NY Daily News Blames Government Shutdown on a ‘House of Turds’ (Photo)

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Front page makes NYDN’s feelings about Congress quite clear

The New York Daily News is not a fan of the government shutdown. It is, apparently, a fan of the Netflix smash hit series “House of Cards,” as Tuesday’s front page (below) shows.

“HOUSE OF TURDS” the headline screamed, complete with a photo of Speaker of the House John Boehner pulling a Frank Underwood, sitting in the Lincoln Memorial with his hands clutching the marble arms of Lincoln’s chair.

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Incidentally, that is about as close as visitors can get to the Lincoln Memorial as, because of the government shutdown, it is closed.

The front page went on to call Boehner and his fellow Congressmen “cess-pols” and noted that they will be paid for their work while the majority of federal employees go on furlough due to their actions.

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“House of Cards” was very well-received by critics and audiences alike, scoring Netflix its first-ever Emmy win in September and helping to vastly increase the on-demand entertainment company’s fortunes.

The current government shutdown is not expected to do any of those things.

Here’s the photo:

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

  • creighton jones

    I agree with the New York Daily news. Come next election remember who is responsible and vote for the party that looks out for the working class and not the wealthy who contribute millions and millions to keep the workers down and keeps them in charge.Look at past history. The republicans fought child labor laws,workers working mandatory hours and overtime, was against the 40 hour work rule, oppose safety laws and the environment protection agency , killed hundreds of working people who supported and worked to get unions. That is why the big corporations support the republican party. Every time we have had a republican president follow a democrat we have had a depression or recession. Check the facts on your PC.