Kanye West Posts and Quickly Recalls Crude ‘Black Skinhead’ Music Video (Updated)

Kanye West Posts and Quickly Recalls Crude 'Black Skinhead' Music Video (Updated)

Kanye blasts whoever leaked his unfinished video

Is briefly posting a video the new posting a video? Kanye West's "Black Skinhead" video appeared on his website Monday night, but was quickly pulled.

Two weeks after Paula Deen posted and then made private a hastily assembled apology video, West also pulled the look-at-me-don't-look-at-me routine with "Black Skinhead." Thanks to the foreverness of the Internet, the 3-minute, 31-second clip is still available.

UPDATE: West confirmed on Twitter that the posted video was an unfinished, leaked version — and he is not happy about it. Here is what the rapper posted in response:

The quick-yanking and simplistic nature of the "Black Skinhead" video has sparked online speculation about whether or not it was even finished, which may be part of a clever ploy to make us ask: What will Kanye do next?

Whoops, and we already have our answer: The rapper's website now just shows a large photo of a pair of jeans with the "A.P.C. Kanye" label, announcing his new partnership with the denim designer.

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The black-and-white video opens on the now-familiar but spooky graphic of ferocious dogs chomping, barking and howling. West has used the same clip in his performances promoting his new albm, "Yeezus."

Soon, an apparent CGI-version of the rapper — shirtless with a chain — is jumping up and down. Then things get weird.

Watch the video. No, don't watch it. No, watch it: