Dailies | Zac Efron ‘Looks Like Something a Gay Guy Designed’ in New ‘Neighbors’ Trailer (Video)

Seth Rogen battles the heartthrob with sex toys in the new red band trailer for the May 9 release

If audiences weren't already expecting “Neighbors” to be at least the raunchiest, if not funniest, comedy of the year, a new red band trailer teasing Seth Rogen and Zac Efron‘s battle for neighborhood supremacy makes sure of it.

Lengthy sex scenes in front of a baby, dildo fights, a shirtless Efron and a pantless Rogen are among the highlights from the new preview (above) that Universal Pictures released on Tuesday.

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Rogen, who hasn't made any secret of his admiration for Efron's body, refers to the actor playing his frat boy nemesis as “something a gay guy designed in a laboratory.”

That “gay guy” was actually Disney.

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“Neighbors,” directed by Nicholas Stoller (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), hits theaters on May 9 with Rose Byrne, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jake Johnson and comedian Jerrod Carmichael co-starring.

  • Pinky92tbs

    ”Seth Rogen battles the heartthrob with sex toys in the new red band trailer for the May 9 release” lol what a nice journolisam

  • Marcko

    Thanks for the usual stereotype, A-Hole!

  • bitter_trekkie

    The “caller ID” thing never fails to make me laugh (it's the delivery) but I feel like I've already seen the movie.

  • AnthonyLook

    Reality at that age of partying is two things; one- something us older people use to do in our own insane way and can no longer do; and two- infinitely nuttier, raunchier, sillier, more ridiculous and even more dangerous than anything they can depict. Fess up, there are some memories best left unknown.

  • FutureThinker890

    This looks incredibly entertaining. I'm far outside the target group and I think it's hilarious. I predict a hit.