Oliver Stone Goes After Steven Spielberg on Dan Rather's ‘The Big Interview’ (Exclusive Video)

Oliver Stone Goes After Steven Spielberg on Dan Rather's 'The Big Interview' (Exclusive Video)

The second season of AXS TV's show kicks off with the “Platoon” director blasting the “Lincoln” helmer

The second season of Dan Rather's “The Big Interview” starts with a bang: Oliver Stone firing shots at fellow director Steven Spielberg.

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker behind “Platoon” kicks off new episodes of the legendary newsman's hour-long interview series on AXS TV. When Rather asked Stone if he would ever make a President Obama film, he replied: “I don't think he's that interesting enough, I think that's more of a Spielberg movie.”

Stone, unprovoked, added, “I fault Spielberg for his view of exceptionalism.”

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“Part of me wants to fit in and would love to get Oscars,” Stone continued in a second clip from the piece (posted below).  ”But there's another part of me that says, ‘I'm fucked, I'm on the other side of history.'”

Both Stone and Spielberg have three Oscars.

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Season 2 will feature 10 new episodes, with guests including Edward Norton (March 3), comedian Carol Burnett (March 24) and Grammy-winning country artist Darius Rucker (April 21).

“What separates ‘The Big Interview’ from other entertainment programs is that it provides a level of truth and insight that is rarely seen on television,” said Mark Cuban, AXS TV founder. “Dan Rather has an incredible legacy in this business, and he knows how to connect — both with his audience and his subjects. He asks the questions that people want answers to, and he always gets the most out of every person he interviews.”

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Also appearing on “The Big Interview” this season will be Crosby, Stills & Nash (March 10), Jane Lynch (March 17), Alan Alda (March 31), crime writer David Simon (April 7), Aaron Neville and more.

“The Big Interview” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on AXS TV.

Watch the clips below from the Season 2 premiere:

  • mike

    Stay classy, Olly.

  • Michael Difani

    I appreciate most of Stone's movies and some of his opinions, and he was wounded in ‘Nam–I am not aware of any other major director who was in combat since WWII. Stone sure did a number on G.W. Bush in “W”.

  • Caspin

    Oliver Stone is missing a bit in his perspective. His perspective is limited. He is correct about the bad things about our nation. But we are a diverse group, like all nations, and we have people who are patriotic, and those that are outspoken against the atrocities our government perpetuates, which in essence is another form of patriotism. Spielberg did grow up in a time when people were very proud to be Americans. His youth was not tainted by the Vietnam War, as he was born just after WWII, which still to this day is seen as a completely just war in which Americans saved the day. So it's all a very complex thing, and I'm glad Stone has such strong views. But I wouldn't call what he's said in this interview “bashing Spielberg.” He's just stating some opinions. It's all in good spirit.

    • Vamshi

      I agree with you, from India. Mr. Spielberg has the tendency of putting faith in something, which he believes in. Probably, that's the issue here.

    • Kristina

      Oliver stone and Steven Spielberg are the same age and they have the same amount of oscars. That's all I'm saying.

  • mashedpotatoes

    Oliver Stone hasn't made a decent movie in years. Maybe he could learn a thing or two from Spielberg and choose interesting projects again.