Why Netflix Is Greedy – and Right – About the Movie Business (Video)

In this week's episode of Hollywood Torrent With Lucas Shaw: Theater owners whining about Ted Sarandos’ day-and-date Netflix dream: Get over it — or build your own streaming service

When Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said over the weekend that movie theater owners were stifling creativity with an antiquated delivery system, he kicked up a hornet's nest of backlash. In a nutshell, Sarandos would like to see day-and-date movies on the streaming service; theater owners want to preserve their exclusive window at all costs.

TheWrap's film writer Lucas Shaw says it's time for one of them to put up or shut up.

  • 01010101media guy

    eh Lucas, you're missing something. the theater guys just want to preserve the same type of platform exclusivity that that ted sarnados and netflix have their own version of.

    how happy do you think netflix would be if disney decided to ignore the exclusivity of the pay window that netflix acquired from them for $350MM+ a year and decided additionally go license their films to HBO and Showtime.

    • Anne DeAcetis

      Very true, but Sarandos is the only one talking about the customer and what they want. Movie theatres are contemptuous of movie goers. They cling to the theatrical window because–incredibly, in spite of their huge screens and full Dolby sound–the experience of going to the theatre is tragically lousy. The idea that streaming = dead cinema is nuts. I mean sure, convenience is great. We could all order food into our houses every night. But…we still go out to restaurants. They stay in business because they provide a different and superior experience, not because they outlaw take-out. So, rather than rely on exclusivity to maintain their profit margins, movie theatres might consider doing what countless other industries have done: innovate. Read my open letter to John Fithian (President & CEO of the National Association of Theatre owners) here: http://bit.ly/1aw5p5z