Olympics 2014: Bob Costas Eye Infection Gets NBC Coverage Off to Squinty Start

Olympics 2014: Bob Costas Eye Infection Gets NBC Coverage Off to Squinty Start

NBC Sports anchor forced to wear “Peabody and Sherman” style glasses on air

In case anyone was wondering why Bob Costas’ left eye looked a little funky during Thursday's coverage of preliminary competition at the Sochi Winter Olympics, the NBC Sports anchor explained it's just a little pink eye.

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“Bear with me for a moment as I spare my friends in the press office countless inquiries. I have no choice to go all ‘Peabody and Sherman’ on you for the next couple of nights since I woke up this morning with my left eye swollen shut and just about as red as the old Soviet flag,” Costas said at the beginning of NBC's primetime coverage Thursday night, referring to the odd glasses he was forced to wear instead of contact lenses.

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“According to the NBC doctors here, it's some kind of minor infection which should resolve itself by the weekend. If only all my issues would resolve themselves that quickly, but that's another story,” Costas added.

  • Ciy

    Bob Coatas had a reaction to Botox. Seen it before. Notice how the good eye gets really big. Trying to pull the bad eye open. That is Botox gone bad my friend.

    • Juls77

      Agreed. Pink eye? Nope.

      • Kate

        Both eyes today- think it might really be an infection.

  • Kts

    OMG you're killing me! Loved the intro but Bob really needs to stop talking and get on with the open ceremony. Hope NBC gets it together…on with the games!!!

  • soozielu

    Bob Costas is a disgrace to the USA. His first question, “What's the worse that can happen..?” Really? He hardly even mentions the athletes, or sports. He's always picking a fight, going for gossip. The line seemed to be: Let's get this cold war on. During the opening ceremonies, the commentators were so rude, pompous, cutting.
    It's nice to see Sat. am, commentators had a bit more respect and talked about

  • Disappointed viewer

    Just watched some NBC Olympic “coverage” for the first time. VERY disappointing. Snowboarding coverage? American, American, McMorris, American. Yawn. It's supposed to be an international spectacle. Not even a MENTION of any of the other athletes. Not even a peek. Sorry, if you're only going to air four snowboarders out of 24, I'd rather watch the Japanese snowboarder who finished in 3rd than the American who finished in 20th. If NBC will only televise Americans and gold-medal favorites, then I'm checking out. P.S. I also wish NBC could have charged more per ad, allowing them to air less ads, and show more Olympics.

  • Gut_Reaction

    Pinkeye is caused from getting fecal material getting into the eye. Hey Bob, wash your hands after using the toilet, or stop getting lap dances from dirty hookers.

    • rqbii

      Wrong, there are many, many forms and causes underlying the condition, conjunctivitis, some bacterial, some viral. Bacterial is unlikely, since simple antibacterial compounds will halt such cases of “pink eye” almost immediately. So get your head out of the toilet before you diagnose the condition and or its source.

      • Gut_Reaction

        You are amazing! I hope you feel good about yourself now that you've shared your medical wisdom in a disqus forum. Getting fecal material does cause Pink eye. Yes. It's one of many ways in which to catch a contagion.

        The reply was called Gut Reaction for a reason. I guess you missed that.

  • Another Disappointed Viewer

    NBC does it again, crap coverage of the Olympics. I think the commentators just love to hear themselves talk, but it is annoying the heck out of me! Just watched the opening ceremonies today and I wished there was a way to turn off the commentary. Maybe a ticker at he bottom with information about the ceremony would be better, just tried of hearing them talk. Not to mention the rude comment that was mentioned (I think by Matt Lauer) when the fifth snowflake failed to turn into the fifth ring, “this is what happens when you are this ambitious.” That was just not necessary, no matter what you think about Russia. Just tried of Matt, Bob and the whole gang. Plus everything is taped delayed, most people have DVRs now and if nothing else can encore and watch at a convenient time. Hopefully they learn for the next Olympics, or God willing another channel will get the Olympics and listen to the disappointed viewers.

  • kat

    funny, I know the results of the “events” before NBC broadcasts them….What a waste of time….Not watching NBC at all for results…. NBC= “No Brain Network”!!!! LOL~~~

    • Viewer

      OK NBC enough already. Tint Bob's lense as no one should have to look at that. Get past the Vanity for all of our sakes!

