‘Need for Speed’ Opens to Solid $1.1M Thursday Night

'Need for Speed' Opens to Solid $1.1M Thursday Night

The video game adaptation starring Aaron Paul is projected to gross $25 million this weekend

“Need for Speed” grossed $1.1 million Thursday night, a solid start for Disney and DreamWorks’ video game adaptation starring Aaron Paul. There are a lot of male-skewed action movies in theaters at the moment, a group led by the sequel to “300” and “Non-Stop.”

DreamWorks hopes its movie's realistic feel will prevail over the CG-laden “300,” and box office prognosticators forecast “Need for Speed” will gross up to $25 million over its opening weekend.

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The movie's Thursday tally compares favorably to other recent movies, grossing a similar figure as “Ride Along,” which opened to $41.5 million over a long weekend, and “Oblivion,” which opened to $37 million.

Reviews have not been kind to the movie, which scored a 22 percent on aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, but both the game and Paul have loyal fan bases.

  • PNK

    The reviews aren't the point on this one. The point is – Aaron Paul starring in a movie after we loved him in ‘Breaking Bad!’ All success to Jesse Pinkman. You Go, speed-guy.

  • Do I have to?

    I just can't see Aaron Paul as leading man/blockbuster franchise material so the box office result is a pleasant surprise, I guess.