Coachella May Expand to 5 Festivals, Add Dates in Fall

Coachella May Expand to 5 Festivals, Add Dates in Fall

Goldenvoice and the city of Indio are working on a proposal that would bring musicians like the Black Keys and Radiohead to the city in April and in the fall

Coachella will stretch out over five weekends throughout the year if concert promoter Goldenvoice gets its way, according to a new proposal on the city of Indio's website.

As of now, the city has authorized two Coachella festivals, as well as the country-focused Stagecoach Festival — all of which span three-day weekends in the Spring.

Under the new plan, there could be an additional Coachella festival in the fall, followed by another smaller festival comparable to Stagecoach in size.

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Goldenvoice, the Los Angeles-based concert promoter, filed the proposal with Indio city officials, who then uploaded their website to gauge community response. It was just two months ago that it looked as though the festival might be on its way out of Indio due to a new admissions tax, but the lawmaker who introduced the tax then backed away.

The new proposal would also raise the attendance limit and increase the land available for the festivals. The three larger festivals (Coachellas) could now host 99,000 as opposed to the current limit of 95,000. The smaller festivals (like Stagecoach) would jump from 65,000 to 75,000.

Coachella organizers continue to pursue grander ambitions commensurate to the festival’s booming popularity and financial success. Last year Coachella expanded from one weekend to two for the first time – and 1999’s inaugural festival was two days rather than three. It has also added an event on a luxury cruise liner, titled "Festival At Sea."

The Indio-based festival sells out in a matter of minutes each year, and routinely draws the top acts in music. Last year, headliners included The Black Keys, Radiohead and Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg.

According to the Palm Springs Desert Sun, the city of Indio made more than $800,000 off this past spring’s festivals thanks to ticket fees and overnight taxes.

Despite the lure of even more money, the city must also weigh the impact on the environment and on residents, who can provide feedback until Oct. 1. Goldenvoice and Indio are preparing the environmental impact report, which will investigate issues like air quality, land use and traffic.