would have looked like a Republican convention. There is no fiction in their assessment only fact if that's being racist I guess I'm a racist.

  • tek0801

    Boycott MSNBC sponsors…there is no room for this kind of hatred against a helpless black infant!

    • ProgessivePeter

      Yes damn them for making an accurate analogy of the Republican Party and their diversity or lack there off without making one hateful remark about a black infant!

    • ProgessivePeter

      Yes boycott MSNBC for making an accurate analogy of the Republican Party and their lack of diversity. I missed all the hatred said about that baby. The bad news for you is MSNBC will not be boycotted, the good news for you is Duck Dynasty wont either..Yeee Haaa!

  • belmont

    what was funny was how he got booed by the panel for saying what he did about the obama selfie pic.Which happened to be the only funny thing that was said!!!

  • SAM


  • Will Mixon

    romney just did this to get votes and stay in office .The dam politicans will do anything to stay in office

  • jb

    C'mon ms harris-perry. Yes, I am educated (Post Doctorate), but in my opinion your name just does not deserve capitalization.. You should be ashamed of yourself. And the Romney's should be extremely proud. More “Good and Great Americans” should embrace this. I applaud the Romneys!!. I would rather have them for dinner than you. Ms. h-p, if you wanted everybody to be segregated and not embrace each other because of skin color go back to the 20s and STAY! You perhaps belong there!! You are NOT a credit to the U.S. and for what we (I am a 30 year vet as well), fought for while you were Ivy Leaguing it somewhere. Again, you should be ashamed.

    • Joe Schmoe

      For someone with a post doctorate, lol, you really are a poor writer.

  • OaktownCoug

    What a couple of bitchs, her and Pia – two peas in a pod. If the family would have been liberal she would have said “That is real nice.” Comcast should shut down MSNBC and it's 20 viewers.

  • Foxhunter

    This is the kind of crap I expect from Fox News, not MSNBC. Just demonstrates that there are idiots everywhere, all walks of life, all political persuasions, both genders, etc. Same is true for good people.

  • Jake

    Honestly, America, we need to calm down.No racial slurs were said, nor anything else derogatory. By pointing out that you believe what she said is racist, basically shows that you are looking for something to be offended about. You should all ind your own damn business.

    • No One Important

      That's right – dismiss a deliberately planned malicious event by picking a picture that wasn't newsworthy other than to comment on the race of a child and use the child to justify more political insults. . . .to make a child a victim. . .that's ok with you, huh?Good gawd, do you listen to yourself making excuses?Do us all a favor – stay away from anyone else's children.

      • Jake

        That's not my point at all. My point is, other people, news reporters, and everyone online thinks it's their business to talk about what someone said on TV and make them apologize. It should be nobody's business OTHER than the lady who made the “insult” and the Romney Family. What right do people like you have to make a huge deal of it online?

  • No One Important

    Stop focusing solely on what they said. Pay attention and think about this. Why was the picture picked for commentary? Why was it even newsworthy? Hmmmm?That's right. Think about it.The show had to go through pre production planning and they specifically chose this picture. What was it newsworthy?Because they planned to make these comments about Romney's grandchild.Not one single person at MSNBC, in production, planning, or the panel stopped and said “whoa, this is wrong. This is a baby. That's off limits.”This was a pre planned event to make these comments about Romney's grandchild.Remember that as they try to apologize now and act like this was a spontaneous goof.Because it wasn't. This was a pre planned malicious event on the show.Apologies aren't good enough. Every single person and the entire production staff need to be fired, immediately.

  • Thomas Long

    Sounds like hate speech which means a hate crime. Somebody call the network and someone else call eric holder.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Sounds like some right wing racist is accusing a black liberal of being what he is

  • qoolkat

    They are teasing Mitt Romney, not the baby. The guy is seen as being uptight and out of touch (with his 47% comments and his strapping his dog on the roof of his car and his elevators for his automobiles, etc.) so people find one black baby out of 30 in his family photos as giggle-inducing. Also, they made sure Mitt the Magnificent would be the one holding the black baby for the photo… like he is some sort of racially tolerant Santa. The whole thing is goofy.

  • Vino

    What's the fuss about? Where's your sense of proportion ? There's NO issue.

    • Jake

      Finally, somebody with a brain. You're right, this “incident” is not a big deal at all. Everyone needs to calm down.

  • Renee’

    I am a black woman who grew up in Iowa, of all places. I pray for that child and for that family. They are going to learn a lot about racism, unjust judgment, stereotypes and prejudice in the most unsuspecting way. Just because someone adopts a child of another race does not mean they are not racist, nor does it mean they are racist. However, it will cause them to have to look at their inner demons; and there is not amount of money or noteriety that will shield the Romney's or that child from the hate they will experience. God bless them, because He is going to have to do it. Unless that child has proper mentors and guidance, he will be the one who will suffer the most in this situation. If the child is to be a political ploy… God help them all. Given the family's political context Kieran, unbeknownst to himself, very well may become just that- a political tool used in the tawdry game called politics. It's unfortunate, but it happens. I didn't see the program, nor did I hear about this prior to it being on Yahoo's wall. I just believe that is what the commentator meant. The problem is, if you have never lived it, you truly don't know what you are talking about. I have… and again, that family is going to need much prayer. It's no laughing matter. The effects of hidden racism are far greater than people realize.

    • Jake

      There was NO racism there. All the lady pointed out is that one of Romney's grandchildren was different. She did not insult the baby or say anything derogatory about the baby. You, and everyone else online, need to stop feeling offended about every little thing.

      • Renee’

        I'm not offended. I am only stating facts. They're going to need a lot of prayer. The child was just adopted and they already have a mountain of attention from the media. Enough said. Enjoy your day. I've moved from this subject.

  • michael

    where is Jessie and al
    sharpton on this one calling for a resignation guess the country only looks for white comments

  • Paragello

    I may not be a Romney fan, but I have much LOWER regard for the hate-filled hypocrisy that spills so easily from people such as Ms. Harris-Perry.

  • kris

    the msnbc communication rules call for respect for others and being responsible for what you post. Its cheap and easy to apologise after, where was MHP's courage of convictions to stop that snarky bit while it was going on? she should be held responsible beyond her apology: not enough.

  • Dee

    I wonder why we don't see Oprah Winfrey stating that this lady needs to “die” as she did for some others (of course they were white). Of course this is not a racist comment because it was uttered by an African American woman. Had it been a differently raced person I would imagine that Oprah, Jesse Jackson etc. would have been on their soap box yelling for their hide!!!!

    • Joe Schmoe

      I wonder why you even care, considering it wasn't a racist comment? I guess the only time some right winger gets worked up about race is when they get a chance to call a black a racist?

  • Bryan Shaddix


    • Joe Schmoe

      Are they as bad as the right wing haters who love FOX and Duck Poop Dynasty

  • mike123

    Maybe they should suspend Melissa for a couple of episodes. Phil R.

  • aqil

    why dose the boy have on pink like the girls,

  • Joe Schmoe

    I guess the only time some right winger gets worked up about race is when they get a chance to call some black liberal a racist. Take a look in the mirrors.

  • Dill Pixel

    As usual MSNBC = Missing Some Necessary Brain Cells

    • Joe Schmoe

      As opposed to the geniuses who watch FOX or Duck Shyte Dynasty?

      • Dill Pixel

        Yep. I'll put up Fox's honesty, integrity, and intelligent Anchors against MSNBC's lies, half truths, film editing, and AMAZINGLY obtuse Anchors? any day. Oh yeah and MSNBC's poor uninformed audiences. I really feel sorry for them.

        • Joe Schmoe

          Most people who enjoy ignorant trash like DD & FOX, are ignorant trash themselves, You are such a non-thinking conformist that all you seem capable of doing is parroting their slogans and promo. If you feel sorry for stupid, uninformed people, well you got a lot on your plate just at home

          • Dill Pixel

            A Leftist's beliefs are all designed to pander to his ego. So when you have an argument with a Leftist, you are not really discussing the facts. You are threatening his self esteem. Which is why the normal Leftist response to challenge is mere abuse. -

          • Joe Schmoe

            What you call facts, intelligent honest people call an opinion, at best just to be charitable. Honestly, you sound like just another total dittohead reading from a script, Your rant is devoid of any relevant facts or even points. People of low mental caliber often confuse their opinions or rumors with real facts and truths.

          • Dill Pixel

            Dear Mr. Schmoe,
            I look back and don't seem to find any “Facts” much less any intelligent answers from you. The main things I see from all your spew is Hate, Slander, Trolling, and Name Calling. Try again Dear Mr. Schmoe. :)

          • Joe Schmoe

            Sorry, but you are the one makikng the accusations, so your mindless drivel like
            “A Leftist's beliefs are all designed to pander to his ego. So when you have an argument with a Leftist, you are not really discussing the facts. You are threatening his self esteem. Which is why the normal
            Leftist response to challenge is mere abuse. -”
            is YOUR OPINION, NOT A FACT. And it is a BS stupid one at best. Like I said from the start, you are too weak minded to separate your opinions and feelings from facts and reality. It seems in your mini world, a leftist is anyone to the left of Warren Harding. You sound like the last ten fools I heard calling Rush to babble away.

          • Dill Pixel

            SEE….I proved my point. All you did was call me names etc. Talk to me when you actually have something halfway intelligent to say. ByeEEEEEeee…

          • Joe Schmoe

            Since everything you spewed earlier is totally ignorant rubbish, it is mighty swell of you to hold me to a higher level of discourse than your inane third grade level

  • inohio

    I find this pic a nice family gathering of all the grandkids . When their all grown up they will look at the one cousin in the back ground crying and say he's still a crybaby. Also will bring up the fact all the boys are dressed in blue shirts…..but you dude they dressed you in pink. See my point in 30, 40 years it'll all be a memory good, bad or indifferent, It’ family.

