NRA Drama ‘Cold Dead Hands’ Being Developed by Sundance Channel

NRA Drama 'Cold Dead Hands' Being Developed by Sundance Channel

Drama will focus on a fictional National Rifle Association leader whose world spirals out of control

The Sundance Channel is gunning for a hit — and perhaps a bit of controversy — with its latest project.

The channel is developing, “Cold Dead Hands,” a family drama set against the backdrop of the National Rifle Association and America's ongoing debate over the Second Amendment.

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The project, written and executive produced by Los Angeles Times journalist and fiction writer Scott Gold (whose credits include the CBS drama “Under the Dome”), will focus on Trip Thibodeaux, the fictional and polarizing head of the NRA. A father and husband, Thibodeaux also happens to be the nation's most powerful gun-rights advocate and a de facto CEO of the gun industry. Thibodeaux will be forced to navigate a volatile landscape in American culture and politics, as well as crises of his own faith, when his rarefied world spirals out of control.

“Cold Dead Hands” will be produced by Tony Krantz's Flame Ventures.

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Krantz, whose credits include “Sports Night,” “Felicity” and “24,” said that the project will strive to “respect and understand all sides” of the nation's debate over guns.

“The debate over gun violence and gun rights has many sides, and in order to help protect lives, promote gun safety and build a national consensus on the issues, we want to respect and understand all sides of this story,” Krantz said.

Flame Ventures’ Reece Pearson will co-executive produce.

Deadline first reported news of the “Cold Dead Hands” development.

  • gunsandrockets

    The head of the NRA is the “de facto CEO of the gun industry”? Seriously?

    And then this quote from Krantz…

    “The debate over gun violence and gun rights has many sides, and in order to help protect lives, promote gun safety and build a national consensus on the issues, we want to respect and understand all sides of this story,” Krantz said.

    Good grief, what a regurgitation of some of the favorite buzz words of the gun-control movement. If this new show is not a rabid anti-NRA anti-gun propaganda exercise I will be extremely surprised.

    • cyberrider1

      Yeah, at first I thought, ‘Oh good, maybe a rebuttal to upcoming “The Senator's Wife”. Then I spotted the last names of those involved…Gold, Krantz… the brief and yep its going to be crucify the NRA. Just like “the Senator's Wife”, last names again……Weinstein, Stern. Same deal with the ACLU. No, I'm not a Nazi racist, but one can't ignore the similarities.

    • SkepticalIndie

      Well, Harvey Weinstein has decided to make the NRA wish they did not exist with his new movie starring Meryl Streep and now the Sundance Channel is developing a “family drama” with the hope that, among other things, it will help build “a consensus on the issues.” Even worse, they want to “respect and understand all sides of this story.” At least Harvey Weinstein, the purveyor of all knowledge and wisdom for the great unwashed masses out in the hinterlands, has the candor to tell us he is going to produce an “assassination movie,” i.e. a movie whose avowed goal is to destroy an individual or an entity that dares believe in some idea(s) he does not. He is a “patriot” and obviously a great Elitist…oh excuse me, American.

  • jojo

    I see the leftist media types are really “gunning” to kill the 2nd Amendment and destroy our rights and freedoms. (also see about an anti-2nd Amendment film by Harvey WHINEstein). Concerted efforts?

  • Hotrodder

    I sure whish I knew who is behind all this first of the year Anti Gun propaganda? As we all know, these people putting on these TV and theater movies need funding from somewhere and you can bet that its either a government funded project frm someone running for office here soon or funding from a private concern. Finding the source of the funding will lead to who is pushing the gun control card. Check the NRA site and back check key words behind the producers and actors as these people must be pretty proud of getting enough money and funding for these projects. Find the Root of the Cancer and remove it… By Exposing who is behind the money.

    • Fast Eddie

      Jail the entire NRA …. the fools are behind the thought that guns do not kill people? So every kid from middle school through college should have a psycho test to make sure they are ok? NRA asses need to realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do an evaluation of everyone who MIGHT be pissed off. GUNS KILL PEOPLE YOU JERK-OFFS.

      • dan

        Guns do not kill people, people do. Drunk drivers kill more people than people shooting each other. Lets put blowers on cars but wait that cost money and you do not want that. A free people have rights to defend themselfs if those rights are abused then prosecute fully.

  • mred65

    What a bunch of elitist hypocrites! While living in walled compounds with armed bodyguards, they demand that the disarmament of the rest of us. At the same time they'll be making money at box office by glorifying extreme violence.

  • mred65

    This is an election year. Hollywood hopes to influence the outcome by spewing propaganda. Recently, they had fundraiser called “Night of a Thousand Vaginas”. Its purpose was to pay for the killing of unborn children in Texas.


    There is nothing less needed for those who love Jesus, who taught nonviolence than the gun. The gun is what you own when you fear and are afraid, when you reject the message of the Christ.