‘Orange Is the New Black’ Stars Asks Fans to Support Castmate Injured in Severe Car Accident

'Orange Is the New Black' Stars Asks Fans to Support Castmate Injured in Severe Car Accident

Michelle Hurst, who plays “Miss Claudette” on the Netflix series, recently awoke from a 16-day medically induced coma at a North Carolina Hospital, according to cast members

Actress Michelle Hurst, who plays “Miss Claudette” on the hit Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” was injured in a serious car accident before the holiday season that required a 16-day medically induced coma, according to tweets from the cast and crew on Thursday morning.

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Piper Kerman, who wrote the memoir on which the series is based, shared a link to a fundraising site set up to help cover medical expenses and lost income from time off work.

According to the site, Hurst suffered major injuries in a car accident just before the holidays and was placed in a medically-induced coma so doctors could perform surgeries near her spine.

Hurst awoke from the coma Thursday morning – after 16 days – but the actress is still in the intensive care unit at UNC Chapel Hill Hospital in North Carolina. She is currently listed in fair condition, the hospital told TheWrap.

Representatives for Hurst said they have no additional information at this time, and Netflix had no comment.

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The link to the fundraising page was soon retweeted by Natasha Lyonne, who stars as inmate “Nicky Nichols,” and series actress Adrienne C. Moore. Donations are said to be handled by Hurst's sister.

As of this writing, 34 supporters – including Kerman – contributed just under half of the fundraiser's $5,000 goal.

  • ecotoper

    so … is this how obamacare really works ?

    • http://www.alexthomasactor.com/ Alexander

      No, this is how American health care works. If she were in Germany or the UK (both places vilified by the US anti-health care crowd) she would have no problems. None. And yes, I know from experience.

      • phil

        You're right. She'd have no problems in the UK or Germany if the accident happened there because she'd be dead. Their Level 1 trauma units are notoriously ill-equipped for accidents and injuries such as this.

  • bikergal101

    I don't understand. Assuming she's a member of actor's equity, wouldn't a policy through the union cover her expenses?

    • http://www.alexthomasactor.com/ Alexander

      She should be a member of S.A.G. and Equity. I know she is in Equity because she has worked on stage at an Equity theater I know. And she has to be S.A.G. or she would not have been in Orange is the New Black. S.A.G. Between the two she pays over $200 a year in dues, plus insurance taken out of each pay check like any pay check and in S.A.G. 1.8% of her earnings. So I am scratching my head as to why she is not covered as well.