Paramount Adds Explanatory Note to ‘Noah’ After Pressure by Religious Group

Paramount Adds Explanatory Note to 'Noah' After Pressure by Religious Group

The message reads: “The film is inspired by the story of Noah”

Paramount has added an “explanatory message” to its Biblical epic, “Noah,” at the request of a religious broadcasters group, the studio and the group announced on Thursday.

The decision followed an appeal by Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, President & CEO of National Religious Broadcasters, to help audiences better understand that the feature film is a dramatization of the major scriptural themes and not a line-by-line retelling of the Bible story, the statement said.

The statement added to the film is:

“The film is inspired by the story of Noah.
While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide.
The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.”

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“We are deeply appreciative of Dr. Johnson's efforts to bring this idea to us,” said Paramount Picture's Vice Chairman, Rob Moore. “Our goal has been to take every measure we can to ensure moviegoers have the information they need before deciding to buy a ticket to see the film. We are very proud of Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah. We think audiences all over the world will enjoy this epic film.”

The studio has been trying to tread the line between the secularist views of its daring filmmaker Aronofksy and its desire to appeal to religious audiences with the big-budget movie starring Russell Crowe. And it has sparred with one publication that suggested religious groups might not want to see the film.

Paramount agreed to add the message to all its future marketing materials, including a soon-to-be released online trailer, the film's official website, and 100% of print and radio, as well as some of the film's online and broadcast.The movie opens on March 28.

  • BlackCanseco

    take major license with any literary work and you'll have this issue pop up. Only thing with religious texts is do those of said faith feel like their faith is being willfully or maliciously disrespected by the artistic interpretation.

    As a born-again Christian, I think Noah's account is a stunningly compelling as-is. From what I've seen of the trailer, the movie undercuts the gravity of Noah's faith as it took him most of his adult life to build the ark in the face of constant ridicule and doubt of all… until it started raining and didn't stop.

    The trailer seems to compress the time spent building the ark which undercuts the need for faith.

    Am I gonna protest “Noah”? Nah. It's not all that serious. But I hope it's better than I think it'll be.

    • Aaron Siegel

      On the other hand, the discussion of Noah in Judaism (as Darren Aronofsky is Jewish and was raised in a fairly religious family), is not quite treated the same way as it is in Christianity.

      Then again, compared to other Old Testament characters, we have very little of Noah as opposed to someone like Abraham, so its virtually impossible to tell his story without imparting any of your own influence. For example, you are looking at it from a completely different point of view as the writers of Genesis.

    • WoodyTanaka

      “stunningly compelling…” Yeah, I especially love it where the blood-thirsty psychopathic beast, YHWH, murders all the innocent babies, infants and toddlers in the world, and then convinces billions of maniacs to consider him “all loving” and “all good.”

      • lee451

        Kind of like those renowned atheists, Joe Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao did? Those are examples of what happens when people hate Christianity

        • Eric Mead

          you seem to have forgotten the inquisition and the salem witch trials.

          • tristan the great

            Salem Witch trials happened over the space of a few months at most and claimed a handful of lives. The Inquisition, which lasted over 500 years, resulted roughly 6000 deathes. Small potatoes compared to the Holodomor, the Gulags, The Killing Fields, The Great Leap Forward or the Great Proletariat Revolition which killed tens of millions.

            Your comparison shows an ignorance of history and significant intellectual laziness.

          • Eric Mead

            And your nitpicking of my comparison shows i hit such a nerve it took you a months worth of research and digging to find SOMETHING to strike back with…
            And also falsely assumes I care for the opinions of hatemongers.

        • WoodyTanaka

          No, those are examples of what happens when people follow Communism–another irrational basis, as is religion, on which to base a life or government.

          But even so, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao didn't do anywhere near as much murder as YHWH did in the Noah story, so you should be worshiping them as being like your god.

        • James Walker

          umm…Stalin was Russian Orthodox…(which is why it is tolerated in Russia), Pol Pot and Mao were both Buddhists..
          Being a Pragmatist is not a Religious issue..It's that people are capable of being a great many things..and Good is just one of them..So is Evil…

          • tristan the great

            uh no mr. walker. They were all athiests, as per communist dogma.

          • James Walker

            ever been to China or Russia Tristan….Stop listening to the American Dogma…

          • tristan the great

            One need not bite into turd to know eating feces is bad for you. One can be a tourist to Russia or China and still not know a damn thing about either nation. The communist foundations upon which red China and Stalinist Russia were built were solidly atheist. That is an observation of historical fact.

          • James Walker

            Soo thats a, “No I have never been outside of the U.S” correct?…
            I lived in China for 6+ years and know many Buddhist CCCP members…
            The concept of Atheism as it relates to the governance of a communist state is more “Congress shall pass no law” style atheism..much in the way the US government is suppose to be..

