Obama's Closed-Door Meeting With Top Hollywood Brass: Who Was There?

Obama's Closed-Door Meeting With Top Hollywood Brass: Who Was There?

POTUS held a closed-door meeting described by the White House as a discussion of the entertainment industry as a bright spot in the economy

President Obama held a closed-door meeting with top Hollywood brass on Tuesday, a who's-who of executives representing all six major movie studios and each of the broadcast TV networks — plus the MPAA, Lionsgate and host DreamWorks Animation.

“The President discussed the impact that broader economic conditions has on the industry. He also touched on piracy and intellectual property rights, which are chief concerns of participating film industry leaders,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told TheWrap.

Of the eight companies represented, The Walt Disney Co. and NBCUniversal were the only ones with three in the private meeting. An industry source described the gathering as productive, saying it focused on the global and domestic economic impact of American entertainment.

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Though no one from the tech sector's exploding content-creation engine was at the meeting (Obama dined with Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos the night before), the President expressed a continued commitment to being a constructive voice in the conversation between the tech and the entertainment industries, including their shared interests and goals.

There was also discussion of the importance of free trade and the positive trade balance generated by the industry, and the Obama administration's continued leadership and support for negotiating a meaningful Trans Pacific Partnership treaty.

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Attendees at Tuesday's meeting, by company:

The Walt Disney Co.
Chairman-CEO Bob Iger
Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn
Disney/ABC Television Group president Anne Sweeney

Vice Chairman Ron Meyer
Universal Filmed Entertainment chairman Jeff Shell
NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt

Sony Entertainment
CEO Michael Lynton
Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Amy Pascal

Twentieth Century Fox Film Chairman-CEO Jim Gianopulos
Fox Networks Group Chairman-CEO Peter Rice

Paramount Pictures Vice Chairman Rob Moore

CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves

Dreamworks Animation
Chairman-CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg
Chairman Mellody Hobson

Warner Bros.
CEO Kevin Tsujihara

Lionsgate Entertainment
CEO Jon Feltheimer

Chairman-CEO Chris Dodd

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    did movies inspire Obama to murder people with drones ?

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      That's silly. Stay on point. He's a hypocritical bum whose health care plan doesn't work. He's a corporate puppet. He pleases nobody. Maybe Putin for being such a pushover.

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    The TPP is a scam to steal the rights of citizens. Thanks Obama but pack it in, you are a failure — as am I, I voted for you twice you lying hypocrite.

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      some kid shoots a bunch of people we all cry and wonder what ”caused” it
      Obama murders people with drones,,
      and nobody says a word

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        You just mentioned both. Outlaw guns and drones. Done. And stay away from the TPP.

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          piers morgan was accused of phone hacking
          he left the country
          he ran away imo
          then he says the NRA should take responsibility

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      if you voted for him twice you have no right to speak. You know the old Chinese adage – you fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, shame on me.

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    Maybe he's asking the brass to come up with new ideas for movies instead of doing remake after remake?
    Or maybe showing positive role models on reality shows instead of fighting, cursing, skanky reality ‘stars'?
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    He has painted himself into a corner. He wove a web of deception
    in which he himself is now trapped and he's looking for friends and support -
    moral and cash. His long list of crimes was ignored by half the country.
    They wore blinders to it all but now they're getting hit personally with
    Obamacare and the blinders are finally coming off. It’s a little late on
    this issue but there is no statute of limitation on treason and he'll get his
    eventually for the other crimes. Now the Egyptians are bringing up before
    the world court. Halleluiah!

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    he was pitching the reality show “Intern President” about a president with only 2 years experience in the senate. Its about a cool prez who is learning on the job.