Dailies | ‘Nymphomaniac’ First Full Trailer: Lots of Sex, a Hint of Drama (Video)

Lars von Trier's graphic drama is expected to be released in 2014

The first trailer for Lars von Trier's “Nymphomaniac” shows that the sex addiction drama is just as graphic as the title suggests.

Charlotte Gainsbourg's character (a younger version played by Stacy Martin) has her fair share of erotic encounters over the course of her life, partnering up with members of both sexes — including Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell and Willem Dafoe — before being taken in by Stellan Skarsgård after a brutal beating.

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While there is plenty of explicit content thrown in the mix, the core of the film appears to be the title character coming to terms with her nymphomania — or sex addiction, as a help group in the trailer prefers to call it. And she doesn't appear to be proud of it by the time she ends up in the shelter of a kind stranger.

“I've never met a bad person,” Skarsgård says.

“Well, you have now,” a battered Gainsbourg responds.

  • jmwaco

    Was that a clam in the very first of this trailer?

  • c k

    No doubt a new pinnacle in the world of art,,,not.

  • Karen

    Released on December 25. Satan's wrath.

  • Ben Dover

    ‘I Am Curious (Yellow) ” 2013.

    • James Oss

      A Senator Vitter and Paul favorite.

  • Buzzby

    Another porn movie pretending to be artsy. Just a lot of female nudity, however, men, of course, are fully dressed, lesbian crappola, etc. If they want to portray sex activity accurately, they'd show the men getting nude just as quickly as the women.

    • Joshua Gates

      Actually, Buzzby, Lars doesn't hold back on that. You can see in the trailer a guys penis. In his other movies like this, there is complete male nudity as well.

    • Joshua Gates

      Try his film Antichrist for instance.

  • pFeather

    Hollywood going porn. Shouldn't somebody tell them porn is already being done?

  • James Oss


  • honest

    seriously disgusting. anyone who goes to watch this and even the

  • eek

    Looks depressing

  • chris comer

    holy crap … porn with drama and a storyline …. this should be interesting to see

  • Cliff Slatterly

    GREATEST TRAILER EVER!!! This movie is gonna be great.

  • Davrober

    watch a porn movie it's quicker

  • Gerardo Ferrer

    wow, must be a good movie.