‘The Voice’ Top 6 Results: The Better Musician Gets America's Save (Video)

Two talented singers were up for elimination, but it came down to artistry on the NBC competition

We go into this week's eliminations knowing that someone really good has to leave NBC's “The Voice.” In the end, I think America righted a wrong that it made last week with its Instant Save.

Before we get to the results, “The Voice” had several fine musical guests on Tuesday's show.

A pregnant Kelly Clarkson performed “Underneath The Christmas Tree” from her new holiday album and she's still at the top of the game. By the way, was Carson Daly throwing shade at “American Idol” when he kept referring to their inaugural champ as “family”?

Watch her performance above.

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It was also a homecoming for Season 1 alum Xenia. She reunited with her coach, Blake Shelton, on “Silver Bells.” I've always enjoyed Xenia's style, but she really kept it very much low key for this song. I still remember her amazing rendition of Jessie J's “Price Tag.” I'm going to have to check iTunes for what she has been up to since the show.

“The Voice” threw in another surprise by bringing on Extreme's Nuno Bettencourt on “More Than Words” with Will Champlin, James Wolpert and Cole Vosbury. It was just as sentimental, cheesy and awesome as when it was on the charts in the early-'90s.

Now, to the semifinalists. The first three were revealed in this order: Team Christina Aguilera's Jacquie Lee, Team Blake's Cole Vosbury and Team Adam Levine's Tessanne Chin.

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That leaves three very good singers in the Bottom 3: Team Christina's Matthew, and Team Adam's Will and James. Of the three, Will is the most naturally talented musician and thankfully he gets the pass into semifinals.

Between Matthew and James, I have to admit that James feels more authentic. I still don't get what kind of musician Matthew is. And, honestly, his song choices haven't helped – they have been all over the place. He's a talented vocalist, but I don't see him as an artist. I also felt he should have left last week instead of Ray Boudreaux.

The Voice - Season 5But, in the end that's all up to the fans and the Instant Save. Who will they give their pass to? America saves James Wolpert. I think they got it right. Watch the elimination below.

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Your semifinalists are Jacquie Lee, Cole Vosbury, Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin and James Wolpert.

Are you happy with the Final Five?

  • beenie057

    really, you don't see matthew as an artist, go and listen to an original by him called vices to victory, you might have a different opinion on him. i believe he was the best vocally out of the male contestants left, just that poor song choices and music direction from her coach let him down the past two weeks, he oozes star quality whenever he performs and has a great career ahead of him.

    • Jethro Nededog

      I agree, poor song choices were his downfall. Thanks for the rec on “Vices To Victory” — will give it a listen.

    • Grant Hudson

      Remember that on the voice the judges are competing against each other. Matt lost because Xtina made a bad play two weeks in a row. It's like she was trying to make him into something he is not. It usually does not work when judges try to makeover artists.

  • Instant Save?

    It is absolutely mind-boggling that Instant Save is only used on the East Coast. It's totally ludicrous and astonishing that The Voice does not fix this flawed voting process. It makes the entire Instant Save process worthless and flawed and most definitely not an accurate reflection of America's voting demographic. Quite frankly, it's a joke and a reason to not watch the show.

    • wat

      That's very untrue. West Coast viewers could easily participate. All you had to do was follow The Voice on twitter and wait for the tweets to appear. You don't actually need to be watching the show to affect the results. It's just a plus.

  • Wizard42

    Could not disagree more… Matthew is better than Cole, Will or James. He is dynamic, a far better performer and listen to the voice, his tone, his control – it has that special quality that makes you want to listen to him. I find James boring, no “pizzazz” in his voice. For some reason I find Will annoying – his voice grates on me. Cole is good, but I am an old time Rock and Roll man and Cole just does not have that in him. He is country – ballad and blues at heart.
    The Top Three should have been Tessanne, Jacquie, and Matthew, obviously that will not be the case anymore.
    So now I think it should be between Tessanne and Jacquie, and while I love Jacquie and how at 16 she is so powerful, I think she need a couple more year of life. Tessanne – you go girl!

    • wat

      I both agree and disagree. First of all, I highly disagree Matthew is better than Will and Cole. Matthew had the potential but never delivered any week that wasn't the Hallelujah week. Cole has a great voice but is boring and repetitive as hell. It's hard to compare the two. And Will… I honestly wasn't paying attention to him until last week when he sang At Last and since then I've been a fan. I see you don't like his voice, so fair enough.

      James, I've never liked as a singer (he's a great person). His performances have never done anything for me. I think he's always given songs he can't handle and drops the ball every single time.

      As for Jacquie, I agree she needs a lot more time to refine and develop her voice. You can tell there's some talent there but when she tries to hit high notes, she ends up just screaming and squealing and it sounds pretty bad. She's an adorable kid but she doesn't deserve the title.

      So that just leaves Tessanne who I find no faults with. She's who I'm rooting for as well. She does what Jacquie can't do and she does it effortlessly. A true professional. And she's easily had the most versatility of the contestants. Just take a look at the artists/songs she's covered throughout the season and see how dissimilar they are. Yet she somehow manages to slay every performance. She's amazing.

      • beenie057

        matthew never delivered anyweek that wasn't hallelluya? seriously, take a listen back to his cosmic love performance, that was my personal favourite, yes they may not have been as popular as hallelluya but i preffered nearly all his performances to the other male ones apart from the last two weeks(hell he even made me like the miley cyrus song). the reason is i also believe he take the most risks not exactly with song choices but the way he arranges the songs. it always pushed his voice to stretch and thats what i think done him towards the end as i feel if he and xtina decided to play it safe like cole and not push his voice and only chosen songs that only suited his voice he would have probably had a safe passage to the final but on the flip side it wouldnt have pushed to deliver the most memorable performance with hallelluya.with the right songs, i believe him out of all the others will sell the most records. as for will you say matthews hallelluya but apart from his at last i cant even remember a single performance of his. he has a great voice but its not nearly as dynamic as james or matthew and lastly james has a great tone and voice but adam just seems to be choosing songs that just doesnt work for him and he is always pushing. overall i think matthew has the best range, control and dynamic in his voice compared to the other male contestants, whether its “better” is just a case of personal preference on what you look for in a voice

        • wat

          I do think Matthew had the best voice of the male contestants but he wasted that voice. He had the ability to do Hallelujah and Wrecking Ball but chose to do his “whisper singing.”

    • MM4321

      All the stuff you said about Matthew is exactly how I feel about James. To each his own!
      As for song choices mentioned below . . . they've all been given a few clunkers! But wasn't the song that did Matt in (It's Time) his own choice?

    • Grant Hudson

      Disagree – Cole is more polished than Matthew. He has a sound that does not come across as forced or pretentious. Matt has skills but he needs to find himself as an artist. Jacquie does not belong on that stage with the others. She, like Matt, needs to find herself. Tess is in another league totally. It's not even close. I honestly believe that not even Xtina can touch that girl.

  • Earth2Brain

    Are kidding Ray was on the bottom. In fact Caroline was higher then both Matt and Ray in iTunes ratings. Thought Matthew and Ray should have gone. Xtina's song choices for Matt were killers.

    • Grant Hudson

      Idk about that itune stuff. dont think Tess was ever on top in itune ratings but everyone knows she is by far the most talented singer on the show; arguably in the entire history of that show.

      • Earth2Brain

        If everyone knows then why is she is in the middle of pack every week but last week. Her vocals are great but she doesn't click with me. Doesn't have that star power. If this is the best ever than no wonder we haven't see a star emerge yet on the show