‘Newsroom’ Ending With Season 3

'Newsroom' Ending With Season 3


TCA 2014: Final season will premiere in the fall

HBO's Aaron Sorkin drama “The Newsroom” is ending after its upcoming third season.

The series, which won a dramatic actor Emmy for Jeff Daniels, will begin production on its third and final season this spring, and it is slated to debut in the fall. Paul Lieberstein (“The Office”) is joining the show as an executive producer.

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“‘The Newsroom’ is classic Aaron Sorkin – smart, riveting and thought-provoking,” said Michael Lombardo, president of HBO Programming. “I'm sure this farewell season will be one to remember.”

The show follows the members of a cable news team on their quixotic quest to deliver serious, unbiased news. Sorkin, Scott Rudin and Alan Poul return as executive producers.

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The returning cast include Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, Dev Patel and Olivia Munn.

  • DCGirl

    That would make sense. …and they all lived ‘happily ever after…not.’ At least we will miss the men in the show, but not those whiny, wimpy women! The news stories were great; however, their personal lives were what ruined the show.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      hear hear
      that is exactly what destroyed the show 4 me 2

  • cthulu48

    Man, first “Breaking Bad” and “Treme” come to an end. Then, “Boardwalk Empire” announces they are ending their show after this fall's 5th season, now “The Newsroom” is bowing out after 3 seasons. What a blow to my need for continuous serial entertainment. Well, there's still Game Of Thrones, the best of the best, to look forward to. But yeah, total bummer.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      boardwalk and BB are masterpieces
      the newsroom is a piece

      • cthulu48

        I respect your opinion. If you wouldn't mind, I'd be curious about what you don't like about the show? The politics or something else? Just curious. Peace.

        • Gerard Kennelly

          ”you called them the american taliban”
          ”yes i did”
          ”and,,, ”
          ”the taliban resented it ”
          people want to be entertained on TV
          that wasn't entertainment
          that was Sorkin abusing his position using the show to make a political statement
          you are polite
          a rare thing on the internet

          • cthulu48

            Thanks for that compliment. I don't argue or act rude to
            someone on a computer b/c I hate trolls. Not only that, I don't UNDERSTAND what the troll gets out of making incendiary comments on purpose.

            The only time I would ever rip someone on the internet is if it was a MAJOR issue that means a LOT to me and they disrespect my opinion rather than welcoming opinions of people who disagree, so that all sides of the various
            opinions that differ from mine are examined, with the intent to reevaluate my opinion if necessary. So, that’s why I was curious. Thanks for also being polite to me.

          • Gerard Kennelly

            you 2
            btw i live in a place called Kerry in ireland
            same place as Fassbender
            can you believe that ?
            and he is gonna get oscar nom Thursday morning
            makes me proud :)
            tell me your oscar noms

          • cthulu48

            I'm a major fan of Christian Bale. Been that way since
            “American Psycho”, not just since “The Dark Knight” trilogy
            (like a lot of people, I suppose….). I think the Best Actor category should
            go to either Bale for “American Hustle” or DiCaprio for “The Wolf
            Of Wall Street” (DiCaprio just won Best Actor in the Golden Globes, if you
            didn't see). Matthew McConaughey also is rightfully nominated, making the Best
            Actor category loaded with good performances.
            I am shocked that Joaquin Phoenix did not get an acting nomination.
            Total snub.

            Jared Leto could very easily win Best Supporting Actor
            (also from “Dallas Buyers Club), but that Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper have
            almost the same chance, performance-wise, at least.

            I think Amy Adams deserves the Best Actress Oscar for “American
            Hustle”, and I think Jennifer Lawrence is a shoo-in for Best Supporting
            Actress for the same film.

            Best Picture is tough to call. I hope “American Hustle” wins, but “12
            Years a Slave” is probably the most likely to win, though I enjoyed other
            films more than that. My favorite film
            of the year was “Out Of the Furnace”, with Christian Bale, Woody
            Harrelson and Willem Dafoe. That film reminded me a lot of the soft tension of
            the film “Winter's Bone” from 2010, but this film was totally snubbed
            by the Academy.

            There is an outside chance of “Gravity” winning Best
            Picture as well, and I’d be disappointed if that happens. “Gravity” will win
            Special Effects categories. I liked the film, but I am surprised that it’s
            gotten such universal critical acclaim. I thought it was about 8/10…. A GOOD
            film, but slightly overrated, in my opinion.

            “American Hustle”
            will win Best Costume Design, and rightfully so, being an ensemble piece. It
            will also win Achievement in Editing.

            Best Director will likely go to “Gravity” director Alfonso
            Cuarón or Steve McQueen for “12 Years a Slave”, though I’d be rooting for David
            O. Russell for “American Hustle”

            Best Documentary should CLEARLY go to “The Act Of Killing”
            in my opinion. POWERFUL FILM.

            “12 Years a Slave” will win Best Adapted Screenplay, and
            look for the Best Original Screenplay to go to “Her” or “American Hustle”.

            I can’t believe that “Inside Llewyn Davis” was barely
            mentioned in the nominees. I’m TOTALLY shocked that that film isn’t included in
            the “Best Music” category. What a sham.

            Sorry it took me so long to respond, I’ve been really
            busy. You have favorites you’d like to share?

            Good talking to you again. Peace.

          • Gerard Kennelly

            Your favorite film of the year was “Out Of the Furnace”,
            reminded you of “Winter's Bone”
            trust me :)
            if you like those you will love A SINGLE SHOT

          • cthulu48

            I just bought the film. I will watch it tonight, per your suggestion. Thanx a million!

  • kymber23

    But… you're bringing GIRLS back for a 4th season. HBO is falling off.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      GIRLS doesn't shove politics down your throat

      • hupto

        Don't you mean “GIRLS doesn't shove LIBERAL politics down your throat?” Because I sense you'd be just fine if they were talking about how awesome Michele Bachmann is.

        • Gerard Kennelly

          if i want politics i will watch the news
          when i want drama comedy or action i watch TV
          the bar has been set very high
          so let's not spoil it

          • hupto

            But “The Newsroom” is mostly about politics! That's like saying you won't watch “Grey's Anatomy” because you don't like hospitals or “The Good Wife” because you hate lawyers.

          • Gerard Kennelly

            the west wing was about politics
            the newsroom is supposed to be about the news
            and the characters that work to report it
            Sorkin's dialogue is very well written
            but it IS written
            they go on and on
            normal people in newsrooms talk extremely fast i am sure
            but they don't pontificate like that

          • hupto

            “Drama is life with the dull bits left out.”–Alfred Hitchcock

  • Jolie

    Devastating. Beyond. I'm still quoting last season's finale. Don't go. Please don't go.