‘The Voice’ Finale Results: Season 5's Champ Isn't From Team Blake (Video)

Spoiler Alert: The NBC competition throws quite the party before naming its winner

For the first time since Season 1, the winner of NBC's “The Voice” won't hail from coach Blake Shelton's team.

That alone makes the season pretty exciting. It's too bad that coach Cee Lo Green wasn't able to get a finalist in before taking another season off, but there's always Season 7.

The two-hour finale was packed with performers. Kicking off with the Top 20 contenders’ return, the show then served up performances with Celine Dion, Ne-Yo, OneRepubic, Paramore, Aloe Blacc, and, duh, Lady Gaga with a surprise duet with coach Christina Aguilera.

Is anyone else happy to see that Gaga didn't climb onto Aguilera like she did with R. Kelly on “SNL”?

Watch Gaga and Xtina's performance again above.

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The Final 3 have clearly earned their places. Coach Christina Aguilera‘s Jacquie Lee is the young powerhouse who has had to learn confidence and control over her instrument. There are really so many reasons why Aguilera was the perfect coach for the youngest in the competition.

Adam Levine has two chances for a win. Will Champlin has been traded a few times, found himself in the Bottom 2 and fought his way back each time. Hard work can be enough sometimes, but this guy is also a natural musician.

Then, there's Tessanne Chin, who has been a favorite for the win since her audition. She's amazingly talented, yes, but she also just feels so genuine. How about those tears when she found out she would be performing with Celine Dion? Now, that's endearing.

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Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic wrote the winner's first single and he'll also work with the winning artist on their first album.

In third place, it's Will Champlin. That's an amazing spot after all the times he avoided being eliminated this season.

The winner of the fifth season of “The Voice” is Tessanne Chin, and by extension her coach, Adam Levine. Let's face it, she was destined to win all season.

Watch the winning moment below.

How do you feel about your winner, America?

  • Larry G

    All were winners all the way

  • David Perkins

    I really think the finale show demonstrated how Christina is a horrible coach/mentor. Yes, Tessanne was great and deserved the win. Congrats, and all that. But, did you watch Jacquie's performance with Hayley Williams and Paramore? THAT was the Jacquie we needed to see all season. No screaming. No over-the-top vocals. THAT Jacquie could have won. So, too, Matthew Schuler. He was outstanding in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ tonight. Why did Matthew follow up his ‘Hallelujah’ hit with such duds? XTina. She had a victory within reach, and blew it badly. I don't mean to take away anything from Tessanne and Will's achievements, but Team Christina was seriously mismanaged.

  • Jane Feltovich

    TERRIBLE ENDING! Not that Tess Anne Won – she clearly has a great voice, beauty and presence. WILL should have at least been runner -up. Jacquie was nothing but a spoiler – REALLY – would anyone want a record by her? Not to say she doesn't have talent – but the round-up of the people who were voted off clearly was heart breaking – So many other deserving people. Must have been a 16 year old possee voting. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE AMERICA for VOTING OFF Judith Hill. Let's not forget the tragic win of Cassidy Pope, another pasteurized country singer. Nicholas David – loved him – Great R & B artist. R & B is becoming a lost art in the face of rap and hip hop, which , BTW is increasingly BORING. The VOICE needs to have Industry professionals to weigh in when there is clear dispersion of COMMON SENSE.

  • aabmh

    I think Tessanne certainly deserved to win. She was 100% throughout the contest. But I think Will really deserved to be runner up. I think Jacquie has a talent but it needs more development and that will come to her eventually but she did a lot of screaming and I'm not into that. I'm delighted for Tessanne but sorry about Will. I really think he deserved runner up.

  • Kaci

    First of all, it's “hail” not “hale” from Blake's team. Geesh! I'm sorry but that's basic grammar. The finale could have been condensed to a half hour, but I see how they had to drag it to 2 hours. The best part of it was a commercial showing Shakira and Usher coming back as coaches! I am glad Tessanne won. Jacquie's constant screaming gave me a headache. I felt badly for Will. I agree that Xtina was not a good mentor and it seems that since she lost all the weight she didn't lose her “all about me” attitude. Yikes!

  • Maija

    I knew Tessanne would win early on….that's why I lost interest in the show. Not that she was not good but because she was that good. Great job Tessanne!