  • chuckt56

    this just shows how hypocritical she and msnbc actually are! she should be fired or the show should be gutted !
    where is big al or jessi now?

    • Joe Schmoe

      Just wondering why do all the right wingers get upset about race only when they get a chance to call a black person one? If FOX did this, you would be crying about all the sensitive PC types making much a do about nothing.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Since there was nothing really racist about it, why should your hated black power types get involved?

  • Sylvia J. Mckinley

    There is nothing new here. People should be more sensitive and respectful of families’ makeup. Todays modern families are made up of many races, cultures, and differences. Catch up!!! For goodness sake!!! because this is nothing new!! I just happen to be a member of a multi-racial, family and I am thankful for my family, no matter what color we are!!

  • redsox34

    by the power of grey skull what a cute little nigglit, how many felonies does he have already? and the judge says will the defendant please rise, i swear he was the same one who broke into my house, alright who put malt liquor in his baby bottle, i have to change his diaper anyone seen the chicken scented baby powder?

  • Kwka

    Hopefully he will not transport the black babe on the to of his car.

  • Unfair press

    Amazing!!! A liberal, rude racist on MSNBC!!! Where is the public outcry from Al & Jesse? Why isn't there a network uproar like with Mr. Robinson? If Mr. Romey would have made a comment about a democrats family like this, he would have been torn apart byt the main stream press.

  • Kwka

    Hopefully he will not transport the black babe on the top of his car.

  • Anne Fischer

    Perry should be put out to pasture, Her shows are trite, she is not relatable, I can't stand her, personally, and this latest thing about the grandbaby of Romney's is just exemplary of her complete and utter lack of humanity!

    • Joe Myrick

      I gave up listening to her commentary awhile ago. She at times sounds as racist as the ones she accuses. there is definitely some anger issues here that she needs to address in close conference.

  • call it as I see it

    MSNBC is a bastion of spineless hypocrisy….

  • Penny

    She should be terminated. Period. If it were a conservative poking fun at a liberal, there would not have been any question about the media calling for termination. Pia Glenn should be terminated as well. Unfortunately, these fools will be lauded by idiots.

    • itsrob

      Which conservatives were terminated exactly?

      • Penny

        Where did I state any were terminated? I said IF…and in an IF/THEN comparison.

  • Diana

    Come on everyone, lighten up a bit. She apologized for her remark and I think she should be forgiven because when we turn around and call her names, we are no better than she. Also, are you aware of the jokes and bad language used towards the elderly? It's everywhere, commercials, movies, etc., and I don't hear anyone speaking up against the disrespectfulness towards them.

    • itsrob

      The boomers didn't really care about the elderly when they were growing up. All they wanted to do was put them in homes and take their money. Now they are the elderly.

  • mark

    The problem with Melissa and MSNBC is that they are RACIST. They judge everything according to skin color, with different rules accordingly, and that is the very definition of RACISM. Just FYI to Melissa and MSNBC, we no longer have slavery (well, except for the enslavement of young and future generations to crippling debt, than you liberals) and black people have all the opportunities whites have in this country, even more. So please, enter this century and stop judging everything according to RACE.

  • mitchell

    Romney and family did absolutely the right thing adopting that baby. Nothing funny, snarky, or odd about it.
    There are thousands of kids that need adoption – the Romney's decision to adopt deserves praise.
    To use the photo and the baby as a means to put down or make fun of the Romney family was chicken shit.
    The Romney's did a fine thing, period. They are generous, decent people.
    Oh, 1 more thing- I'm a life long left wing democrat.

  • Thunderyn FN Lightning

    I found it to be a hilarious commentary on some truth. If no one cared to listen until the end of the clip, the comment was made about “summing up the Republican Convention, one black person in a room full of white people”(para) That in it's very essence is a direct display of the bigotry that conservatives perpetuate. Majority of the republican party consist of people who criticized Obama, (prior to taking office) and praised Bush Jr. (whom was elected twice) . If you can't see the paradigm that they are playing Americans by having us discuss and criticize comedians for making jokes, as opposed to further looking into programs like Rex 84, or fighting to find out what actually happened during 9/11 or the truth behind the Patriot act, or addressing poverty in our country whilst exporting our goods and services (and money)

    • jabney8

      I think you tried to hard to defend the indefensible.

  • Melrena K. Lason

    Melissa Harris Perry is disgusting!!!! She should be fired period! So sick of the foul mouth MSNBC groupies spouting their poision…distasteful brode they are, low class trash!

    • Larry PIper

      “Foul mouth groupies spouting poison …” You've just described Sean Hannity and Fox News!

  • Tcjenn12

    Very unprofessional of msnbc to allow racist comments like those.

  • therrendunham

    While I don't think it was right to go in on an innocent baby (regardless of race or adoptive parent's political affiliation), it's NOT unfair to discuss certain ramifications of releasing the photo. If anything, could this have been the Romneys tacitly expressing relief that they don't have to kowtow to the TEA Party and other fringe elements of the GOP? Maybe the clowning was intended as a satirical, if inelegant, premise on the state of diversity in the Republican Party?

    • jabney8

      You're pretty stupid. Oh wait … I apologize. Feel better?

      • therrendunham

        You're an ignorant f^(ktard who has to throw darts at people to hide the fact that you're afraid of intelligent discourse.

        And I don't apologize for saying so.

  • Vanmc

    Ur a bitch! Who would do that to an innocent baby no matter who the parents or grandparents! Good thing u r not in my reach u stupid idiot! And then u can't even take responsibility for ur comments! Own them! Don't blame it on someone else. Slime of the earth !

    • therrendunham

      the f^#* are you talking to? She apologized, without any reservations (her words). So what's the problem?

  • Aris

    I think the comment was a blessing a disguise – now that so many readers would have viewed the picture rather than just ignore it. I think it is a blessed baby!

  • Priya

    Appalling! No wonder the world is rife with so much disunity. Look beyond colour for human sake.

  • Fabian Soliz

    Why apologize? The Romney family should be ashamed of themselves.
    Why just one token black child, why not two, three or five black
    children. White people think they can just go to the adoption agency
    like it’s a supermarket and say, “I think I’ll take this black child,”
    like it’s a Chihuahua or a shih tzu. Can you imagine if a wealthy black
    family went to an American adoption agency and said they wanted to
    adopt a poor white child? They would be denied immediately because
    American Black people can’t adopt white children in America yet! I
    can’t wait when American black families start adopting white children,
    maybe this back-assward country would be a more equal and fair place to

    • jabney8

      Nut job alert! Did you know that when applying for adoption there are fewer white children up for adoption than say … blk children. Besides, it's evident you know nothing about the adoption process. Most folks wait years and they don't select from a menu. They are looking for a child that is in need of a family and home. Grow up.

  • Just-A-Thought

    tmz …”black baby” …

  • Zehnhund

    So we have a table full of “adults” including the host who is a black woman raised by a white and Mormon family, who holds a B.A. and a PhD and she needed to get spanked by viewers to realize her racist comments about a white and Mormon family adopting a black child we're offensive!!??? Melissa clearly defines high education and low intelligence.
    Then the other twit who made the “different” comments cries that she was surprised by the PICTURE that thrust in front of her without warning!!?? HUH!!??? SERIOUSLY!!??
    So…she's supposedly an adult. She's on a major network as a guest and she is sitting next to a black woman raised by a white, Mormon family and she makes racist comments about a picture of a black child being raised by a white, Mormon family. The fact that this chick can drive, drink, buy guns and reproduce should scare the Hell out of everyone.
    What both women have done collectively is, once again, define the liberal/leftist/progressive belief that what they do is not to be judged by others but what others due is clearly within their right to judge regardless of the incomprehensible hypocrisy it may entail.

  • Bulls1

    If someone said this about a Dem, they'd be screaming racist and calling for her to be fired and banished from the planet…unreal..and it wouldn't be some small almost hidden story like this is-Sharpton, Jesse J. an the media would be all over it…she is a phony 2 faced bigot…

  • Adam Kos

    Pretty disgusting that the left is attacking Romney, who isn't running for anything, over something like adopting a black child. They got nothing positive to say about the utter failure they have as president in Washington, so they make attacks like these. Pretty despicable.

  • Anita D.

    Sad. It's not about who's a conservative or liberal. Wrong is wrong and this host should be ashamed of herself. I will not subscribe to this program. This just makes me sick. When will we learn that kindness is far better than tearing people down? God bless the Romney family for helping another precious child.

  • hypocriticals should be hung

    Fire her. If networks can fire over someones personal feelings such as Robertson then they should fire this idiot. Let see if any supporters can boycott her products in department stores and whatever backlash A&E and GLAAD had to endure. Besides that where's’ the NAACP are they quiet on this? Figures. This hack should go on the unemployment line.

    • Larry PIper

      If we hang all the hypocrites we wouldn't have any Republicans left.

  • Slider

    There seem to be alot of liberal journalists having to apologize or resign lately. The trend is disturbing from the “tolerant” crowd

  • Heather Johnson

    i wouldnt make fun i have cousins of different races where just a big lovin crazy happy family were all an odd bunch

  • Ken

    Thank God this happened on MSNBC, not FOX or the press would be calling for someone to be stoned to death. Talk about double standards.

  • T'Ann

    Every child need a place to call home and a family to love them. It is not the color that matters its the love that is given. After all God gave his only Son……

  • justwondering

    Am I the only one to notice this?: If the adopted child is a boy, then why does he have on pink? All the other males in the picture have on plaid blue shirts and khaki pants. When I saw the picture I thought Mitt was holding a little black girl and a boy.

