Dailies | Emma Watson Introduces New ‘Noah’ Trailer, Full of Epic Apocalyptic Destruction (Video)


Russell Crowe and Ray Winstone clash over the world's only lifeboat

It takes her a few tries, but “Noah” star Emma Watson eventually introduces the newest trailer for the Darren Aronofsky film.

The second preview (above) for the Biblical epic focuses on Watson's romantic relationship in the film with Shem (Douglas Booth) while her dad, Noah (Russell Crowe), clashes with a warrior, played by Ray Winstone, who is bent on stealing the giant ark God told Noah to build.

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There also appears to be plenty of fire and brimstone falling from the skies as the Heavens flood the earth to scourge it of human pestilence.

Logan Lerman (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) co-stars as Watson's brother, while Jennifer Connelly plays their mother in the March 28 release from Paramount Pictures.

The movie made its world premiere on Monday in Mexico City.

  • justmejustsayin

    As in all Other Movies involving The Great and Amazing stories in/from the Bible , there is No way to Show it in a Totally Exact way to Please the Overzealous Christians’ I find them Helpful in Giving a Cinematic account of the story.

    • Craig Miller

      Overzealous to want God's name to be in the movie? To want him to speak to Noah and to give the rainbow as a promise to never flood the earth again? If wanting those things makes me overzealous, then so be it!