Dailies | MTV's ‘Big Tips Texas’ Trailer: There's Goals in These Here Parts (Video)

MTV's 'Big Tips Texas' Trailer: There's Goals in These Here Parts (Video)


The new series follows the lives of young girls working at a bar

One of MTV's newest reality series, “Big Tips Texas,” strives to show the good your tips are doing in the lives of employees at a bar called, um, Redneck Heaven.

These young women serve up the sass, drop it like it's hot and keep the clothes to a minimum – if you're to buy into the their claims – to make a “crap ton” of money to further their dreams.

There's a pre-law student trying to get back into Harvard and another who wants to be a professional barrel racer.

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“People like to judge the girls who work at Redneck, but for a lot of us Redneck is a means to an end,” one cast member said.

“Big Tips Texas” stars four veteran members and six new employees. Meet them below.

– Sabrina, a gifted student working to save money to go back to college and eventually Harvard Law School;
– Amber the girl who knows her way around the bar but comes at odds with the other staff;
– Typhani, the boss; and Claire, the bar's top bartender, are amongst those who have earned their stripes.
– Kristyn, an ambitious waitress who has dreams of climbing the establishment's corporate ladder and starting her own clothing line;
– Morgan, a rodeo princess;
– Mimi, one of the new girls who ruffles a few feathers;
– Jillian, the Chicago transplant;
– Macy, the biggest little Texan of them all; and
– Mercedez, known as the sassy Southern server.

“Big Tip Texas” premieres Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 10/9c. Watch the series trailer below.

  • hellen keller

    very cheap of MTV to drop harvard's name in the promo. ths girl is in no way affiliated with Harvard Law School. she's in undergrad and HLS is only her ambition. She's not a student. Very cheap, MTV, and offensive, to suggest that the women of HLS would be affiliated with a show like this.

  • Redneck Heaven Sluts

    How fucking trashy,embarrassing and disgusting. The less clothes you wear the more money you make? This show makes them look horrible.