    • hi-density

      I noticed that and wondered too. Still do.

  • Tom

    MS Perry does not like white people who adopt Black Babies,

  • Tom

    Ms Perry should not do the News she is a racist.

  • Diane in VA

    Black people are the most racist in this country. They act like they are entitled to everything just because of slavery. 90% of them cannot tell you the 1st thing about slavery or even what Kwanza stands for. If this was a white lady making fun of a black family with a white baby, they would have every black leader on this and thousands would take off work to protest. (oh I forgot…black people don't adopt white babies) Such a double standard.

    • Cybercraig

      Kwanza is a “made up” holiday. It's not celebrated in Africa.

  • Karen Jonsson

    I do not think it is a big deal about Romney. He did not adopt the child, his son did. You honestly think he asked or made his son adopt a black baby for his own agenda? Who does that? I am no Romney fan, but I think this is not fair. John McCain hid his daughter the whole election. No one said one word about it. My only problem with it is the Tweet. Apparently there is another baby grandchild who is white and Romney did not tweet about it. I truly hope that his son will not let his baby be used again.

  • Rafael Sr

    can you imagine a black family adopting a white kid? it would be outrageous to white people

  • febi

    no its time to stop the ignorance black,white red or yellow whatever pull togeather country before we fail.each one teach one each one help one then we move foward thank you

  • JCNY

    Crocodile tears from the lying, lisping lunatic because in the end she realizes that it actually is possible (although not probable) to be so offensive that it jeopardizes her job. I don't believe for a moment that she is actually sorry. I do believe that her bosses told her to apologize and she figured a few fake tears would just add to the drama. This woman doesn't have a shred of credibility and neither does this entire station. Apology not accepted.

  • sanid jones

    Ms. Perry and some other MSNBC contributors often show intolerance and hostility toward anyone that doesn't think like themselves (the almighty liberals). If a white conservative FOX commentator made fun of a large black family for adopting one white grandchild, or for any similar issue, I can bet that Harris-Perry and other liberals would be the first ones calling for that commentator's immediate dismissal. Off with their head! Instead, each time something like this happens from a liberal broadcaster, we get “tearful apologies” and they suffer no repercussions except a moment of embarrassment. What a pitiful double standard.


    What's going on with these liberals apologizing left and right and even being fired from their shows. Their hatred is getting out of control.

  • Dennis Huffman

    Just because inter racial adoptions are done more frequently doesn't make them right.

  • Carla

    Ms, Perry is a strong, dedicated and intelligent woman. I believe she should take courage to the fact that we all make mistakes. Ms, Perry has apologized and that take great leadership skills and character. Ms. Perry is a role model to young people no matter what the race of the individual. Be strong Ms Perry!

  • sababu

    It's very unfortunate that these types of incidents continue to lap over our efforts to address racial relations without innocent, unthinking, and errant offense that lack compassion for how seriously sensitive wading in the waters of racial affiliation can be. Sometimes we get caught in the rush of the moment, loose discipline, and are forced to face the harm of our unthinking reflective reactions. It's certain Ms. Perry's apology is sincere, but she must face the embarrassment, shame, and whatever else that she is bound to feel from such social tragedy. Fact remain, this is a serious stain upon her character for the grossness of her political oriented trespass. POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME.

  • Jen Walton-El

    THAT is a Baby a child if so call Adults have no respect for a child of any race don't call your self adults all children should be loved not used in a childless joke Grow up people learn when to used your joke their is no reason for this Madness

  • Dee M

    If these panelists and host are so unintelligent, short-sighted and uncaring to do what they did, they need to be banned from tv permanently. It is easy to become “tearfully apologetic” when all the feedback is against you. She must have realized when the comments were being made. She needs a strong lesson in caring about others.

  • ObamaScare

    Mitt, why don't you give the baby to MSNBC to raise…. Perhaps they can send him to Kenya to be raised by radicals and then off to Hawaii to smoke lots of dope, and then idiot libs like at MSNBC and the View can praise him as the next savior and vote him to be President. ….. sounds familiar???

  • zonoz

    What would you expect when you try to make funny with pictures of racially diverse families? Even if it's only one black baby adopted by a white family it's way more than you see black family's adopting white babies. If she had been white she'd have been fired. Now, is THAT racist?

  • ObamaScare

    ….. typical

  • ulu

    I did not see or hear anything offensive coming any of them. Especially from Melissa. I do want to commend her for apologizing. It takes a big heart to apologize on national television.
    I have 3 interracial children…my first are Portuguese/Filipino/Hawaiian and my baby is African-American/Filipino/Hawaiian.
    How are we supposed to make this world see that color is just color and that we are all the same species if we can't make jokes and we are being so sensitive? C'mon people…there are bigger things to worry about and focus on than little racial bits…
    I can go on forever…
    Come to Hawaii and see all the interracial mixes we have!!!! I love it!