      • tristan the great

        That is an interesting view you have. So the one who creates is somehow unable to destroy what he has created? So the one who can create is somehow immoral from rebooting his own creation?
        So there are “innocents” when everyone's heart and mind were filled with nothing but evil?
        Perhaps, but your view rests upon the imposition of man's values upon the Divine, rather than the imposition of the Divine's values upon man.

        • WoodyTanaka

          Yes, he may have the power, but might doesn't make right. To think otherwise is to praise an evil worse than any which man could create.

          Further, the notion that you believe that it is possible for human hearts and minds to be filled with nothing but evil (to say nothing of your statement that babies and innocents were likewise) demonstrates the basic anti-human and humanity-hating nature of your theology.

          Finally, I pose nothing. I merely call them as they are and, unlike you, refuse to make excuses for evil. The fact that your god purported to do an evil act does not make the act righteous; it simply means that the character you worship commits evil acts.

    • James Walker

      You mean Noah's 950 years of Life….

  • Cliffhanger77

    I saw a sneak of “Noah.” I'm not religious, so the “biblical”-ness of it was no issue at all for me. But – oh my gosh, what a ridiculous mess of a movie! It couldn't decide if it was “Lord of the Rings” (with lava monsters!) or a soap opera of a lugubrious family saga. Yikes. Critics will have a field day.

  • Jonas Grumby

    How utterly stupid can anyone be to think it would be a line by line retelling? NOTHING is a line by line retelling, religious or otherwise. Reality is kinda dull. You have to fit a story into a story telling format and, thus, make it interesting. True stories (whether you think this true or not) may be true but are not ever “exactly” what happened.

    If you need an explanation of this, you are too stupid to be trusted with popcorn.

  • god

    It's all fiction and no one has a lock on the story.

  • utazdevl

    Because had this note not been added, hundreds of thousands of people might have wondered how they managed to set the cameras up and capture the actual events at the time.

    • Layl

      You really made me laugh :D

  • Mike Flores

    Paramount is short for punk ass cowards. WHO KNEW? I got news for Christians and Jews, the flood story was stolen from the Assyrians. In their version a god can't sleep because of the noise from earth. He sends a flood so he can sleep. People quickly get a boat together ( no they don't collect all the animals on earth) and after 40 days a goddess realizes what has happened. She chastises the god for his action and stops the rain. She then apologizes and promises the gods won't do it again. That's right- THE GODS WERE IN THE WRONG. I plead with the Assyrian community to demand that be put in a message on the film too! LOL!

    • Wilf Tarquin

      No, it was stolen from the Babylonians. The Gilgamesh epos. But you were close.

  • RTTR

    Please don't tell me there are actually still people who think this story is real.

    • John D

      Hey man, 26% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth so… I call it: american exceptionalism!

      • FreeFlowingVerse

        and 32% of Europeans!

        • John D

          32% of Russians. Last time I checked, Russia is in Asia. Maybe you should have paid more attention in geography class.

          • FreeFlowingVerse

            No, its europeans. It is in the same report the 74% number comes from.

      • tristan the great

        yeah, they're called democrats

    • tristan the great

      Hmm, every major culture has a story of the great flood and there is a ton of scientific data to back it up. But you go on believing what you want.

      • RTTR

        There is literally zero data. The story is nonsensical and impossible from start to finish. Only the very simple-minded would ever believe it, even most Christians understand its allegorical.

  • Neddard

    They could have went with:
    Despite the close similarity, the fictional fantasy you are about to see, is not the same as the fictional fantasy in the bible.

  • DutchS

    The reason so many religious films are pap is that believers want to see the version they've had in their heads since Sunday School. If the film shows Jesus saying “pass the salt” at the Last Supper, they'll go “WAAARRGH! HE NEVER SAID THAT! IT'S UNSCRIPTURAL!”

  • commonsensenowlost

    The ONLY reason Noah had to build the ark was that he could not keep his regular doctor / vet under the Affordable Care Act. Thanks Obama.

  • Wilf Tarquin

    “This movie depicts the Flood, a controversial biblical event some clergy consider to have actually happened.

    “No evidence suggests any of these events happened, and scientific evidence instead suggests the story is borrowed, almost verbatim, from Babylonian mythology.”

    “Therefore, this film should be regarded as fiction, not fact.”

  • Freiwillige

    The Sumerian authors of the Epic of Gilgamesh should get a writing credit.
    Is Noah's son Ham played by a black actor?

  • Liquidcobra

    Ask the Pope (what a joke). Why no minority actors are in the movie while you're at it. White washed BS.

  • tristan the great

    Wow, a religious movie is released and all of the moonbats come out in force. I bet if you look closely at who posts here you will find far fewer believers than you will non believers.
    Yes athiests I guess you are right. It is totally rational to believe that something as intricate as the universe with supremely detailed conditions necessary for life to exist as we know it just happened as a part of some random cosmic accident, while on the other hand, it is totally irrational to believe something this precise was actually created by a Divine being.
    Ok then.