Former MTV VJ Kennedy to Host New Fox Business Network Primetime Program


FBN is banking that kids want their ex-MTV video jockeys

Fox Business Network will debut “The Independents,” a new primetime program hosted by Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (formerly known as MTV VJ Kennedy), on Monday, Dec. 9.

The program, which will appear Monday through Wednesday and Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET, will feature a roundtable discussion on the news of the day with an emphasis on the protection of economic and civil liberties, the network said. Each evening, Kennedy will be joined by her co-hosts, Reason magazine’s Matt Welch and America’s Future Foundation’s Kmele Foster, as well as a rotating panel of experts.

Fox Business News’ “Stossel,” hosted by John Stossel, will continue to appear at 9 p.m. ET on Thursdays.

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Kennedy joined Fox Business News as a contributor and special correspondent to “Stossel” in 2012. She is the author of two books, “The Kennedy Chronicles: The Golden Age of MTV Through Rose-Colored Glasses” and “Hey Ladies! Tales and Tips for Curious Girls.” She is also the host of “Music in the Morning w/ Kennedy” on 98.7FM Los Angeles Alternative radio and serves as a contributor to

Kennedy got her start in television as an MTV video jockey in 1992.

  • Ayrmid

    So excited! I love Kennedy!

    • jaykayDX

      Kennedy, you’re a has-been and nobody cares anymore – please stop posting here under multiple fake IDs praising yourself – it’s embarrassing!

      • Ayrmid

        I am guessing you won’t be watching anyway. So what is your point, stick to MSLSD.

  • Eric True

    Should be a great addition to Prime Time News Talk. We need new voices who speak out for values rather than positions.

    • Ayrmid

      Exactly Eric!

    • jaykayDX

      Oh. That means she’ll just sprout out Republican talking points with no substance – just like the rest of Faux Noise! Excellent – which idiot had the bright idea to put this has-been on Faux? Probably the same twit who thought that Sarah Palin hosting her own show was a good idea as well! Expect no ‘news’ at all – just opinion tailored to fit the worldview of all the
      redneck idiots who think they’re somehow ‘better’ than an educated
      person with a degree just because they’re born in the ‘south’! Great – there’s NO music played on MTV while all the VJs are now presenting shows on news channels that contain NO ‘real’ news at all! No wonder this country’s going down the toilet!!!

      • Eric True

        You, jaykay, are what’s wrong with America today. You come out guns a’blazing with all the worn leftist talking points that have nothing to do with the topic at hand, attacking people who you don’t know on topics that are not relevant to the conversation, etc. You’re either a troll (and I can’t believe I’m responding to this), or you’re a tool of Obama’s OFA, but I repeat myself. The show being announceed here is called, “The Independents.” The hosts are not Republicans, and have a long history of speaking out on issues of liberty, governement excess, etc., before ever becoming associated with Fox News (drop the Faux News schtick if you want to begin to be taken serious). You talk about rednecks vs. educated people, and show yourself to be the worst of hateful bigots in the process. Yes, you are what’s wrong with America. You are the reason that politicians on both sides of the aisle have been successful in dividing Americans into two, easily manipulated camps. Meanwhile, those of us who realize that our liberties are systematically being taken away by the very people who are sworn to protect them, and that our financial viability is being destroyed by those who sink us deeper into debt and continually devalue our currency are stuck trying to educate the likes of you and others who worship their leaders and run around spouting meaningless talking points that they dispense. Yes, you are a moron. You are allowing the destruction of America.

        • Ayrmid

          Well said Eric. It seems when the left disagrees with anything all they do is hurl insults. It is old and I am tired of this silliness.

  • Common Sense

    Anyone watching TV for “news” gets what they deserve.