Dailies | ‘Nathan For You’ Creepily Pitches Stalking Service ‘Daddy's Watching’ to Dating DNA CEO (Exclusive Video)

'Nathan For You' Creepily Pitches Stalking Service 'Daddy's Watching' to Dating DNA CEO (Exclusive Video)

Comedy Central host wants to protect “long-haired angels” online

Anonymously date away, pretty ladies with daddy issues: Nathan Fielder and his creepy, obviously fake private investigation service have got your backs.

Last week on “Nathan For You,” Comedy Central viewers were treated to the highly anticipated behind-the-scenes look at spoof/coffee house/art project Dumb Starbucks. On the next episode — airing Tuesday — Nathan helps a dating website attract female users, a party planner is given a new way to send out invites, and Fielder shares his strategy for self-motivation.

Below is an exclusive clip looking at Fielder's pitch to help women feel more comfortable with online dating.

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In the video, the Canadian deadpan specialist attempts to help the CEO of website Dating DNA, Kevin Carmony, attract more women clients.

Fielder's pitch? A client service called “Daddy's Watching,” which essentially sends out one creep to shadow another as a women goes on her first date with an online suitor. The comedian had the founder of the social media dating service choosing his words — which included “condescending” — very carefully.

“Dating Website/ Party Planner” airs Tuesday, Aug. 5 at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Watch the clip below: