ABC, CBS Affiliate News Anchor Tells LGBT Community to ‘Go On Gaycation’

ABC, CBS Affiliate News Anchor Tells LGBT Community to 'Go On Gaycation'

Dave Elliott of WLOX-TV in Mississippi draws backlash for offensive rant on Facebook

Public figures beware: your Facebook posts are not private.

This is what Dave Elliott, a news anchor for ABC and CBS affiliate WLOX, found out when he decided to post an offensive comment directed at the LGBT community.

“I'm all for the LGBT community's ongoing fight for equality. I support their fight in every way,” Elliott wrote Thursday. ”But it seems like they've been in the news too much lately. Maybe they should take a short break. Go on gaycation just for the weekend. Enjoy yourselves.”

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No word yet on what exactly a “gaycation” is, but the interweb has already began mocking Elliott on Twitter and across the social mediasphere.

So that's how it works! If only we'd all take some time off, we'd get equal rights?” tweeted one reader.

Since the story broke Friday, WLOX management has not said whether official disciplinary action will be taken against Elliott, but the station has distanced itself from his comments.

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“We are not happy at all with the post or any imagined ‘free publicity,'” according to a statement on the WLOX's Facebook page. “Dave made this post initially on his personal Facebook page, and you should look for him to address it on that same page.”

Elliott has not yet offered a public apology and the last item posted on his Facebook page was a photo from the Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama.

TheWrap's request for comment from Elliott has not yet been returned.

  • Faux Outrage

    Most people would agree with him but will not say so for fear of being stoned in the street and fired from their job, etc. And it's not for a reporter to characterize something as offensive. A reporter should just report. We don't want to know what you believe, not that most reporters would have the guts to say what they really think anymore.

  • qwerty12

    Here's the thing, though. Not only has the station not distanced itself from the anchor, but they deleted their own apology from their Facebook page.

  • spriffy

    the meaning of the term “gaycation” is not only self-evident but is a common term in the gay tourism industry itself…this is a juvenile unprofessional post…written by high school intern??

  • Liberals have no morals

    Just think. For 2% of the population they changed 8000 years of history of marriage being between a man and a woman. Not sure where they get 2 men playing in and sticking things up each others fecal holes is a basis for marriage.

  • SallyinChicago

    Well, I'm for a gaycation too. The LGBTs are pushing their agenda too hard. Give it a break.
    And — IMO, this is the reason the Republicans are all riled up and why they keep winning elections. It aint nothing about the Repubs being stupid A*holes, it's about middle America being afraid their child will grow up to be gay.

    • Liberals have no morals

      The dreaded words and every parents worst nightmare is to hear a son tell them he is gay. The only thing worse but it's close is if their son tells them he is dying.

  • Bev Mabry

    well, I agree that whoever keeps pushing the gay agenda here needs to back down. I'm sick to death of gay stories every day as if there are not equally tragic situations for disabled people, the elderly, the poor and others in this country or world.

  • acasinofriend

    Don't Cave To Sodomites… They Want Total Control…