    • Cybercraig

      Sorry, I don't make enough money to live there.

  • ulu

    I heard Melissa say he was gorgeous!!!

  • InSearchOf

    Although I disagree with a socially progressive philosophy, I've always admired the compassion that progressives show toward the individual. This single quality, in fact, has nearly persuaded me to shift my worldview closer to theirs. But in recent years it seems this quality of compassion is readily replaced with sharp-edged disdain when an individual holds a more conservative view. Selective compassion isn't charity at all — it's little more than clique-ish palling around.

  • Larry PIper

    While the child certainly doesn't deserve to be dragged into base politics, while we are at it how about the Republican/Tea party apologies to Barack Obama and his family for their numerous falsehoods and derogatory viral e-mails full of outright lies and made up crap?

    • Kevin Imus

      Way to try and obfuscate the subject Mr. Double Standard.

      • Larry PIper

        It must be hard for wing nuts when they get hoisted on their own petard!

    • Cybercraig

      For example?

      • Larry PIper

        Do your own homework. Just Google Fox News or Bill O'Reilly lies and look at the shear volume of well documented falsehoods knowingly perpetrated by these people. The Fox News slogan “fair and balanced” is Orwellian. O'Reilly's network couldn't even win their lawsuit when Billo whined about Al Franken calling him a liar in print. Must be hard to be proven a liar in a court of law. Fox News even went to court to establish their right to be untruthful. That pretty much says it all.

        • Cybercraig

          I don't watch Fox News. Apparently you don't either if you have to “Google it”.

          • Larrypiper

            Why would I watch a bunch of liars? To intentionally be misinformed. The point is that anyone can easily expose them for the charlatans they are.

          • Cybercraig

            So you're just going off of heresay? I heard that gold is going to $3,000.00/oz this year. You'd better buy some! ;-)

      • Larry PIper

        Do your own homework. Google Fox news lies, Bill O'Reilly lies, Sean Hannity lies and see how many verifiable example come up!

  • Bs

    So what if Mitt Romneys family adopted that's one less child in the system that got very fortunate to be in a loving family. What's wrong with loving another race and wanting to provide. Why is it wrong that your heart can love more than the eye can see. I don't see black families adopting much. Is it wrong or “token” if black adopted white. What would the issue be then. I think people should shut their mouths mind their own and let people be HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Imus

    If this had been the Clintons, not the Romneys, and a white conservative Fox commentator had made those exact remarks? O M F G the doo doo would have EXPLODED the fan.

    How do you spell double standard?

  • d Patterson

    Just for the sake of laughter..we know this would never happen. BUT what if a .black family adopted a white baby and a snide remark was made.ummm just sayin

    • Cybercraig

      No such thing as a “black family”.

  • Johnny Doe

    No wonder Whites are losing their grip so quickly. They've made themselves an impotent and ridiculous spectacle by racing to see who can kiss black rear end faster. Ingratiating fools. That's why Blacks have no respect for Whites, whatsoever.
    Sad to see so many deluded and weak people who believe they can make themselves liked by turning up their soft belly in submission. That never works.

  • luckylarry777

    Harris-Perry made a mistake and exposed her true racist self. While I am a forgiving person I also know the Ms Harris-Perry would be on a witch hunt if this was said by a FOX-TV host and be demanding their resignation. Her comment on families being off-limits was two-faced at best as she has said plenty about Sarah Palin's family. If you live by the sword then you should die by the sword. If MSNBC has any class or standards they will fire her. Hopefully other TV personalities will learn from this and leave politicians families alone no matter their affiliation. In addition, if someone slips and makes an insensitive comment then a simple apology should be sufficient.

  • Nonameever

    Melissa Harris-Perry gives tear-filled apology to Mitt Romney for black grandchild jokes, wailing that Martin Bashir made her do it.

  • Eva Harris

    As a black person, I am disgusted by Melissa Harris-Perry's racist crap. It's hypocritical, too. If it isn't okay for white racists to to this kind of thing, then isn't okay for any of US to do it either. And on a personal note, I really wouldn't want that child to ever know what a mean B#tch I was, if it was me. And you can't be sure he somebody won't tell him about this or he won't read it somewhere when he's older.

  • William Guzman

    I'd wish he'd adopt me
    I'm a fat 44 year old Mexican
    I even voted for him !

  • Ublvble

    oh, what ever black people say it is ok. it is problem only when a white speaks out about others it becomes a big issue. FYI I am not either white or black, how come nbc hosts don't know what is sensitive and what is not? Just that they don't give a damn about others?

  • disqus_QoLR45HiFB

    Just watched her crying apology on MSN. What a phony crying session from a totally phony person. She should have lost her position. What a hypocrite!

