Jay-Z on George Zimmerman Verdict: ‘This Guy Is a F—ing Mall Cop’ (Video)

Jay-Z on George Zimmerman Verdict: 'This Guy Is a F—ing Mall Cop' (Video)

The rapper hopes the verdict and backlash will end the "Stand Your Ground" law

Jay Z broke his silence on George Zimmerman's acquittal for killing unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, saying it made him "really angry" but that he hopes the law that exonerated Zimmerman will soon change.

"We all know it was wrong. It was wrong," Jay Z said of the verdict. "I was really angry, I didn't sleep for two days."

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Jay Z spoke in a two-part interview posted Wednesday to the rapper's "Life+Times" YouTube channel. He called Zimmerman an untrained amateur with no right to try to "defend" his neighborhood from black children on their way home from the store.

"This guy's not a professional," Jay Z said. "First of all, you're not a professional to profile someone. Professionals are taught not to profile … This guy is a novice. This guy is a f–king mall cop."

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"You know, I was really angry about it, you know, that the thing that we all knew that there was still a bit of racism in America, but for it to be so blatant, it was like, if you just ask the question — ask yourself the question — didn't Trayvon have the right to stand his ground?" Jay Z said. "He was being chased, he was being chased and fought back. You know, he may have won, that doesn't mean he's a criminal — he won! If you chase me and you try to attack me and I defend myself, how can I be in the wrong? How is that right?"

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The rapper said that though the case was a stark reminder that racism still exists in America, he had hoped that something good could come out of it: "His memory will live on … Hopefully this is the moment that changed that law and changed the way we interact with each other."

Watch the video:

  • rick

    Yes, JZ was there and he knows exactly what happened. JZ, any sympathy for the 10 month old baby, or the australian runner or the WWII vet, or the, or the, or the…1000's of blacks killed by other blacks?? Try harder not to be a phony or a hypocrite – or does it only bother you when the shooter has lighter skin?

  • The Truth

    Typical racist black. They have true hatred towards whites!

  • wesley

    this jz character sounds like another typical prejudice blind black male over 18,000 eighteen thousand white woman were brutally raped by a black man in 2008 and over 400,000 crimes against whites by blacks in 2008 why that year because after obama got elected they hid these statistics in 2011 in new york 18 black males raped an 11 year old hispanic girl but it was hidden from the main news but face facts and quit all that nasty rude demeaning of girls hip hop

  • Really?

    What the fuck are you idiots talking about? All he's saying is that it was wrong. It doesn't matter how you spin the facts about what we do and don't know. There was no good reason for that child to die that night. There was no good reason for any altercation to take place. Simple as that.

  • JamalWatches

    Jay-Z should stick to crap collaborations with Kanye and leave the legal system to the experts. Stand your ground had nothing to do with the case. Zimmerman waived his right to a “Stand Your Ground” hearing; instead he chose to argue on the case of self defense. He was acquitted on grounds of self defense.