  • Get your facts straight

    Pinkeye can actually be viral or bacterial, and I seriously doubt this has anything to do with botox.

  • kevin d

    This is the worst coverage of the Olympics I have seen in my half century of the games. I switched to the Golf Channel.

  • clester123

    I am watching figure skating and the commentators specifically Tara and Johnny are so annoying! First of all shut up during the performances and don't be so negative. Let's hear what they did good! I don't give a hoot about their opinions just the facts.

    • Riley

      I agree 100%. Whats with all the negative comments??? They ruin the joy of letting us just watch the skating…

  • clester123

    Otherwise, great coverage between the 2 stations.

  • TV Viewer

    For the figure skating, how about NBC display flag of country the person is from. This is TV101.

  • Sick to my stomach

    What's with the men's skating judges? Their score for Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko was a slap in the face! He WAS the ice! As Americans, we should make sure the judges are being HONEST in their judgment. Did I want America to win? Absolutely! But Plushenko out-skated every contestant before him. His score should have been SO MUCH HIGHER! And I agree with Soozielu: Bob Costas is a disgrace to the USA. His first question, “What's the worse that can happen..?” Really? He hardly even mentions the athletes, or sports. He's always picking a fight, going for gossip. The line seemed to be: Let's get this cold war on. During the opening ceremonies, the commentators were so rude, pompous, cutting. Why was it necessary to mention that one of the torch bearers was close to Putin? Favoritism? As if every politician in America hasn't used that card!! Kudos to Putin for putting on a fantastic opening ceremony! Not bad for a so-called “third world country.” It was stunning. Let's focus on the good, instead of making t-shirts that show the 4th electronic Olympic ring not opening. I'm an American who wants to hold us up to a higher standard, not a pissing contest. Bravo, Putin!

    • deadeyez187

      lol.. He WAS the ice…. nnnno… just another human on the ice… and HE SUCKED…… USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! #1!!!!!!! … He WAS the ice… YOU QUEER!

      • iowa

        I agree, plachinco did good, but he wasn't that good….but i guess if you listened to the AMERICAN commentators that is what you would have concluded….It is disgraceful, and what about the Italian skater who fell, and the American Commentators had the balls to say something to the effect “well thats ok, he is just thrilled to be able to skate in the same level as Plachinco, and this Italian will be satisfied to just get a picture and signature from Plachinco”! Are you kidding me…I'm sure that the Italian has not been working his whole life to compete at the Olympics, and that his first thought was that Yaaah, I get to meet and take a picture with my competitor…No Hamilton, not every one is in Love with him….just NBC! Disgraceful…The American Skater did great…but I guess we should all save time and concede to the russians, cause that is who will be taking the hardware home!

  • deadeyez187

    Probably got the “pink eye”… FROM HAVING HIS HEAD SO FAR UP PUTIN'S ASS!

  • Luvinterestingpeople

    I am so glad thats all it is is pink eye. Bob Costas is about my favorite EVER journalist. He is extremely bright, well read, witty and intelligent. Listening to him is about as pleasurable as spring will be after this brutal winter. Hope your eye is feeling better Mr. Costas. I can't wait until you reintroduce your talk show!

  • jason

    Did Dan Patrick fart on his pillow?

  • rex

    Seriously…. love Matt, love Al, love Natalie, Jenna and Savannah. But, where is the red, white and blue? We saw pink, lime, and yellow. We love the diversity of the Olympics but aren't we Americans? Also, why is it so difficult to put the name and country of the skier at the bottom of the screen so those of us at home know who we are watching. Not so fun guessing. Come on, NBC! We can do better! Go USA… Go NBC… let's do better! This isn't GOLD MEDAL Coverage!

  • mark nickolaus

    Eye infection= of you misrepresent facts about Olympics ,Russia ,get involved in gossip -you don't see the World in the right way and get infected ! Get that moron of
    NBC coverage once and for all !!!

  • tanksbb

    Just watched him go on a political rant against everything Russian while the games are still going on. What kind of pea-brained idiot does that to the host country with our athletes and spectators still there?

  • Rktekt

    It is so obvious to me. Watching ice dancing is a combination of the visual the music the movement of the dancers – the last thing I want to hear is a goshdamn commentator – shut the f~*# up!!!!!