Stallone & Schwarzenegger Dunzo: 10 Actors Who Should Replace Them (Photos)

The latest films from Stallone and Schwarzenegger, "Bullet to the Head" and "The Last Stand," crashed at the box office; here's who we'd like to see replace the aging action heroes

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  • Ricardo Gutierrez

    Hardy and Helmsworth are only viable choices

  • DVD101

    You forgot the female who is most exciting and convicining as an action star and that is Gina Carano!!

  • prknez

    He may not have had the best track record so far, but Jason Momoa has tremendous upside to be a great action star.

  • I'll NOT Be Back!

    Please, Wrap, don't add a picture of Bruce Willis, because I'm thinking his “Die Hard 5” will have same track — to box office irrelevancy — as what Sly and Arnold had in their most recent efforts! It's time for fresh, new blood in action flicks, at least. Perhaps, Arnold and Sly should graduate to taking on my “cerebral” (is that possible?), mature adult-oriented roles like what Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are most frequently well cast in!! Just food for thought!

    • I'll NOT Be Back!

      By the way, I should note that Harrison Ford and, possibly, Clint Eastwood (when not talking to empty chairs) are probably two of the more “mature actors” who can still carry an action-adventure flicks in leading roles!

  • Jim

    With a body like that pic of Stallone? Who says “finished?”

    • Jim

      The writer who wrote the article is obviously a fool. Makes me laugh…..a lot.

      • JAMES

        My name should've been JAMES.

    • AJ

      Me. His leather needs ironing.

  • ssf

    All those choices are big duds. They need to start doing talent scouting and talent shaping again like in the days of the studio system. It's not age that does in these guys, it's all the plastic surgery and gross behavior.

  • Blue42

    Two females? How progressive! Almost enough to ignore that all 10 are white. Welcome to 2013.

  • Kathy Rowe

    Don't forget Karl Urban- Star Trek, Dredd, LOTR, RED.

  • Jackie McGriff

    I was completely with you until Channing Tatum….

  • bill

    Leave these men alone there legends.Hollywood is a really cruel place and getting no better with time.

  • eh

    Not enough Matt Bomer. Any list is incomplete without Matt Bomer

  • Susanne Robertson

    What about Mark Wahlberg?

  • Tirso Velasco

    WTH?! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ya fools!!!

  • DVJ Rick Kraft

    While the suggestions are all worthy, sadly to say, just like Sean Connery, there is no replacing these actors. Better to find another article to write about, or better yet, another writer who has better sense to write about such drivel as this. Who's next, Bruce Willis? Please.

  • jerseydan

    Who are these people??

  • Stevie

    Jeremy Renner was good only in Bourne Legacy. He was awful in Hansel and Gretel

  • Stevie

    Jennifer Lawrence, a nominee? She was more than a nominee – she was an awardee!

  • Mr Duke

    Phillip Rivers when he retires from QB for the Chargers. He has the look, size and physical skills. Just needs movie acting lessons and a good agent.