NBC Mum on Roseanne Barr's Twitter Tirade

NBC Mum on Roseanne Barr's Twitter Tirade

Network won't comment on comedian's complaints

If Roseanne Barr is trying to bait NBC into a fight, the network isn't biting.

Barr lashed out at TV executives on Twitter over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, vowing never to work in TV again and saying, “I feel as if I've been insulted/assaulted for over a year.”

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She seemed to be referring to a development deal with NBC. “Actually, for many years-from my first reality show to my second and two failed development deals. Don't call me-I won't call you. I'm gone,” Barr said.

But NBC has taken a pass on responding, with a network spokesman telling TheWrap he had no comment. NBC also declined to comment on Sandra Bernhard‘s defense of Barr's tirade.

On NBC's corporate cousin, Bravo, she said on “Watch What Happens Live” Sunday that Barr has a right to be angry. Bernhard appeared on Barr's ABC show, “Roseanne,” which aired from 1991 to 1997.

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“She's written two really good scripts for NBC and they haven't picked them up. And she should be, why shouldn't Roseanne be back on television?” Bernhard asked. “I mean the ‘Roseanne’ show has not been off the air since it was first on the air.”

During her weekend venting, Barr complained that one prospective showrunner kept her out of the process of writing a script.

“There were hardly any jokes in the script, and I didn't connect with the characters at all. My family told me 2 quit-I kept on trying,” the 61-year-old said.

Barr returned to Twitter Monday to complain about sites that have written about her tweets.

“A tweet 4 cannibal bloggers who try2 launch sites w my tweets on twitter:-u r bottom feeders of gossip mongering-#gefiltefishballsofHumanity” she said Monday.

  • bskillet

    Well I would hardy call Barr a star, of course I don't consider anyone a star but Roseanne?

  • Bundy12345

    The only thing involved in this giant flaming pile of crap mess that has a rope around it's neck is Barr's career.

  • rgj214

    Why did Barr feel that she should tweet the address? was this not a violation of twitter rules? I believe she should be banned from twitter, TV, internet and all forms of social media. She knew very well the problems she would cause for the Zimmermans. We have a judicial system in the US, I guess she feels like she is a judge, jury and prosecutor, and knows more than all three. Really…she disgusts me and I hope they win every dollar she has, and every dollar she may ever make. She wanted harm to come to the Zimmermans just because she felt they deserved it, why? Barr you are not a decent person, and I hope that what you wanted for the Zimmernans happens to you very very soon….You deserve it for your actions in this matter. Go away woman, you won't be missed at all…