  • tom721

    I don't have TV, so I did not see your mistake, and cannot find it on line. But I like a few things about your apology. You introduced it well. Second, your diction and enunciation are excellent. An admirable trait, not often found in your business. (So don't quit the day job.) And third, though you broke down, (also very honest and admirable), you managed to retain control to the end. Well-done, young lady. Apology accepted. (Though I cannot speak for the Romney family).

  • Butch Anderson

    The Romney family looks quite happy, the baby is a cutie pie. I will more seriously consider Mitt if he runs again. Melissa Perry just talks to much but no more than many commentators. Now send a nice expensive present to the Romneys.

  • Cybercraig

    Who is this Melissa Hairy-Fairy?

  • Chevretto

    don't know what was said or who said it, I'm sure is something not even worth taking about , but I'll say she's cute and I like her lisp

  • trustnooneinpower

    you know she might be sorry now…but it really show's what the left liberal's really think and feel!! isn't this what they accuse the right of all the time??? hypocrite's!!

  • trustnooneinpower

    I think it's pretty bad that I had to come to the WRAP web page to read the comment's on this story,, obviously MSN doesn't have the ball's to make the comment's available on they're site since it's a negative comment by another liberal!!!

  • Larry PIper

    The Romney family can adopt whomever they wish and it's nobody's business but their own. Let's wait until they tie him to the top of the car with the family dog before taking issue!.

  • frankyburns

    Much ado about nothing.

  • Owen Norris

    As I starting reading some of the post and other commentaries about what could hardly be called an “incident”, I was reminded that either we just love to see ourselves post (instead of hear ourselves talk) or we really don't know any better, so we regurgitate the lunacy that's that crammed down our throats everyday.

    If you care, go back and listen to that segment carefully (if you don't, then carry on). Here's what I heard in “context”:
    1) We have a panel of comedians
    2) The photos selected were more about the responses they garnered, than the photos themselves
    3) MHP – “This one (photo) is pretty cute”
    4) MHP – “People had a lot of emotions about this one”
    5) MHP – “Isn't he the most gorgeous”
    6) “One of these is not like the others” – was made by one of the panelist. If you watch MHP barely chuckled at that.
    7) “Sums up the diversity of the Rep Party” – again made by panelist. Whether you are hard right or hard left, is there a hint of truth to that statement?

    Before you shout me down, I'm no way suggesting that the Romney family adopted this child to say, “Here, look at us. We believe in diversity.” I believe in my heart they did this out of love for this boy. (You want something to laugh at? I've heard it said that the only children that know they were truly wanted are adopted children. The rest of us might be an Oops)

    At its best this whole thing could be called somewhat insensitive, maybe. In its entire context from racial history of this country (with all the gains) to the 2012 campaign this is hardly worthy of the uproar that followed. In my opinion there was nothing racist about what happened, as many of the commenters have suggested. If this was done by a comedian in a comedy club, black and white alike would've been laughing at what was said. Which brings to this point.

    I think we have taken the word “racist/racial/racism” and completely watered it down where it's used at the drop of a hat. The punch that word carries is used where it should not be and is knocking people out when they should only be called ignant (ignorant means you just know something where ignant means you know, you're just being stupid). Here's what I mean. When anyone has their civil, economic, social, political, etc. rights infringed upon, because of their race, then that is racism. For example, if I applied for a job and was the only Black candidate and the person hiring said, “I think n*****s ought to blah blah blah. That being said you are the very best person for this job and you're hired. And you're being paid the same as any person would be for that position.” My question is: was that person doing the hiring a racist? In my opinion – no. Ignant – yes. We need to stop mislabeling people with the “racist” label and do more to adjust their attitude.

    So back on point. MHP, nor the panelist did or said anything racist, as many of the commenters like to think. For me, the emotion in her apology was a combination of her feeling like the segment was insensitive toward the Romney family AND all the vile things people said about this.

    What do you think?

  • Paul Mauricio Velasquez

    What a pathetic this woman Harris is, she's the product of a liberal pseudo-academia brainwashing people in colleges across this country. They believe that their despise of God, bible, moral values and real intelligence, made then “superiors” when in reality only prove the opposite. I will no wonder if she's is also a lesbian, the new “progressive” breed, obviously she hate any divine blueprint of what real love and family is. As usual, her apology is just a saving face act. Liberals are the worst enemies of this Nation, even Russian communist are rejecting the vile agenda promoted and exported by the real enemies of any healthy society. Morality goes beyond political ideologies.

  • Antonio21

    I am sorry but it's funny. The funny part is as it was referred to he represents a party that needs diversity. The only thing funnier is if someone like Dick Cheney had a homosexual child. Or if Bush's daughters headed a campaign to fight underage drinking. Do we see the irony? the comedy? It's a Dave Chappelle skit in the making, SNL skit in the making.

    • Antonio21

      The only thing she is upset about is at some point she was probably told it's not SNL and it's not Comedy Central, nothing more than that technicality. They could have approached the photo in a more “news” worthy way.

  • OMG

    MHP and her cohort ridiculed adoptive family Romney and their adopted baby. Kudos and Kudos Plus to the Romneys. As charity does not permit words to express contempt for the other party, so they shall remain unsaid.

  • roger

    where is big al with all that mao in his hair calling for a job over what what can only be called a racist coment that all the crackers seem to called to the mat over.

  • ch1ckster

    Just what is going on in the minds of people? Has anybody thought about this child who at some point in the future will see all this trash talk and may have trouble dealing with it. Both the right and left have made a mess of this with their sensationalizing of this “juicy” story. Truthfully, Mitt is the only one that dealt with this situation in a civilized manner. The rest, on both sides, ought to voice and record an apology that someday this child can look at and feel at that point that perhaps, people realized how badly they were behaving and had the substance to subsequently apologize for that behavior.

  • Brian Brown

    She nailed you on that one. Oopsy. Somebody has to eat some Jim Crowe. It aint funny. I was going to do the research to comment back but thankfully Tuenesha done the work for me! Thanks Ms./Mrs. Cartwright. And I Googled it also and found at least 7 racist comments that would've gotten people fired in some work places, but not FoxNews. From Geraldo Rivera to Sad Sarah Palin to Papa Bear Himself: all bigots. Or at least they are ignorant and don't check themselves before they say things that upset the majority as well as the minority. That's damn hard to do!

    • Melrena K. Lason

      Not True, don't google it not factual…go to their web site and actually watch the real thing to get truthful facts!

  • Steph in NJ

    Interesting that these comedians could barely think of anything to say about these Obama photos, yet they could for the Romney photo, They were, obviously, afraid to make fun of Obama or Michelle.

  • Melrena K. Lason

    I wrote how disgusted I was with the foul usage on MSNBC especially in regards to Melissa Harris and her comments…got a lovely reply from “My Disgus”…and he stated a rude comment about Fox News and Sean Hannity…MMMM…This article had nothing to do with Fox News or Sean Hannity!!! and, like I stated…I am so disgusted with all the hate, racist, bias attitudes…if it is not how “I” think I will attack you…Freedom of speech people…and if you want someone to respect you enough to listen to your discussion, then be respectful and maybe someone will take notice to what you have to say…but this rude “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” and dragging innocent people into your hatefulness bias opions is not going to get anyone to listen to you!!!!

  • Tuenesha Nicole Cartwright

    So because of my post I'm racist. Hmm I guess I need to divorce my white husband and give our son away, I didn't realize how much I hate them. Thank you. You're pathetic. First you claim that I made up the Megyn Kelly story then argue her point. You look up Turkey in the 1400s. Also I see how you avoided the Jesus part. How many white men were born to Aramaic Jews in ancient day Jerusalem? Its a fair question if you're going to claim Jesus Christ is white even though the bible describes him having feet like brass and hair like wool. Doesn't seem like any white people I know. Why is questioning that statement racist? It seems to me instead of answering me objectively you just throw out ad-hominems to insult me. Megyn Kelly is easily verifiable. I went on google to watch the bill O'Reilly clip and I wrote it verbatim. The poster issued a challenge and I went and this is what I found. Kind of seems to me you're the racist because I guarantee if I had been white you'd have never called me a racist. Talk about Freudian slips. ps, just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean it is a lie. Just because it come from a left wing publication doesn't mean its a lie, just like Fox news is extremely biased. No one can deny that. Just as MSNBC is biased. Doesn't mean we can't come upon the truth every now and then. Your accusations don't bother me. I know who I am, you are making assumptions.

    • Anthony

      That's not what was even said. Holy shit you're stupid.

  • Manhattan Dating Project

    Whow, really? It was tough finding the original story, after so much focus on the apology. I hope, Mitt Romney's grandson will never have to see any of this.

  • Stephen Beasley

    They were joking! No one called the child derogatory names. They weren't racist comments. If anyone is racists, it's Mitt Romney. I think he convinced his son to adopt a black child to gain the black vote in the next presidential campaign. The boy may grow up in a money'd househould, but if adopts a black child, he should adopt more than one, so the boy won't feel out of place entirely. That is one lily-white family.

  • Anthony

    Wow, all these people are pieces of shit. It's ok though, they apologized. That makes it all better right??

  • Jeff

    That is what they were upset over? Really? This was not even a joke but more of an observation. Sorry, but people would point out these kinds of things all the time. And why is the little boy in pink? There were more jokes to be had.

  • Reality Speaks

    Ok sir, whatever. You are obviously ignorant and I too am finished. People such as yourself who have no legitimate argument or intelligent basis on which to form an opinion hurl insults and talk in circles, and I'm getting bored. In the future, do not ask for a “person of color” viewpoint if you are not open to accepting that which is different from yours. You are a joke and an embarrassment. Please try to read a book or two in the new year so you can expand your intellect about the rest of society (especially about them colored people LOL!)…it would do you some good. Once again, Happy New Year. Peace.