Dailies | Ellen DeGeneres Hopes This Birthday Gift Will Lure Oprah Winfrey to Her Show (Video)

The talk show host also gets the OWN founder on the phone — kind of

Ellen DeGeneres hopes that the 60th Birthday gift she got Oprah Winfrey will be enough to make the media mogul come on to her talk show.

On Wednesday's “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the host and comedienne revealed that she had “spent a lot of time” on the gift: a large sequined portrait of the media mogul. It does come with a catch, though.

“I want to make sure she gets it, but shipping is going to cost me a fortune,” DeGeneres said.

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“So, Oprah, if you want it you'll have to come to my show and get it, OK?” she asked.

That's not all. DeGeneres also got the birthday girl on the phone — kind of. She pieced together Winfrey's voice from audio of the OWN founder speaking.

For example, the host asked “Oprah” what gifts she had gotten for DeGeneres’ 56th birthday, which was last Sunday, though the show is celebrating it on Thursday.

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“Oprah” answered, “An airline and new outfits and a hotel and Nicole Kidman.”

As for Winfrey's birthday plans, DeGeneres’ “Oprah” sounded like she was planning something way bigger than the real Winfrey.

“Wizardry and sorcerers and magic, red velvet!” “Oprah” said.

Winfrey is actually having a “quiet dinner” at home after downsizing from a previously planned “blowout.” But, who knows? That could be magical, too.

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    Ellen showed off the present on her talk show Wednesday and then went on to take credit for the gift by joking